Saturday 6 April 2019

13 Earthmover

[Saturday 6 April 2019]

How does one keep up with the ‘million things’ that are in your life, all changing, growing and demanding attention?

You connect to the Source, from where all things grow and evolve. 

Connect to the Source, by LjL

The still point within you is the place where you connect to Source. From here, you are more able to respond to the emerging energy that needs your attention now. Though this is easier said than done, you can access that energy and consciousness today.

A good day to connect to the expanding web of synchronous interconnections that springs outwards in all directions from the ubiquitous centre of ‘now’.

Light in the Forest, Web of Synchronous Interconnections
Composite created by Carey,
using a background image created by Laurence

Your life is interconnected to all reality and you can see or feel the force of the energy that is expanding out in all directions, through 360 degrees. Potentially, this is omnidirectional through almost infinite realms.

360-degree image of Lamma Island,
with heartfelt thanks to Lamma Gung of
for kind permission to use his artwork

The life force in your body is the evolutionary impulse as it exists within you; it is a manifestation of the radial power that drives the world around you. Allow your awareness to become still, let go of compulsions to control your life, then respond to the impulse that springs from the stillness.

The kundalini is the manifestation of the collective unconscious will, the will of the whole human species. This will or impulse of evolution has two drives:
  • First: Survival, which gives rise to security, control, or, in some cases, manic power compulsion to manipulate and enslave.
  • Second: Transformation, which gives rise to the desire for the new, the restless urge to move on and to surrender to new experience, or the death wish, self-destruction or self-loathing.
It is our power; if we own it, we flourish. If we consciously own it, we flourish in accord with the interests of the whole human species and life on Earth. 

Today offers the opportunity to ascend to a new level of empowerment, to some degree.

Pluto Enchantment, Planetary Influences series, by Carey

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