Tuesday 7 April 2020

3 Lizard (Seed)

[Tuesday 7 April 2020]

A good day to examine our agreements with life and our intentions.

Lizards work on the template level of reality, exploring the dream realms to unearth the intelligent essence that underpins reality. Lizards are connected to the fullness of the latent abundance and the interconnectedness of all things; they gather up everything in their awareness in order to understand the Seed of Life.

'Behind the Scenes (aka The Ancestors,
or The Keepers of Templates)', by LjL

Lizards are associated with preparation and the underlying patterns.

It is through the agreements we make – often unconsciously – that our Enchanting experience is evoked. We create our reality within the context of the collective construction, the collective agreements.*

The Ever-Changing Platform of Your Life
You have an essential destiny to become conscious of, but the details of that destiny are not all worked out – life is dynamic. You have a template for this incarnation, but it is not set in stone.

Today, see the shifting intentionality within existence that is created by forces of consciousness larger than ourselves. Enjoy the vitalising force of an intelligence so vast that we cannot grasp it, but which has the interests of our life within its knowing.

This, and the image above,
by the incredibly talented Tatiana Plakhova
at Complexity Graphics

Your personal intention and your choices for your life exist within a dynamic framework.

Today be open to the idea of new intentions and new agreements. It is not necessary to set absolute intentions, just witness the flux of energy within you that relates to what you desire and what you would like to experience.

 'Striking example of Andreas Cellarius' diagram
of the Zodiac and the orbits of the planets and the sun,
ringing the Eastern Hemisphere, based upon Tycho Brahe.'
Published in Amersterdam, 1708
Image found on Google from here

[* Note from Carey: Laurence called these collective agreements the Enchantments of Life, see the Enchantment pages on our portal website for more on his map of the evolution of human consciousness].

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