Thursday 1 September 2022

9 Crocodile

[Thursday 1 September 2022]

In the Reed (aka Skywalker) Timewave, we are free to soar, to roam the skies and the future. Through the energy of 9 Crocodile, this manifests as the yearnings and deepest needs within us and within others.

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photoshopped by Carey

What is the root of your personal aspirations? What is the hidden core drive that leads you to set goals?

A day to connect to the primal beginnings, the core needs that have led to your experience of now. The potentials of your future and our future are rooted in the evolutionary imperatives that started this reality thread. If you can be conscious of your core needs – the most basic urge for safety, survival, territory, nourishment and growth of your life – then you can access creative free will on a deep level.

Photo by Tomás Castelazo, from Wikimedia

Today, acknowledge and accept the primal instinctive level of being. Come back to the imperative of survival of one’s essential being. Recognise the ultimate self-interest as being the expression of the Life Force.

If we lose sight of our need to survive on a spiritual and bodily level, we can easily end up trying to create purely from our mind. This disconnected ideological position then gives rise to a conflict in the body and with nature.

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If we do not want to be ruled purely by instinctive unconscious desire, we must first recognise its validity. Then and only then can we take ideological positions.

Today is a day of deeply felt connectedness; a day that allows an awakening around emotions and the energy of the heart.

Loved ones

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  1. Spot on for me today and for what has been making itself known throughout the day!