Sunday 8 December 2019

12 Foredawn (Dark House, In the House, Dark Night)

[Sunday 8 December 2019]

The Long Good Road of Life is an adventure that we cannot ultimately control – the most powerful energy within life is Mystery.

 Composite created by Carey

Foredawn is also known as Dark House, or Dark Night, the moment before the Sun rises and, as night culminates, the time between worlds.

Today, 12 Foredawn in the Good Road Timewave, is a good day to truly accept that we cannot completely know it all, nor can we maintain everything perfectly, nor even fully control ourselves.

The brilliant light of the void feeds us with the joy of emptiness and the wonder and awe of the absolute mystery. We both revere the mystery and fear the mystery.

Respect the womb of creation, trust in life and embrace the open-ended journey of consciousness that continues after death.

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Allow an element of insecurity and uncertainty to exist in your subconscious and then you can truly walk the walk of life with real confidence, for you have allowed yourself to have faith in the intelligence of Life itself, which is always one step ahead of us in its benevolent abundant totality.

Consciousness continues after death,
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