Friday 5 August 2016

1 Foredawn, Friday

HK Cityscape by LjL

A new time wave begins today, one which asks you to enter the crack between the worlds.
Make space in your life for the new to enter. Stay with an edge of uncertainty and embrace the intangible energy that exists between time and space, action and inactivity, light and dark.
The Daykeeper Foredawn, is the cave, the bat, the house, the moment before sunrise and the gap between dark and light on the horizon (and just after sunset to some extent), it is the dream world, the surreal, the womb, the abyss, the portal, the wormhole and ultimately inner security and psychic protection.

What do we find with people born with this Daykeeper, they have to deal with insecurity issues, the common approach is a major focus on the home and they can build rigid defences but this still does not address the issue. They often seek refuge within large organizations or traditions, long established societies but still the issue remains. The Fordawn person is called to find the security within and to traverse the dreamscape, to keep open to the incoming energies they absorb and work with them. The challenge is to become at ease in the realm of reality forming and shifting yet not formed. I have seen all of this in my Foredawn clients.

The modern house with its four walls symbolizes the enclosure and disconnect from the natural and supernatural. When I was in Palenque, me and my girlfriend snuck into the site, passed the guards and into the night jungle sacred site. On top of the pyramid was the small ‘house’ that symbolizes this energy, it was raining the jungle was buzzing and the howler monkeys were calling. The portal to another dimension was open and it was so tangible and freaky. In the end we went to another pyramid, I cannot convey the power of the experience that got us to move. We felt more secure on the pyramid temple and happily relaxed with bats flying all around us and the heaving jungle sound of the howler monkeys. 
and they sound like this here

I also had some extreme connections on Foredawn day, that all reiterated the meaning of this energy.

How do we approach the next 13 days?

 Find your inner security, evoke psychic protections that allow you to filter and work with incoming subtle energies and open up some time and space in your life.

The world is full of social compartments that are so obviously walled off by fragile belief systems as they are transparently illusory. The challenge of leaving consensual agreements and stepping into a space of personal truth is to be honoured, it is hard, but one must leave the fakery behind now. The time has come...

Be in the space between spaces and find the security you need within yourself.

The world has never been more surreal, the security it is offering is false. The mass mind is scrambling for solidity in a landscape of passing shadows and projections.

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