Wednesday, 30 September 2009

9 Wind Wednesday 30th September

can you hear that booming voice within you telling you to speak or write with surety...from deep within you a decisive uncompromising activating force is either welling up or surging to the surface of your psyche

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

8 Crocodile Tuesday 29th September

Nurturing yourself and others is the commitment to accept.

Healing superstars?

One of the myths of the new age is that to heal ourselves means to rid ourselves of our stuff.
I suggest Healing actually means acceptance, accepting the levels of ones being, you were child and now you have an inner child I don’t care if you are a world leader, a guru, a political journalist or a hard nosed scientist, that brat still lives within.
The healing is the acceptance and that means we do not need to be ruled by all the lower levels of our psyche.

7 Sun or Flower Monday 28th September

6 Storm Sunday 27th September

5 Mirror Saturday 26th September

Staying centred in your radiance whilst surrounded by the darkness.

"Though I walk through the valley of shadows"

What do we see when we look out into the world with the penetrating x-ray eyes of a cat, we see the dark agendas, the lower spectrum frequencies, yet we know that this is just part of the terrain we walk through, not the whole of the environment.

so for example there is a world of conspiracy, its not the biggest truth it does not have all the power but the agenda of human enslavement exists within the collective unconscious and is manifest through certain individuals.

You probably have heard of the over arching conspiracy theory, its goes something like this...

there is an ancient bloodline connection to a reptilian based alien elite who wish to enslave humanity utilizing humans who carry the blue cold blood of their stock...

and together with/or

the New World Order actually voiced by Presidents and Prime ministers is to create a corporatocracy based global government that will subdue humanity through its chemistry, with the liberal dosing of dangerous pharmaceuticals, especially immunizations against sparrow flu or whatever scary virus is in fashion, additives in food and through the chem trails in the sky (yes they do exist)make organic food and supplements difficult to obtain...and there's more...the new world order will continue to manipulate the media which is 80 percent in its pocket, control both sides of the political divide, create problems then provide the restraints on human liberty through draconian law, ridicule truth seekers, continue to spread fear about terrorists etc etc...

now the secret societies do exist and there are cover ups like 9-11, weapons of mass destruction, or the UFO phenomenon Roswell area 51 etc and yes there are assassinations of difficult politicians, use of psychics for all sorts of dubious reasons by the military, free clean energy technology is suppressed, I could go on...

when we walk around in our everyday world this whole scenario just sounds like a b-movie fantasy

NOW.... However, the frequency and impulse that conspiracy theory talks about does exist...its part of the polarity of the human psyche...can you look at it, accept its existence, recognize the game is on.... without being hooked too deeply or handing your power over to it...the light is stronger

we also have this within us all, can you accept your shadow but know that your totality is love

If you can, then you are one of the most valuable commodities of the 21st century an obsidian warrior shaman in disguise...Planet Earth 2012 "Game On"

Thursday, 3 September 2009

4 Earthmover Friday 25th September

The basic imprint of the evolutionary agenda in your life and in life in general is present in this day. Life is forever changing. Today you can recognize how the tectonic plates of reality are constantly moving and sliding.

The 260 day pulse reveals the Galactic pulse on Earth

The associations of the Gregorian Calendar with its 24 hour clock, 7 day week and 12 Months are weaving solid baskets of thought all around us, can you walk in this contextual structure and yet awaken to the numinous potency of the 260 day vibration?

3 Warrior or Vulture Thursday 24th september

a day you can feel your power energizing you, you feel strong and confident if you get connected to the Mayan frequency today

2 Eagle Wednesday 23rd September

dual visions compete in your soul, 2 futures present themselves

1 Jaguar Tuesday 22nd September

13 days of Catlike instinctive direction begins today....are you riding the waves?
feel the way the energy of the Mayan Calendar shifts from one cosmic coordinate to another, teaching you how to shift your assemblage point (Toltec Shamanism)

13 Skywalker Monday 21st September

I am on Holiday but here are keynotes for the whole timewave, so scrolldown as it is published 13 days ahead

the mind feels scattered, the higher mind feels free to roam in all directions...observe the abstract, welcome bizarre thoughts as they push the boundaries of your consciousness deep within the Earth and way out into space, cosmically intoxicating and just a little disturbing maybe but ultimately freeing

accidental genius

12 Human Sunday 20th september

a day of understanding that is open ended, rather than conclusive...enjoy the journey of insights as the adventure unfolds

11 Monkey Saturday 19th September

trickery and cosmic humour force you to play whether you want to or not, see the funny side

10 Dog Friday 18th September

have a party, a day of communal emotive connection

9 Moon or Water Thursday 17th September

a day of transcendent awakening and soulful reminiscences

8 Star or Rabbit Wednesday 16th September

let go of your precious ideals to commit to the surface, the superficial and what might appear inane....surprising enjoyment and release from hard work, make it easy for gods sake

7 Hand or Deer Tuesday 15th September

come into resonance with the harmonics of the day, tune into different frequencies by being flexible and strong enough to adapt

6 Skull Monday 14th September

a day of mini chapters

5 Serpent Sunday 13th September

stay centred in the body and allow its vitality to direct you

3 Dark Night or House Friday 11th September

energy in the house, a good day for social triangles and to see what mysterious emergence results in the middle of 3 people

2 Wind 10th September Thursday

A day of black and white divisions, opposites and the clarity of knowing what you like and what you don't

I Crocodile Wednesday 9th September

pay homage to the Goddess, the nurturing mother has a dark side, the feminine can devour, she has our respect

A new time wave begins, rumbling into reality yet offering profound food for your soul, enjoy the natural world today open to the way that life always takes care of us

13 Sun or Flower Tuesday 8th September

A day of dissipative light, release all heaviness, gravitas or profundity and feel the graceful emanation of energy of today.......... soft focus

12 Storm Monday 7th September

the self organizing intelligence of your complex life appears before you, see the coherence of or from your randomness

10 Earthmover saturday 5th september

something new and different materializes today, this is a small piece of starlight that has appeared before you

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

8 Eagle Thursday 3rd September

the dreamseeds I talked about yesterday are tangible potentials in the etheric psyche of our planet beyond human more animistic and devic, not accessible via ordinary clairvoyance whereas Eagle 8 talks of the immanent matrix of the sky and stratosphere whereby the potentials are selected, refined
and choices are committed to...the commitment is made in the imagination and the perceptional realms where collective human consciousness meets Earth mind

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

6 Skywalker 1st September

A day where the energy moves from one thing to another, you may skim from person to person, event to event detached but conscious with an overlighting intelligence