Monday 22 August 2016

5 Flower, Monday

The light of your centre shines out from your heart. Open your heart and vitalize your truth with light, prana and subtle energy. Add power to your truth without concerning yourself with mental chatter; get into the feeling. Power up and flower up. Today is about authentic confidence.

A flower is a temporary celebration of the eternal beauty of the soul, both impermanent in form yet representative of timeless truth.

How can we find our essential timeless truth?

We live in a multi-layered tapestry of frequencies that can be logged and understood, if you want to see your whole self write down the feelings as they emerge on a daily basis. The story of your life, the threads that make up the totality of your life become apparent.

Know your own history in order to see the continuity, the strands of energy that flow through your life and how the energy is changing and growing.

Within the process of detailing the personality self and its history, the essential unquantifyable self is evident. The true self is behind everything in your life and inherent within everything in your life.

Can You Make Time to Understand Time?

The Mayan sacred calendar helps us understand the texture of time as something we feel. We operate in different types of time, below is an extract from a  short article from a website, link at the bottom of the extract.

The civic calendar is one frequency, today dominant time is linked to 'time is money' the 24-7 perceptual information of the mainstream and increasingly we are switching to the internet time substance  

The Man Who Tastes Time

The concept of time sometimes triggers synesthesia some synesthetes see days of the week around them spatially, like wheels, or in uphill linear forms or other shapes other than clocks or calendars, for example. But that is another matter altogether and more common. “I can’t taste the concept of time,” Hamrick explained to me recently. “Some synesthetes can taste concepts, and while on occasion I can (honesty is currently chocolate and looks like a giant church bell with a bark-like texture), time is simply transparent egg whites that bend in on themselves over and over again into infinity.” 

A couple of years ago I was interviewed by ClĂ­ona O’Conaill and was one of the contributors for her article for Speed Culture her article in UK New Age magazine called Kindred Spirit.

I have made a prolonged study of time and how it is allied to the different levels within our psyche. Based on decades of personal experience and intense research, I have mapped how our relationship with time and space is tied to consciousness, culture and intent.
Our experience of time (and space) is becoming more complex; many of us can feel ‘the shortage of time’. The memes of ‘time is money’, ‘24-7’, ‘on the hour every hour’, ‘the clock is ticking’, ‘winners keep up’, ‘breaking news’, ‘the city that never sleeps’ and ‘the bright lights of the city’ are all product of but one level of our psychological, cultural and evolutionary development. That level of development is tied into the physiology of adrenalin and is now in crisis, as we as a species are attempting to shift to the next stage of culture.

Internet time is the concept that events occur at a faster rate on the Internet than elsewhere or that, everywhere, the Internet is affecting the pace of change. Andy Grove, CEO of Intel, is quoted as saying, "The world now runs on Internet time."

The commonly suggested meaning of time is that economic progress accelerates. However I would say that internet time is a substance where we operate in different space simultaneously, ie we have different windows open and it is not just about forward progress. In fact internet time involves a lot of backward projections. We can access things from the past and bring them into the present, in various forms. So,internet time is not just about economic progress, far from it, it is about an expansion and a challenge for our consciousness. 

Specifically I would suggest that internet time supports expands the number of spaces we operate in, and therefore different time substances we are in real time and cyberspace time simultaneous. The internet supports the creation of time and free energy. It is quite hard to turn online activities into profit as the internet supports abundance, free flowing energy...think aboutit, there is a lot to explore in this, because time is a fundamental context for everything and time is a projection of consciousness.


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