Sunday 5 February 2023

10 Obsidian (Mirror, Flint)

[Sunday 5 February 2023. FULL  MOON 18:30 UTC/GMT (tomorrow at 02:29 HK time)]

The shadow of your life and the world is revealed to you.

ET in the Shadows,
by Laurence James Lucas

What is the unavoidable issue within you?

The world appears as a semi-transparent hologram, reflecting your inner feelings. A good day to understand the power of our projection.

Created by Carey using images found on google

Today is a good day to see the fundamental issues in your life. Today they can be seen and they can be seen with transparency. You will see your complexes, but also see through them to a deeper level of truth.

Image from here

You might possibly encounter a shocking perspective on an aspect of your personality or your being. Do not worry, for this is not the whole truth of who you are, just some of the truth.

Obsidian Mirror is the Daykeeper sign of multidimensionality and the mirror reflections and refractions of light that give us the experience of density.

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