Monday, 17 July 2017

9 Water

A good day for conscious cleansing of the soul. A poignant day.

Today is a day of transcendent awakening and soulful reminiscences; a day to give thanks, blessings and make offerings. If deep and possibly disturbing feelings emerge today, change the muddy waters by transcending the disturbance and by moving into stillness, through feeling that which is good in your life, right now, as it is.

You can regain the peace in your soul and the balance in your psyche quite quickly today by tuning into gratitude. What are you grateful for?

The story we have of ourselves underpins our reality experience; it contextualizes the physical world, technology and the total social arena.

We are not immune to the total environment – and that situation then seeps into our lives in unique, localized and personal ways. Our own small changes and our intimate struggles mirror the profound change of a species transition.

So we have to come back to the moment and be in our own situation with a heightened sense of gratitude, patience and humility for our life as it stands. Give thanks for your life.

Today is a day to reclaim lost feelings and lost soul... 

[Extra text added by Laurence on 9 Water of 13 February 2016, but still relevant today:]
Pluto in Capricorn (2007–2023 approximately) is all about deep profound and total change, the evolution of our whole culture. Transformation on this scale requires a journey to the depth of the unconscious and the radical revision of human origins, our concept of evolution and our concept of the cosmos — in other words, a whole new meta-myth for the human species. This will be a slow transformation, but an inevitable evolutionary transformation nonetheless.

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