Wednesday 28 September 2022

10 Rabbit (Star)

[Wednesday 28 September 2022]

The fixed light of a star; the tangible form of the soul.

Originally a free wallpaper image; photoshopped by Carey

A wonderful day to sense the inherent poetic and evocative energy that is within life, the radiance within form.

The day has a quality that is full of light. This light is living – it is not merely electricity, it is the radiance of aliveness.

The International Commerce Centre,
Hong Kong,with 108 floors above ground
(and four below). Laurence was
fascinated by this building!
Photo thanks to Annie Knibb

A day where the subtle light of the reflective realm of the astral worlds permeates the day. The astral worlds, although within the Earth, are permeable and merge with the greater Cosmic Ocean. The astral worlds are made of a form, a substance, that is emotive, imaginative and feeling. Life does not exist in inert vacuums – life lives within life.

The tangible experience of your Cosmic Self yet again reminds you of the extraordinary enchantment cast upon the world by money and materialism.

 Uncredited image found on google

True abundance can be recognised today. There is no bottom line or share option, no company flotation – just the truth of the infinitely expansive cosmic reality that is populated with beings on multiple densities.

The higher dimensions orchestrate the lower dimensions. The higher dimensional aspect of you is the part of the Self that creates the new; it is the one that is in relationship to fully awakened higher dimensional beings.

Your essence can be called a Star Seed. You are not just from Earth, but from a much larger reality.

Artwork by Alice Dalton Brown;
image found on google

You are living your life within the radiant light that is alive. Your connection and access to the radiance is most likely to come through an immediate and localised environment. Catch that moment when you feel like you have an intimacy with something magical, joyful and playful. It could be just a moment of connection, a burst of sunlight or a breeze through the window.

Recognise the moment when the intangible becomes tangible; honour the moment for its reality.

Star in Weft Drive,
thanks to Daniel Clarke

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