Tuesday 29 December 2020

9 Dog

[Tuesday 29 December 2020]

9 Days give us access to a larger timeframe and today, being a Dog Day, you can connect to the meta-narrative of your emotional scripts; you can feel the enduring emotional pattern that runs through your life.

Chocolate on 13 September 2008
Photo thanks to my sister Caroline

This is a great day for emotional lucidity. Be sure to take time off from busy-ness. Also a good day for consciously reaching, communicating and really connecting with people who are in resonance with you.

A good day to get in touch with the deepest needs we have, linked to being conscious of the nourishment that life just gives us automatically.

reaching out and
consciously connecting

A day of clear conscious communication that is emotionally connected as you awaken the soul’s memory of who you are in relation to society, and as you evoke the soul in your emotional body.

Today you can feel how life reaches out to you. You are not alone. There are special people in your life and life itself is sharing your journey with you.

Sharing the journey:
Thank you to Kiwi for this photo!

Open to a higher perspective on your mood and your emotions. Feel into the simplicity of love, rather than the imperfections of your experience with others.

Alternatively, just be with yourself. Enjoy stopping, being still, being on holiday, feeling slack. Go to sit in nature, stare at an old brick wall, whatever it takes to just relax without trying.

The world is so driven by an economic imperative these days that it seems hard to consciously go slack and enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of the world without necessity. We need peace in this world, which first requires permission to not be actively concerned with survival.

Koh Samui sunrise

Nature is not just about survival – actually far from it. The insects, birds and animals naturally, unthinkingly express the joy of existence through their sounds and actions.

The drone of the ‘necessity mind’, as well as guilt, blocks out the ever-present inherent message that life, at its foundation and throughout its development, is good.

Enjoying the bliss,
Woodstock 1969

Hippies and ‘slackers’ get a bad press, but if we have more conscious slackers in the world, enjoying the bliss and appreciation of what exists, then we could have peace.

The conscious slacker scares the hell out of the control freaks of governance – the revolution will be a walk out.

To change the world, we must first be able to get off the hamster wheel of necessity more often.

Dog rules boundaries, as dogs are territorial, and therefore Dog rules all kinds of law, including social boundaries. Today is a good day to understand your emotional boundaries based on your emotional scripts. This then brings up deep questions regarding the laws you adhere to: What laws or rules are appropriate?

Wake up to the nourishment you really need and feel the ever-present joy of existence, by setting appropriate boundaries, creating structures and setting limitations that are in accord with your true needs.

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