Saturday 19 September 2020

12 Water (Moon)

[Saturday 19 September 2020]

Clear Water
Today is Day 12 of the Obsidian Timewave (also called Obsidian Mirror, or Flint), ruled by the Water (or Moon) Daykeeper.

Clear Water, composite created by Carey
(note the glyph for
the Obsidian Daykeeper
in the centre of the image)

This timewave is all about facing the shadow and becoming conscious of the levels of reality. Obsidian is the cosmic mirror of truth that separates the wheat from the chaff and which clears the perceptional field. It often asks us to sacrifice that which is not working for us. 

The glyph of the Obsidian Mirror (shown in the centre of the image above, as well as below) can be seen as the view looking down onto a Mayan stepped pyramid. The glyph shows us the divisions and boundaries between different realms and entities.

Glyph for the Obsidian Daykeeper
by LjL

Obsidian is the black volcanic stone that would appear to have no reflection, but which is a most powerful tool for scrying and seeing into the deeper dimensions. Obsidian shards are extremely sharp – surgically sharp in fact. The Obsidian energy can cut with precision through to the core, as well as cut out the shadow material for cleansing.

Day 12 of each timewave is the day when it all makes sense, if you have been following and logging the energies thus far. 

Moon or Water is the depth of the soul – true feeling, rather than emotion – and today you can recognise what it is that you can offer people and what it is that needs purifying in yourself.

Glyph for the Moon Daykeeper
by LjL

The cosmic principle of Water – be that emotion, feeling, imagination, astral-psychic plasma or the electromagnetic plasmic field of space – is the energy that permeates through all boundary walls.

The resonant vibrations through the fluid fields of existence create the mirror effect. What we see in front of us and around us reflects who we are, or what we are feeling, on the deepest level.

Bird reflection in water,
by Jeffry Westerhoff;
image from here

The clarity of the reflection can be a visceral and shocking realisation that cuts through our sentiments. However, stay with it if you are seeking to know thyself.

Today is a good day to understand and see some of your truest deepest feelings.

Mayan cosmos;
image found on Google

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