Wednesday 16 February 2022

7 Lizard (Seed)

[Wednesday 16 February 2022. FULL MOON 16:59 UTC/GMT (tomorrow 00:56 HK time)]

A day of harmonic resonance with your Master Template, your essential Divine Intent, your Life Purpose.

Seed of Life
Created by Carey using image found on google

Today offers you a reflection of the basic intelligence – or the Divine Matrix for Life – throughout existence.

You can tune into an aspect of your life purpose (or a general sense of your soul intention) by observing the underlying gnosis you feel during the day. Trust the connections you see, for they represent this unique matrix; however, do not over-interpret the future unfoldment of how the seed will grow.

Image found on google

Enjoy the sense of harmony you feel with the inherent intelligence of life and, more specifically, with the ever-present original intent for your life.

Lizards can regenerate lost body parts, as the template of their bodies are particularly powerful. You can similarly restore the template of your life today, to some degree.

Image found on google

The space you created yesterday allows for the light of the seed or template for your life, encoded before incarnation, to shine through. The seed of your life can be seen in a general sense through what is reflected to you from dreams or from the external world.

The resonance with your template will create the urge to move beyond the white noise and the distractions that have moved your life away from the potential of the original implicit purpose you were born with.

Just be conscious of that fact. Do not get into frustration; just be in resonance with the ever-present seed for your life.

Composite created by Carey,
using Laurence's painting
'Consciousness and the Plasma Brain',
overlaid with an image of the planets

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 7 Lizard/Seed:]

Once into the womb, the house, the inner sanctum that is a fractal of the universal mystery (yesterday being a Foredawn/House day), today (7 Lizard/Seed), the Seed of Light appears as if by magic, through a resonance with the intelligent plan of Life.

I feel it fitting to reproduce this page today,
taken from the handbook for our Life Purpose workshops,
to help illustrate the texture and energy of 7 Lizard.
I have also added this page as a downloadable high-res PDF file
in Laurence's portal website, under the section entitled 'More'.
You are welcome to download this for your own personal use.

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