Friday 28 January 2022

1 Serpent

[Friday 28 January 2022]

A new 13-day timewave starts today – Serpent (Snake or Chicchan).

Composite created by Carey,
using ouroborus found on google

The Life Force timewave of Serpent begins today. Feel the frequency of survival, sex and power.

A good opportunity to engage with the essential life force in your body, to master some survival issues and to understand the power you have over your life.

Power up your life and vitality, but don’t overpower others.

Lilith (1887)
by John Collier

Our natural instincts can inform our intuition. But do not let instincts rule your mind or feelings.

Instead, allow the instinctive, natural vitalising fecundity of your Serpent energy to feed you with confidence, to guide you and to turn up the volume of that which supports your life and enables you to flourish.

An Ayahuasca Journey
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