Thursday 17 February 2022

8 Serpent

[Thursday 17 February 2022. FULL MOON 00:56 HK time]

Hold steady.

Composite created by Carey,
using ouroborus image found on google

Bringing intelligence into form requires daily discipline. Our intentions, desires and goals come with the challenge of living them day by day, paying the price to be paid and sustaining them long after the excitement has worn off.

The impermanence of excitement leads us to novelty addiction and confusion about what we actually want, as well as an apathy regarding what we really need, due to the effort and illusory nature of all form, as well as the dissatisfaction we sometimes feel about what we get.

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All entities are responsible through universal decree for their own survival and flowering. Survival and the perpetual game of creating one’s life could be viewed as a monotony.

However, the enlightening truth is that life is a constant celebration.

Today, make the effort to emotionally commit to keeping your party rocking through accepting that you need what you need.

Keep Your Party Rocking, LjL style!
Composite created by Carey