Wednesday 10 August 2016

6 Rabbit, Wednesday

A day that is flowing and moving with abundance and light. (except*)

Be the dance. Aesthetics and rhythm.

The energy of today is dissipative; it will unlock blocks in your energy field and get your energy moving.

An orderly outpouring of expression that leads to a gentle implosion that penetrates the fabric of your reality.

This timewave, the Dark Night, is the timewave that creates a new space, a new womb. Today we can connect to the expansion or expenditure of light. The star must spend its energy before it implodes into a black hole/white hole.

The black hole/white hole is the portal or wormhole to another level of creation.

Quite simply, for you today it means allowing yourself to express the stream of ideas and imaginings and to put out your creative expression as part of the process of emptying. You might also find you are moving through your personal menu of pleasure, addictive habits, attractions to the glamour, the allures of the shiny, glossy surface of the world....

*however, Saturn is coming to a standstill, Saturn may well be dominating your overall feeling. Saturn moves forward, slowly from Sunday 13th August at 9.51 GMT, Sunday evening here in HK. The standstill of Saturn is the time when we feel the maximum restriction that is caused by consequences, the consequences of adhering to the social norm. The necessary conformity, which differs by degree with each person, that enables a basic social structure of rules and conduct.

If Saturn, at around 9 degrees in Sagittarius, is strongly aspecting your natal planets you will be feeling it more personally.

How do we put this all together, as this Saturn turnaround is synced in with the Foredawn Timewave, how do the two frequencies fit?

We will be feeling the need for more security, more of the familiar, including distractions from the underlying heightened dreams and mildly surreal wobble of Foredawn.

What is the opportunity in this timewave with the Saturn turnaround occurring?

As always with foredawn, the answer is greater inner security.

Can you pursue your soul's calling without the need for constant social approval, can you allow your routine to be disturbed, can you have faith whilst things appear to be at standstill.

Can you embrace the discomfort of incoming energies into your dreams and subconscious, in order to allow inner growth, to allow your dreams to gestate.

If you want to change your life, your intention, your desire must go through growing pains in your subconscious. The disturbing feelings in the subconscious is the result of the soul looking to come in and help you grow, help you change within so that the outer reality can be changed afterwards.

With the increased Saturnian energy we are being shown the block within us, with heightened dreams and through subconscious awareness and therefore potentially we have a chance to dissolve some fundamental personal limitations.

Stick with the timewave and note the textures and feelings of each day and this will help you navigate the gestating growth.

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