Tuesday, 4 July 2017

9 Warrior (Vulture, Owl)

Heightened Perspective

A high-synchronicity day as an alignment with Earth magnetics is heightened. Deep feelings are evoked as intense energy passes through you, opening your awareness beyond your usual emotional, mental, ethical, philosophical and aspirational constraints.

Today, you can be conscious of larger cycles and chapters in your life. What is coming towards completion? Access this energy through stillness, strength and confidence in your truth. Truth is the connection between Heaven and Earth through the central channel of your subtle body.

Remembering your truth from beyond time.

Soul memory is the memory beyond time, which we can connect to at the end and beginning of personal cycles, for this is when small portals open for us to access TIME beyond the time we normally think of as time.

Today is a good day for transcendental freedom.

1 comment:

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