Saturday 29 October 2016

8 Rabbit, Saturday

A day of organized harmony, as the unlimited abundance of Life flows into a simple manifestation. The macrocosm crystallizes in the microcosm. The profound funnels into the commonplace. Recognize divinity and then make light of your day. Commit to beauty.

Acknowledge your prosaic truth, then let go of the preciousness to commit to the surface; make the light of your life be in your life. Today you can experience surprising enjoyment and release from hard workmake it easy for god's sake.

Do what you know you have to do, with a light heart, and today you will find that the energy makes light of your tasks.

All that Glitters is not Gold
In this era there is an important element to Rabbit that we need to consider. The light, beautiful, shiny, novel and exciting, ie all that intoxicates, is not always good. In particular we now have a burgeoning awareness of the dark and manipulative spiritual energies that masquerade as light. Many spiritual organizations, good news whistleblowers and channellings are sourcing dark energies that create interference with spiritual sovereignty.  We need to be careful not to give our essential spiritual power away to mass sentiment led opiates.

The solution is relatively simple, connect to your own higher self or divinity in your practices, do not be afraid to think for yourself and honour your deep intuitive responses to information. Even if it is not bad information as such, we have to ask if it is appropriate to our path.

Mass sentiment memes and movements in particular are subject to the attention of spiritual engineering. Do not emotionally invest heavily in anything that is hugely popular and intoxicating, it is not appropriate in this evolutionary transition period.

Call upon and connect to your higher self and then proceed from is not difficult.

Evolution Will Not Be Televised >

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