Saturday 5 February 2022

9 Reed (Skywalker)

[Saturday 5 February 2022]

Allow the mind its freedom to explore potentials concerning your needs.

Wake Up to Your Power
Composite created by Carey,
featuring an ouroboros drawing by LjL

On Day 9 of the Serpent Timewave, we are guided towards and can directly experience the truth that a more fruitful survival in this realm requires some investment of energy, so that we can understand the future we are projecting into existence from this moment – the timeline.

Also today, allow the mind to ask questions and store those questions in the subconscious; know that you are creating answers in your future.

The abstract and free-associating aspects of our mind are not confined to three dimensions, nor to the immediate events of our life. The higher mind creates subtle structures of thought that are multidimensional, existing in translinear time.

Your thoughts feed the Noosphere; the Noosphere feeds your mind.

Feeding the Noosphere
Composite created by Carey,
using multiple layers and various images
found on google

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 9 Reed, on the subject of power:]

Going Deeper

The Serpent Timewave gives us the opportunity to reconnect to the power of life and, in so doing, we are given the choice to exercise power according to free will. Today is a good day to wake up to your power.

Power is often associated with abuse and therefore we fear it. Respect power and be guided by the need of the whole human species, which is that we – you and me, the average human being – are now meant to be gracefully in our power. This does not mean you become a shouter, an angry debater, a pumped-up alpha male, or a ball-crushing devouring goddess.

The extent that we have given our power away is the extent that we have disconnected from the serpent-reptilian life force, our lizard brain, kundalini and survival instinct, the sex force, the evolutionary impulse and the fundamental vitalising component of this Earthly domain.

Image by Mary Clanahan, from
'How to Make Friends with Your Reptilian Brain'

In the world today, the automated reptilian energy has manifested as externalised forms, such as the technology of computers. The reptile force, the life force, is an automaton that is meant to be directed by consciousness. In the same way, the computer – like the rational mind – is a tool and is not designed to be our master.

Also, our unclaimed life force has manifested a reptilian power élite, whose existence is partially in the transdimensional realms and who are attempting to enslave humanity through automated default technologies, such as in a computer-chipped population, or as psychic food through the constant triggering of fear.

Composite created by Carey,
using a graphic by LjL
and an image found on google

I do not think the dystopian vision will fully manifest, but the fact that the externalised matrix is now evident as a real possibility prompts us to rise above the default options on reality that are being presented via the media and scientism...

... and, by doing so, we are then prompted to go to the next level, where we recognise that the snake, the reptile, is not the enemy, for it exists within us all and it is our responsibility to reclaim our power – quite simply, as it turns out, through our body connection.

Technology Brain
Composite created by Carey
using images found on google

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