Saturday 8 January 2022

7 Serpent

[Saturday 8 January 2022]

Confidence in Your Power; Be Respectful of Power 

Feel the confidence to change and break free from outworn patterns. Come into alignment and move with the Life Force.

Waking Up the Life Force, by LjL

The Life Force wakes up in the body and enlivens your whole psyche.

Today is a day of activation, where you receive the electrical stimulation of the Life Force, giving you vitality and enabling a fresh perspective on what you want and need in order to survive and flourish.

Photo by Carey

It is a good day to understand the dynamics of power, both on personal and social levels. Feel your power, respect it and respect the principle of power without fear.

Today offers the opportunity to break free from any outmoded power plays that you utilise with others, or which are placed upon you by others.

Composite created by Carey
using central image of 'We Can Do It!
Second World War Rosie the Riveter Poster',
free clipart from here

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