Wednesday 9 December 2020

2 Dog

[Wednesday 9 December 2020]

The Duality of Needs

Hold the space and meet the challenge.

Composite created by Carey

The duality of feelings from the soul manifests most obviously in the realm of relationship. This is challenging, of course, but also offers the beauty of contrast. Feel beneath the surface of opposition and you will enjoy the contrast you get from your significant other. Sometimes two people can act as one and look out into the world together.

Companions and friends
Pocket and Chocolate in their youth,
in resonance

2 Dog is a day of emotional contrast. As today can be emotionally challenging, accept and feel into the duality or polarity of the day without trying to work out a resolution in the mind.

Stacy and Sunny, in my youth

The Dog Daykeeper is related to the basic emotions and needs of our psyche – needs for companionship on the good road of life, as well as our appetites for food, sex and comfort. 

Chocolate and Sambal:
first kiss

Dog rules emotional territory and the defence of that territory. This includes personal and community territorial boundaries, as well as the laws that accompany the emotional boundaries of a person, a relationship or a community.

Dog is also the day of guardianship – and that can include the spirits that guide and protect us on the subtle planes.

Laurence and me
in Penang in 2009

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