Thursday, 18 May 2017

1 Water (Moon)

Today, being 1 Water, sees the start of a new 13-day timewave.

The teaching of the Water or Moon Timewave (known as Muluc to the Maya) is how to be in the flow of life’s energies; how to surrender to and feel – and thereby be connected to – the River of Life.

Give of yourself, cleanse and purify the soul, make offerings to Life and to other people to increase your sense of soulful immersion in the deeper dimensions of reality.

The consciousness of being a droplet in the ocean of spirit. 
The Water or Moon Daykeeper sign represents the connection to soul and greatly increases sensitivity. The Water Daykeeper requires us to retain our connection by honouring the fact that our existence is dependent upon all that has gone before, as well as upon the stream of life in which we swim. To this end, we are to remain conscious of clearing and cleansing the blockages in the stream.

The Maya associate this daykeeper with ‘owing’ and ‘offering’. Our existence owes much to divinity, the ancestors and those whose work we build upon.

This is the timewave to cleanse and consciously purify with the spirit of water, to burn incense or light candles in a sacred manner to feel the gratitude within us for our lives.

Part of that is allowing yourself to have what you really need, in order to be in a space of gratitude. You cannot fake it. Repressing one’s desires just leads to resentment.

If you experience turbulent emotions, feel blocked, are suffering or feel impoverished, then this timewave is the perfect period to clear debts and do ceremonies of gratitude. You will find that peace and tranquillity can return quickly if you do this, and you will feel immersed in the soulful realm.

Spend time near water, allow yourself to feel things deeply and regain a deep sense of connection over the next 13 days.

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