Thursday 16 April 2020

12 Reed (Skywalker)

[Thursday 16 April 2020]

A day of great clarity in areas of complexity. You see your life with real detachment, from above. With this, a profound understanding is possible. The mind is aligned with higher, complex ordered intelligence.

Nature Intelligence, by LjL

Surrendering to the intelligence above, you receive that intelligence so as to formulate new patterns and new understandings, and to bring divine intelligence into the body, into the Earth.

Be an Earth conduit for the Sky and the Stars.

Cosmic Intelligence
A wonderful image found on Google,
unfortunately uncredited

You can resolve some difficult paradoxes today. If you have been struggling with a situation that is full of polarised, conflicting and confusing dilemmas, then you may well find that by tuning in, you can see a larger pattern, a more complete truth that allows for discordancy within a larger dynamic harmony.

Today, you are able to organise your thoughts for effective communication, and/or you really understand the complex pattern of communication. This could mean gaining awareness of a specific exchange you have had with someone recently, or being able to discern the general communication dynamic you have with people.

'Silhouettes' by Harry Finder, via Imgur

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