Saturday, 20 May 2017

3 Monkey

A good energy day for higher creativity. Talk to your muses.

Feel the weave of the reality tapestry, the underlying dynamic movement of life.

The energy in a profound dream experience speaks to us, on one hand, of how dreams remind us of a more subtle reality and, on the other hand, how the subtle energy crosses into and affects our ‘real world’.

The playful spirit of 3 Monkey knows no boundaries and crosses the object–subject divide. The slightly intangible sense of something truly supernatural and wonderful might encroach upon your consciousness today. Was it real? Ah, well, what is real?

A good day to play with the edges of consciousness, either with a cat-nap, some easy meditation or through daydreaming. Allow yourself a little drift.

Monkey is creativity, the deceptively brilliant intelligence that lies within all art and the construction of reality. Monkey is a trickster that can appear to be playful and adolescent, yet is actually focused on weaving the fabric of reality, unseen by those who look for overly simple logical and linear constructs.

Being a three day, today is not a day to complete creative tasks, but rather to allow yourself to be inspired without attempting to finish it or understand where you are heading with it. Be playful. Recognize you will waver with ideas on a three day, but allow the feelings some latitude.

Subtle energy moves within your soul and it feels enlivening.

[Message from Laurence: I seem to always have a profound astral connectivity on 3 Monkey.]

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