Thursday 13 January 2022

12 Dog

[Thursday 13 January 2022]

Today is a good day for a fresh understanding of your emotional needs.

My beloved dogs Chocolate and Sambal (RIP),
at Secret Rock

The 12th day of every 13-day timewave (also called a 'Wavespell' by José Argüelles) offers a coherent understanding of that particular mini-cycle. This is especially true on an emotional level with 12 Dog, the 12th day of the Storm Timewave.

If you have been experiencing a dissolution of all of the foundations of your reality, if you have broken free of habitual thinking and mechanised needs, then you have run into the edge of the Matrix. Where do you go from there? Back into society, relationships and the immediacy of nurture and comfort.

Nougat, my beloved 'feline dog',
with our teddy Whitstable,
given to me by my beloved humans,
LjL and Oceana

In the Storm Timewave, you may have been traversing at speed through multiple paradigms and theatres, experiencing, touching base or getting a whiff of occulture, mysticism, futurism, love, community, technology or the manner of the diversity that exists within your life.

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On this day of 12 Dog, it can all fit together into your expanding holism by coming back to the basic emotional level of need.

Today, ask yourself ‘What do I need?’

Today offers the opportunity to connect to your growing consciousness of the benevolent, wondrous and light-filled totality of life as something you can feel and relate to. Today, you can feel a sense of companionship with many beings.

Beautiful photo of rare friendship
between a female grey wolf and a male brown bear,
by Finnish photographer Lassi Rautiainen.
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