Sunday 16 January 2022

2 Reed (Skywalker)

[Sunday 16 January 2022]

The duality of Earth and Heaven, of body and mind, of the cosmic and the mundane. Span the great divide with your mind and consciousness.

Created by Carey

Hold within your being the energy of the question, ‘How do I unite that which is above with that which is below?’

Connecting Heaven and Earth
 'The World Tree', illustration
by Augustus Knapp,
for The Secret Teachings of All Ages
by Manly Palmer Hall, 1928

Dualities can tear us apart, until we are ready to feel and experience the unity that inherently underpins and overlights them.

Recognise duality today, yet search for the unification. This is a challenge –  but the discomfort of the challenge stands at the threshold of the Oneness. Be with the pull of opposites without surrendering to either one; hold the space.

Uniting Heaven and Earth
  Original image from here,
layered in Photoshop

A good day to enjoy the contrast between Heavenly aspirations and inspirations, and the visceral delights of the body and nature.

Thanks to Annie Knibb

[And here is a link that Laurence liked to post on 2 Reed, very well worth listening to!
UUTAi Oleana]

Olena UUTAi,
Blessing of Nature

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