Friday, 7 July 2017

12 Storm

Refresh the Mind, Free the Mind
The self-organizing intelligence of your complex life appears before you. See the coherence within your randomness.

Day 12 in every timewave gives us the rational understanding of the energetic signature of that timewave. It is a day of organized information, the intelligence and structure that our minds can connect to.

Storm is the purifier, by rain and lightning, that breaks open reality structures which are inhibitory and/or no longer working – which are too tight. Storm is a liberator and as a 12 Day, it is an organized liberator.

Today brings you an insight into going with the energy of the day and being a conduit for a reorganization of structures in your life. Your challenge for today is to become conscious of the dynamic, flowing structure inherent within this day.

The Rabbit Timewave is an explosion of everything and – if you go with the chaotic element of today, surrender and yet apply your mind to seeing the pattern – a beautiful, complex exhilarating understanding will emerge. The quality of Rabbit is in being able to respond, adapt and stay alert to subtle cosmic energies and, in so doing, Rabbit can frame a bigger picture of reality.

The Rabbit Timewave challenges us with its abundance and the understanding that ‘all that glitters is not gold’, yet with the recognition that we are here to be enchanted, to become captivated by the allure of life.

The world is forever in a state of being enchanted; reality is a spell cast by all manner of beings on multiple dimensions and by us for us all.

The dis-enchantment with the old consensual world grows, as does the incitement to become seduced by the new incoming frequencies, information, philosophies and the Grand Myth. The Grand Myth is the essential story that finds a resonant, common agreement amongst the majority of consciousness.

Transitional times of culture are when we collectively renegotiate the Grand Myth. Most people do this fairly passively – they are fed stories and inadvertently align with them, without deep inquiry.

Elevate your intuition and your consciousness today.

[Message from Laurence from 12 Storm on 3 February 2016:]

It is in times of great duress that the biggest breakthroughs in consciousness can occur.

The consciousness field at this time – during the 2012 era – is open to the grand picture of existence. This is because the consensual agreement on reality is in a state of flux and the structure of society is weak; the field is therefore full of holes. In times of comfort, when society seems to provide a clear direction for purpose and function, our consciousness is contained.

Each Enchantment of culture is held in place by the underlying mythology, the meta-myth. The meta-myth of ‘material science’ is no longer adequate for experience. The Mayan end date (21 December 2012, based on the Long Count calendar) has clearly delivered its promise of large-scale change, and this process is still unravelling before us.

Each story for each stage of culture is the essence that generates the structure of consciousness within the totality of consciousness in which we are walking around and have our being within. Each structure is controlled in the shadows by ‘enchanters’, those who deliberately control, design and orchestrate the context. Within that structure, we are entertained. We are given a theatre that provides us with an enormous life experience, purpose and growth. This continues until the structure no longer holds us; instead, it inhibits us and we see the shadow, we see the manipulation and we see our own co-creative dependency and responsibility in being held within this bewitchment.

We become disillusioned and we rebel. We become frustrated with our own contribution and our choices that put us into that theatre. It is easy to beat ourselves up for being fooled, but in reality, this was what we needed and was as much truth and expansion of experience and consciousness that we could handle at the time.

What I have found from my extensive research is that this 2012 era, this transitional period in which we now live, has similarities to the late 1880s and early 20th century. In the 1890s – in particular around 1892 – the old world of moral certainty and religious conviction was falling apart, while the Darwinian vista and new moral imperative of material growth, competition and economic progress was emerging, but not yet dominant. In this state, the alternatives to religious and scientific consensus were wide open for exploration.

There was a seeding of higher consciousness in and around 1892 (expressed by the Neptune and Pluto conjunction). A tremendous amount of visionary artforms in all fields of human endeavour were being expressed. Science was still forming and the metaphysical was popular among the intelligentsia, leading to cross-fertilization of the spiritual and material perspective. The 1890s was also a time when some of our most profound mystics, visionaries, artists, writers and scientists were born. The contemporary cultural phenomena of steam punk reflects the extraordinary nature of the 1890s, which was wilder than history has told us.

The decade leading up that new millennium was full of hope and adventurous inquiry, as it was in the 1990s. The structure of consciousness within the totality field of consciousness was not yet consolidated in the late 19th century.

The Neo-Darwinian structure was not well established until around 1930. This led to history being rewritten yet again, and the Neo-Darwinian meta-myth became pervasive as the dominant structure.

So here we are once again – we have access to greatly expanded perspectives of truth. However, to access them requires a journey through the shadowlands of assumption, a disturbing confrontation with the previously useful illusions we have willing taken on.

In recent years, the niche spiritual enquirers who are cognizant of conspiracy have started to recognize that the control mechanism is cosmic and that, like Star Wars suggests, the ‘battle’ between dark and light is aeons in age. One of the most illuminating suggestions has been the notion of the false light, ie the manipulation of spiritual seekers through the presentation of a saviour philosophy, ET race, alleged spiritual masters, whistle-blowers etc etc. This has made the information terrain extremely hazardous, yet exciting and compelling – like a psychic game being played out within the environment. The imperative falls upon the individual to neither dismiss nor become totally enraptured by visionary perspectives and to retain sovereignty and free thinking.

Work it out for yourself and do your own research.

Thanks to my friend Dominic I have been reading Our Universal Journey by George Kavassilas, available here online as a PDF. It does not blow my mind, which is good, but it does feel to be presenting a more accurate vista of our existence than anything I have seen. I recommend you have a peek, there are plenty of online interviews with the author available as well.

I find great resonance with the book, not because it intoxicates me – it does not – but because it quietly confirms and feels like a truer big-picture perspective than anything else I have seen. I have yet to finish the book, but wanted to share it today as it fits in with the energy of the day.

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