Wednesday 2 September 2020

8 Good Road (Human, Grass, Long Good Road)

[Wednesday 2 September 2020. Full Moon 05:22 UTC, 06:22 British Summer time; 13:22 Hong Kong time]

Today is a day to trust in your heart’s desire to seek more out of life, to recognise that life offers you more.

Eight hearts, by Carey

The commitment of the heart involves valuing the yearning you feel to live with more adventure, rewards and wonder. Although we do not always get what we desire, the desire itself is an important energy to keep you vital, alive and engaged.

Commit to the truth that life is a journey and that you are here to help fellow travellers whilst enjoying the trip.

Helping Hand, by Wayne Pascall
Beautiful painting found on Google

It is easier to close down and protect yourself from the fear of failure, loss or disappointment than it is to dare to dream. Life will keep challenging your aspirations, forcing you to adjust, and will teach you to have some detachment from your ambitions, your desires and your inspired longings.

Composite created by Carey
using an image found on Google

However, the challenge is to adapt and to keep seeking, for the seeking itself is the abundance of the unfolding adventure of your life. 

Today is a prompter to break free a little from anything that inhibits your heart.

Created by Carey

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