Saturday, 13 May 2017

9 LIzard (Seed)

Reconnection and Core Intention Awakening

An old intention is reawakened. A plan from the past, based on your real needs, is either implemented or actively embraced. You see now how a plan that you had forgotten about, or had only half formed, has reached a place that is ready for planting.


Nine days are good days for breakthrough realizations. Today you can consciously reconnect and recover an innocent and unconscious connection to life you had in the past. A good day to consciously recover and own that which you were previously unconsciously part of, or which you were embedded within.

Bring the inherent intelligence of innocence into your conscious mind.

Things actively and passionately desired often elude us, until we forget about them. In so doing, we detach from the outcome and the desired energy can then be released, after which it can return as your manifest experience.

Today is one of those days when previously intended manifestations resurface or appear.

Day Nine is the frequency of cycles. Nine days can be the days when you recognize where you are stuck in a groove, looping back and over again. If that is the case, then it is through bringing your awareness to this scripted situation that you can shift to the next octave.

The previous cycle of the Maya Long Count Calendar and its 2012 end-date brings us the opportunity to break the script and to spiral out of the flat loop onto a higher dimension. Think of the flatland of a flat circle, like a record on a record player, or the rings of Saturn – this is ‘default reality’ and to break the pattern, there needs to be a shock or a surge of will.

Message from Laurence, written on 26 August 2016: On this day 5 cycles ago (ie Sunday 3 February 2013), I had a dream message, a strong narrator’s voice from spirit. It was simply the words ‘There will be a rising.’ I had the word ‘humanity’ implanted as well, together with an image of a wave. No time scale or context was given, but I felt it was significant. Let us hope so!

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