Thursday 15 September 2022

10 Eagle

[Thursday 15 September 2022]

A day of emotional intelligence and a message about how to manifest abundance for yourself, whilst helping the world and being part of the shift to a more compassionate society.

Composite created by Carey
using images found on google

Help those you meet by offering your vision.

The vision of the Eagle manifests today. The Eagle soars above the world, but looks down upon it, rather than up to the stars. The Eagle strikes with great clarity at problems that need solving on the ground.

Composite created by Carey
using Eagle found on google

The Eagle teaches the higher element of emotional intelligence by being compassionate without being unnecessarily wet or soppy, for Eagle is a Warrior of the Heart.

Beautiful fracted eagle
by Byrek at Deviant Art

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 10 Eagle:]

Here is a quick introduction to one aspect of my primary thesis. This subject seems appropriate on 10 Eagle.

On our planet, in this era, there is an evolutionary complicity and friction between the technological tipping point and spiritual awakening. As we near the integrated internet and internet saturation point, it is absolutely imperative that a spiritual revival dominates. Pure science, technology and rationality can be hypnotised by an ethic of neutrality – this leads to a dislocation from heart and soul.

Neo, found on google

But there is no absolute neutrality.

The integrated and saturated internet is coming: Google glass, domestic appliances with internet sensors, buildings with sensors and much more. The internet is becoming externalised and integrated with consciousness. If left to its own devices, it will be a manifestation and an expression of the primal matrix, a reptilian intelligence which is alluded to in the film The Matrix.

Augmented reality, image found on google

How this is manifesting now is through an increase in dehumanising work, dumbing down of the population and distraction through adrenalin-related novelty, which blocks consciousness and potentially enslaves the individual in the reptilian matrix.

This primal intelligence is the etheric template of survival and it reflects back and reinforces consciousness. The dystopian/Orwellian scenario of technocratic enslavement is the default setting of the matrix, i.e. it is the unconscious program.

Enslaved in the Matrix
Image found on google
The imperative for our planet is to achieve a tipping point of awakening (maybe 12 to 15 percent of the adult population) in order to reprogramme the matrix. The matrix is a tool, like the mind. If it rules and we are unconscious, it is dark. The threshold point would seem to be from 2027 to 2040 at the latest.

This is why we need to stay engaged, even if it is uncomfortable. We are taking part in an evolutionary drama, where the survival of the human species and freedom of the soul is at stake.

I believe we will succeed. However, it is apparent that there is no room for complacency.

Escape from the Matrix
Original image found on google,
photoshopped by Carey

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