Tuesday 24 December 2019

2 Storm

[Tuesday 24 December 2019]

The pull of opposites today can be exhilarating as you move into unexpected zones and experiences.

Energy ricochets back and forth; we are confronted with our polarities.

Storm Clouds,
heartfelt thanks to David Ogg

Today is about the constant existential movement between being in the eye of the storm, enjoying stillness, and being caught in the midst of the cyclone of necessity (especially all that is associated with money), novelty, engagement and relating.

The desire to truly break free from the constraints of yourself can make you feel you are being pulled apart and/or give you the space to find some unexpected inner freedom.

A good day to recognise how you have created your life as it is; how the mixing bowl of your psyche, filled with all the divergent needs and desires, has resulted in the reality in which you walk.

What's in your psychic mixing bowl?
Photo thanks to André Eichman

To find freedom in this day, accept the situation and your own duality. You then have the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the novelty and variety that life offers you.

Consciously create some contrast in your day. Deliberately embrace some contrasting activities.

The potential result of this day is a genuine sense of refreshment, whilst accepting the existential pull of opposites.

Painting by one of Laurence's
favourite artists, Vladimir Kush

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