Tuesday, 30 May 2017

13 Crocodile

13 Crocodile is a powerful day.

The principle of 13 is movement in all directions. We have 13 major articulations in the body. Imagine them all being used simultaneously and you have a mad dance that would release your psychic energy.

Today is the release of the timewave energy, a day of letting go and opening up, a spiralling out of the feeling and consciousness of the last 12 days. The soulful signature of the Muluc Timewave (Water or Moon) is powerful and yet dissolving today.

Crocodile is the primal and also watery state of base consciousness, undifferentiated, engulfed in the Goddess, irrational, filled with chaotic latency and stirring turbulence, ready to birth...

Surrender to life today and it should treat you well. The Cosmic Mother force: ‘Strong it is.’

The soul’s need for nourishment is revealed to you today. Your soul, and the souls of those around you, have a heightened sense of the need to be fed with more primal connection and with the ineffable universal love and nourishment.

The Water or Moon Timewave ends today with this great release and surrender.

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