Thursday 2 April 2020

11 Storm

[Thursday 2 April 2020]

Your energy crackles as you move through the electrical nature of novelty, adjusting the templates of your soul.

Go with the freedom inherent within this day. Stay responsive to unexpected turns and enjoy the liberation.

Ayahuasca Night, by Laurence James Lucas
'Inspired after seeing big fluffy stars in
the Amazon after an ayahuasca ceremony'

Enjoy flowing through different states, from internal moments of personal freedom to social connections.

Enjoy the liberation of letting go of expectation, necessity and stasis. Let it be what it is.

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Day 10 in the timewave can feel quite heavy and contained, while today – being an 11 Day – allows us the energy to move again, as the solidity and any perceived blockages dissolve. Today you can shake off any turgid emotions and feel energised by new experiences or variants.

Today is great day for inner connection and for opening portals between levels of consciousness.

Portals in the forest:
Fantastic Forest, by Spencer Byles from here

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 11 Storm:]
The Importance of Subtle Energy Work
Sentiments such as ‘Show me the results’, or ‘Show me the money’, conjure up a rigid confidence in the objective world and a cynicism towards subtle energy work, which then blocks the inner connection.

This can lead to one of the biggest problems we have, which is being completely out of alignment with our soul, therefore obstructing its natural impulses.

Although – it must be noted – people can also become hyper-inflated with self-importance through constant inner journeying or channelling, without deeper understanding, or the relentless interpretation and discussion of synchronicities and their own intuitive impressions.

The truth is, while it is important to engage in the external world, taking the time to connect to the rich inner world of the psyche is indispensable for emotional health. More than that, working on the inner dimensions is a truly effective and essential way to manifest a reality and experience that is more benevolent, abundant and wholesome than the normal everyday world experience.

Beautiful but uncredited image
found on Google

The results are generally not instant. Subtle energy changes are most often stepped down through the various levels of density in accord with a gestation cycle that mirrors human gestation – from conception to birth (approximately 260 days).

The Sacred 260-day calendar that we follow here is an aid to consciously connecting to the potentials that are seeking manifestation through you. Such things as shamanic healing, or ceremonially planting intention into your unconscious (another way of saying planting a seed idea in the subtle mental body), are stepped down from mental to emotional to physical over approximately 260, 520 and 780 days.

Each process of stepping down energy brings it more tangibly into density and actual experience. Inner work is very powerful, but most people – in fact most of us, a lot of the time, due to daily necessities – do not take the time to connect our subtle actions of the past with the present.

Some of Laurence's favourite shamanic tools
that he used for moving consciously between the worlds

My experience from working with clients and from observing my own life and that of those around me is that powerful emotionally charged intentions or desires manifest in around two years, or a bit longer (often in alignment with three spins of the Tzolkin, that is, 780 days). The exactitude of the manifestation depends upon clarity, but is watered down by the many counter-intentions we invariably hold.

Using Law of Attraction principles to control life with absolute will is flawed because of the multilevelled nature of the psyche and the accompanying diversity of desires we hold.

However, this does not mean that we should not attempt to align with subtle energy changes and set clear intentions.

The most important point is to connect to the inner world through conscious journeying, visualising, shamanic ritual, or other forms of subtle energy work, so that we then align automatically with the soul’s intention for our lives.

Heartfelt thanks to André Eichman
for this wonderful photo of Laurence,
conducting a shamanic ritual at Power Station Beach, Lamma

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