Saturday 5 December 2020

11 Skull

[Saturday 5 December 2020]

Today is a powerful day for stepping into a new energy, for stepping over a threshold from one type of energy to another and for appropriate surrender.

LjL, stepping over a threshold,
from one type of energy
to another...

Examine your life without sentiment, exploring two opposite viewpoints of who you are and what you will become. Enjoy the sense of the dissolution of outworn aspects of the self. This is creating a portal for the emergence of new aspects of self.

You may well find that there is an element of ruthlessness today in your attitude to what you personally regard as obviously deluded, uninformed or deliberately misleading, or to be a manipulative fabricated story. Other people’s lies or delusions – as well as your own self-delusion – appear transparent to you as your spirit rips a hole in the fabric of the theatrical backdrop.

Reality Is an Agreement,
flipchart by LjL

Today, the light of a cohesive picture can shine through the trivia and distractions. Use that ruthless attitude to rip through the superficial information flow with your clear perception.

Today is a good day for realistic considerations. However, the challenge is to not be cynical, but to stay open to the positive existential elements of life, as well as the cold bare bones of the Skull Daykeeper.

Mysterious Tibetan
carved skull,
image from here

11 Days are where the energy of the timewave opens up laterally and to the past. Today, aspects of yourself – possibly not that flattering – seek to be heard, as 11 seeks a degree of integration or adjustment. 11 Days can be quite unstable in order to loosen you up and shake you up.

LjL shaking us up,
September 2008,
Power Station Beach,
Lamma Island
with his very good friend Dom

Your life is part of a continuum. You have an ancestral heritage that has brought you here; that heritage is a story of grand adventure for sure, but also of ordinary drama and ordinary living.

Your truth becomes more encompassing today as you release some brittleness. The spiritual seeks to be grounded in the mundane and the ego dies a little.

Part of my ancestral heritage;
Great Grampa and Great Granny Vail

Today you can open up to a greater truth as you release a block in your perception and your personal boundaries, ultimately enabling you to reach out to more of life. Enjoy the liberation that comes from accepting that whatever scenario manifests or is true of you does not matter on a deep level and that you are free. You are free to be whatever is.

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