Thursday 10 February 2022

1 Obsidian (Mirror, Flint)

[Thursday 10 February 2022]

A new 13-day timewave begins today: Obsidian (aka Obsidian Mirror, Flint or Etznab).

Composite created by Carey
using images found on google,
including Aztec mirror that passed into the
possession of Elisabethan court alchemist and astrologer John Dee.
Now in the collection of the British Museum (from here)

In this 13-day period, look at the shadow with a clear perception. When you look into the smoking mirror, keep looking through the clouds until you find the clear sky.

The world reflects ourselves back to us, revealing a semblance of the totality of our desires and inner feelings. This timewave will reveal the shadow of your life – and it is a challenge to accept that which you see.

Image originally found on google

However, the greatest challenge is to not see the fuzzy distortion of the shadow as the whole truth – it is just part of the truth. The light, the bright, the good and the beautiful are more powerful and more pertinent to life.

Detail from 'First Day of Creation'
(1870-1876), by Edward Burne Jones

You are not your shadow, so do not identify with it. Accept the shadow of your relationships, your culture and your world as aspects, forces and elements that make up the entirety of your reality.

Acceptance is Love. See the shadow, then look beyond it, because the shadow is also illusory from the perspective of unity consciousness.

Image found on google

The opportunity afforded in this timewave is to be brave enough to open the heart that bit wider, with intelligence.

Detail from 'The Crystal Ball' (1902)
by John William Waterhouse
(although I confess I have altered her crystal ball
slightly, so that it is now Obsidian)

Open, accept and increase your connection to the essential awesome nature of life.

This amazing aerial photograph of shadows cast by camels
walking through the desert beautifully illustrates Laurence’s
reminder that ‘You are not your shadow.’
The black ‘camels’ are in fact shadows,
while the actual camels are little more than slim blonde lines.
Taken by National Geographic photographer
George Steinmetz in 2005, from here

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