Friday 10 February 2023

2 Foredawn (Dark House, In the House, Dark Night)

[Friday 10 February 2023]

Be at home today in between the polarities and between spaces.

In the Heart of the Forest, by LjL

The existential nature of life is sometimes (a time like today, for example) a comforting place in which to surrender, so that we are deeply at home in the midst of eternity.

After yesterday’s activation of 1 Wind comes the space, the silence and the void. Feel the pull of opposites and live betwixt them.

Oil painting by the fabulous surrealist artist,
Vladimir Kush.
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A good day for intense contemplative feeling and for finding the crack, in any form, that lets in the light.

Today is Foredawn, Dark House, In the House, Dark Night. It is the space before sunrise; it is a day that evokes an opening in the heart, a sense of the romantic. But, as it is seductive, it can draw you into darkness…

Composite created by Carey

Today we are seduced by the mystery. Without letting the mind draw too many conclusions, feel into things but set boundaries – and do not let yourself get drawn too far into anything dark.

Draw upon your imagination to investigate the potentials of what you are working on or desiring for your life. Feel the space that you are creating for that which is manifesting.

Sunrise over waves on a rocky coast, 1884
by Johannes Herman Brandt (1850–1926)
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This can also be taken quite literally to include physical space, including how to create an ambience, perhaps with two contrasting colours and a third subtle colour. The physical interiors – our living spaces – reflect and evoke our psychic space. The clever use of colour can keep a space alive so that energy can enter in between the contrasts.
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