Wednesday 25 December 2019

3 Flower (Sun, Lord)

[Wednesday 25 December 2019]

A day of light and energy vibrating. Feel the body and the world as a vibration of light.

The emotions of anticipation will arise – do not let the mind jump ahead to a conclusion, an absolute, or the need for an outcome. If you grasp the energy, restlessness and anxiety will arise – stay with the anticipation.

Heartfelt thanks to our friend
Robert Burton
for this beautiful photo

Different aspects of the psyche, normally compartmentalised or shut off from each other, are able to cross-pollinate today. It will most likely be subtle, but you will feel energised.

Feeling is a form of subtle matter; it is the material that is most commonly experienced and yet is considered to be merely subjective, due to the shield of the mind. Today, light will pass over and through different aspects of your psyche.

The opportunity of the day is that you can enjoy the feeling of potentiality.

Heartfelt thanks to our
Ewa Wilkinson
for this beautiful photo

Do not get fixated on negative potentials, but come into alignment with your vision and your aspirations for your life. Stay with the feeling of potentiality. Move into that space without grasping; just enjoy the feeling that reminds you that life is mutable and that you are a co-creator who can attract more benevolent abundance into your life.

Allow yourself to move into that energy space of benevolent abundance.

Birth of Love,
by the amazing Vladimir Kush

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