Wednesday 23 September 2020

3 Reed (Skywalker)

 [Wednesday 23 September 2020] 

A day of fresh ideas. Open yourself to the sky, send up a beam of light and receive inspiration. Open yourself to the descending guidance from higher intelligence that will be coming down into your expectant neural network.

Composite created by Carey,
main image thanks to
our dear friend Kookie Birjukov

Remember: 3 Days can be unsettled, but they do stimulate the movement of energy within the soul.

Within this disturbance, today is a great day for inspirational energy comprised of abstract ideas and complex big-picture patterns. The energy of 3 Reed (Skywalker) will be illuminating and will reveal the plethora of potentials and opportunities inherent within this Monkey Timewave.

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Appreciate the fact that the nature of the day might make it hard for you to settle into one thing; accept the restlessness you feel as product of the higher or more exploratory calling you have.

Thanks to Vicky Baker Eichman
for this wonderful photo

Monkey is curious and inquisitive and the timewave energy sets the scene for new creative solutions to your tasks. Today, you can access the knowledge that comes from understanding cosmic forces and planetary movements. It might be a good day for astrological investigation!

A good day for exploring the pristine clarity of ideas unencumbered by emotions...

Composite created by Carey
Three openings to the sky:
In California,
on Lamma,
and at the beach in Whitstable

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