Tuesday 9 August 2016

5 Deer, Tuesday

The fifth day of the timewave, is the day where the power is stepped up and the your intention for the timewave is transmitted. The fourth day a foundation, intention, plan or seating is formed or forming as a set of components and then on the fifth day you bring all of the elements together and simultaneously emanate that energy and consciousness.

Deer also has great power as Deer or the Hand Grasp, has the capability to operate in all dimensions in all manner of ways and has to learn not try to do too much, hold too much or utilize too many techniques or options.

Be in your centre yet stay connected to the peripheral reality. Feel the energy that breaks in the external world you are traversing. Hold the centre gently and feel the circling energies from the external environment.

Today is a good day to see the world through your shamanic eyes.  The future requires a greater synthesis of consciousness from us, between our modern selves and our archaic body selves. Today is a good day to feel connected to the aliveness of all that surrounds us, in all directions.

Tune into the centre, the subtle and ungraspable energy; feel it without trying to define it or own it.

Tools, like the computer, smart phone are useful, but remember they are tools.

Maybe use the search engine on the net as an extension of your intuition today; feel into the energy emanating from yourself and google it. Today you can attune to the fundamental substance of reality—pure empty consciousness. However, it is slippery -- you can understand it through receiving it, you can be a conduit for it, but you cannot 'have' it or frame it. Allow and navigate with a loose grip and disciplined sensitivity.

The internet is a training tool for our natural psychic sensitivity. If it were to become restricted as a medium of free speech, then we would naturally find that our connection to the Noosphere becomes available.

Hold the truth that your body is the ultimate tool in this world, programmed to self-heal and regenerate if you align with the innate life force and energy field.

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