Saturday 18 February 2023

10 Monkey

[Saturday 18 February 2023]

10 Monkey is the ‘manifestation day’ of this timewave, which is Wind. The Monkey is an artisan, a creator of the tapestry of reality, sculpting reality from thoughtforms, ideas and perspectives.

Composite created by Carey,
using one of my monkey photos

This is a great day for finding creative connections between different ideas and paradigms.

Monkey also knows that information has limited value because Monkey is the one who plays with all ideas, all threads, to create the illusion of form. Monkey teaches us to laugh at ourselves, especially if we take anything to be absolute gospel, be that science or spiritual philosophy.

Photo from here (worth reading especially if,
like me, you love monkeys!)

So give it up a little today. Enjoy music and art and the wonderful absurdity of the world. Enjoy creative thinking, writing, electronic communication and conversation; be entertaining, rather than coldly factual. Have fun with ideas.

Today is also a good day to explore your inner world through fantasy. The creative innovator is someone who is constantly open to moving laterally, to surrendering to the fallow periods, and to allowing the cosmic intelligence to speak to them and through them.

Composite created by Carey

The world is hungry for – and ready for – fundamental innovations, not just superficial novelty. Be ready.

A brilliant day to create a poetic witty composition.

Work is play, play is work.

Laurence in the Falcon, Clapham Junction,
the 'longest bar in London', where he sometimes
worked playfully with clients, and where
in this photo he was enjoying deep conversation
and the exchange of ideas with his good friend Dom.
Heartfelt thanks to Dominic Cryer for the photo

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