Friday, 28 July 2017

7 Flower (Sun, Lord)

Harmonic Resonance with Your Divine Light
A day of feeling the resonance with the subtle light. The frequency of light you are attuned to could come in many forms – ancestral guidance, simple radiance, a sense of power, an opening of the heart.

To feel resonant, keep the day as simple as possible, if you can. Do not be tempted to expend it all; stay sensitized and allow the natural flowering to occur and you will shine where it is appropriate.

A day where your divinity is empowered.

Express your sovereignty easily; be in your authority naturally.

Graphic by Laurence, based on his original artwork, 'Nature Intelligence'

[Extra Message from Laurence, extracted from a post on 7 Flower of 10 Nov 2016, but still relevant today:]
The people cannot look to government if they want to change the world – the change HAS to be about consciousness, research, awareness, investigation, small gatherings and grassroots systemic consciousness from the space of stillness of mind.

When change happens to an individual, he or she can often regress to old coping mechanisms. This is what is happening now on a collective level. The old theatre is completely finished; there is no return. But the world will try everything to find the solution in the old ways, just as any individual does when in crisis.

Do not look to the masses or the system, come back to centre and do not let your buttons be pushed.

[Note: Laurence wrote this in response to the 2016 US presidential election and the general sense of negativity in the socioeconomic and political world today, as a reminder to us of our own instinctive intelligence and our ability to evolve in a new way, as sovereign individuals.]

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