Friday 19 April 2019

13 Dog

[Friday 19 April 2019. Full Moon 11.12 GMT/UTC; 19:12 Hong Kong time]

The swirling reflections of all that you have seen in this timewave tumble through your psyche – a kaleidoscope of self-reflection.

 Tiled reflection, graphic created by LjL

The Earth is in a state of flux, in case you had not noticed! This affords you the opportunity to develop a heightened emotional fluidity, adaptability and responsibility. Keep allowing the energy to flow through you.

Composite created by Carey

Today, 13 Dog in the Obsidian Timewave, affords you the opportunity to ascend to a new level of emotional frequency.

As you accept that all you encounter reflects aspects of yourself through multiple dimensions and realms, you move into the space of belonging to more of reality.

The whole Cosmos is teeming with life to such a degree that it is mind-boggling. As life, you belong in life. 

The Ouroboros, by Xaxa Calleja, from here

As emotions arise, you have a choice about what you do with those emotions. Your choices ripple throughout the multiverse and are reflected back to you as the world out there.

Alternatively: A never-ending stream of unfulfilled needs, wants, inadequacies and unfavourable comparisons to other people can overload you today, as the feeling body goes into free fall. If you look for the root cause of your emotional problems, you will find another problem. Like an ouroboros, one thing leads to another and the last causal reason for any troubling feelings you have is then swallowed by the first definitive answer.

However, because 13 Dog also offers the opportunity to shift into the flow of collective energy, where you recognise that your emotional nature is simply a reflection of the human condition, you have access today to some salvation and freedom from your emotional challenges.

Kaleidoscope Glass by Sato Motohiro; image found on Google

Release the dependency on desire; give up on your self-preoccupation and recognise the universal sufferings, joys and unions of all people. You belong to life as part of life. You are needed by life, in the way that life has shaped you.

The culmination of the Obsidian Timewave today reveals your human-ness and the universal existence of human needs. Your basic needs, relationship dynamics and behaviour are mirrored all around you. 13 Dog offers us the chance to go to another level of awareness.

In a celebratory and liberated state, enjoy the commonplace social spaces, the unconscious union of the crowd and the companionship you see all around you. 

Infinite Reflections–Mirror Maze
Image credit: SG Asia City from here

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