Friday 12 April 2019

6 Foredawn (Dark House, In the House, Dark Night)

[Friday 12 April 2019]

Processing, clearing and creating space. Today is a day of movement in the subconscious and unconscious.

Connect to your inner sanctum. The deepest part of your soul is a place of mystery that serves the purpose of nourishing you with a potent emptiness and privacy.

Wherever we were and whatever we were doing,
Laurence always took time in the early mornings to connect to his inner sanctum,
to delve into the mystery of his soul, to let go and to create space.
His daily practice of tai chi, yoga and shamanic journeying nourished him deeply
and thus allowed him to deeply nourish others.

Today, allow the potentials to reorganise themselves.

The different expressions of the psyche – the multiplicity of needs, desires, complexes, wounds, frustrations and considerations – organically self-organise as you gradually let go of trying to control life, releasing the need to know.

This creates the space.

Be at peace.

Sunrise over Hong Kong, with heartfelt thanks to David Ogg

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 6 Foredawn:]
The vast expanse of universal consciousness creates firstly by separating self from self through the Word, the activating Spirit of the Cosmic Breath, which is the Wind character in the Mayan Sacred Calendar (yesterday was 5 Wind).

The next step is to create an enclosure, a womb, the centre of the holy trinity. The womb is the 'House' Daykeeper character of today. It is the all-important place of safety for us – our home, our inner sanctum. It is a place of mystery that serves the purpose of nourishing us with a potent emptiness and privacy.

On 6 Foredawn of 26 September 2010,
Laurence decided to nourish himself by spending some of his day outside
with his paints, brushes and some canvases

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