Friday, 31 July 2009

One Wind Saturday 1st August

Get ready, a new time wave begins........the wind activates, the breath of the divine will send you a message today.
Polarizing to push you further,sometimes we have to see the world in black and white.
A timewave of powerful messaging, twittering, phoning, emailing and the spoken word.
Do those yogic breathing exercices.

13 Crocodile Friday 31st July

Surrender to life today and it should treat you well. The Cosmic Mother force strong it is.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

12 Sun or Flower Thursday 30th July

The understanding of soulfulness is available today, a good day to express the subtle, to write poetically yet with meaning

11 Storm Wednesday 29th

The solidity of yesterday is released, turgid emotions are shaken off, you can feel energized and open new doors

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

10 Mirror or Obsidian Tuesday 28th

The world appears as a solid hologram reflecting your inner feelings. A good day to understand the power of our projection.

Monday, 27 July 2009

9 Earth mover Caban Monday 27th

awaken to the changes that rumble in the soul

8 Warrior or Vulture Sunday 26th July

Commitment to your role in the matrix as defined by the last timewave

7 Eagle Saturday 25th July

move into resonance today with the mind of the world, see the potential of the internet and world wide telepathic web

6 Jaguar Friday 24th July

the feeling self is an instinctive self prowling the unseen environment of the world soul

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

4 Human or Grass 22nd July

A major eclipse today will overshadow the mayan day or perhaps increase its presence?

A day of collective feeling, so probably we can say the shared experience of so many people in Asia being able to view this event will increase the awareness of the human mass. We will feel part of the human collective ocean.

3 Monkey Tuesday 21st July

For me the day started with an amazing lucid dream of floating across the land in a way that felt like running without running, this speaks to me of the energy of dreams and how they affect our real world. The dream experience felt so familiar and real.

Monday, 20 July 2009

2 Dog Monday 20th july

The duality of feeling of Soul manifests in the realm of relationship, this is challenging of course, but also gives the beauty of contrast. Feel beneath the surface of opposition.

Sometimes two can people can act as one and look out together into the world.

I Moon or Water Sunday 19th July

The new time wave brings us into the deepest and most subtle feelings, the soulful and the ethereal. Appropriately Wednesday we have an eclipse here in Asia. The teaching of Muluc (Mayan name)is how to be in the flow of life's energies, to surrender and feel and thereby be connected to the river of life.

13 Rabbit Saturday

Truth is everywhere in everyone and everything. A realization that you are radiating your story, your perception and your take on the world into the universal sea of light

Friday, 17 July 2009

12 Hand or Deer Friday 17th July

A great day to feel balanced between reason and intuition, a day where you can hold the essence of your truth in your hand. The essence can be held, but of course lightly without clenching. Feel the breeze whilst enjoying a sense of having a firm foundation rooted in the ineffable.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

11 Skull Thursday 16th July

Examine your life without sentiment exploring two opposite viewpoints of who you are and what you will become, a day you can enjoy the liberation that comes from accepting that whatever scenario manifests or is true of you it does not matter on a deep level and you are free. You are free to be whatever is.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

10 Serpent Wednesday 15th July

The body is the foundation for confidence and living a life that is based on truth and being true to your personal axioms. Listen to your body and what it needs.

9 Lizard Tuesday 14th

An old intention is reawakened, a plan from the past based on your real needs is either implemented or actively embraced

Monday, 13 July 2009

8 Dark House Monday 13th July 2009

Commit to the empty space you created in the last timewave, the Dark House timewave 23rd June-5th July. Trust in the benevolence of the void as an invitation to new energy that secures you in your authenticity

Sunday, 12 July 2009

7 Wind Sunday 12th July

move into resonance with the unsentimental narrator in the air today. Life is always talking to us and through us, even if we spin it and filter it through our own ego. Today the magic arises through hearing a colder, even harsher appraisal of our life.

Listen to it, although it may appear unkind at first, hidden between the lines of the message you receive is a truth that can activate something magical.

6 Crocodile Saturday

a day that offers nurturing through learning acceptance of the ever changing life flow.
Your truth can never be permanent but it is your truth for now.

Friday, 10 July 2009

5 Flower Friday 10th July

The light of your centre shines from your heart, open your heart and vitalize your truth with light, prana and subtle energy. Add power to your truth without concerning yourself with mental chatter, get into the feeling.

A flower is a temporary celebration of the eternal beauty of the soul, both impermanent in form yet timeless in truth

4 Storm Thursday

A day with something new in it that challenges you to remain true to your truth, your way of life and your purpose. The challenge then strengthens your foundation. We can not have it all, life is about choice, not all experiences are appropriate to us.

See your life for what it is. Face it without judgment.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

3 Mirror Wednesday 8th July

The mind reflects upon its reflection. Be conscious of the temporary nature of thoughts, feel the energy behind the ricochet of thoughts. 360 degrees of knowledge is required for enlightenment, the mind does one small piece at a time seeing just a few degrees of the curve of a sphere. See all angles without coming to a conclusion.

2 EarthMover

Challenge of two dynamic impulses moving in opposite directions, we want this and that, give me cake, let me eat it

Monday, 6 July 2009

1 Warrior or Vulture Monday 6th July

The new timewave asks you and gives you the opportunity to be true to yourself. Strength of mind is needed and resolve is rewarded. Allow the beam of light, like a lazor, invite in a coherent light source from the top of your head down through your central column and into the ground.

13 Eagle Sunday 5th July

The mind is scattered but in a good way as a wide spectrum awareness opens the consciousness

Saturday, 4 July 2009

12 Jaguar Saturday

understanding the underworld within you and within the world

11 Skywalker Friday

doors to the sky open, looking down from beyond at your life

10 Human Thursday

a tangible sense of solidity based on in being the cup or container for consciousness

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

9 Monkey Wednesday

will write about the gameplay of this day at the end of my day, I want to see how it plays out
it played out as recognizing that Monkey trickster equates with the dirty games of the world and human nature and how we are challenged to not take them too seriously