Saturday, 31 March 2012

12 Eagle Saturday 31 March 2012

Today is a good day for perspective. Your perception will be connected to real human issues, to normal everyday living, yet with the benefit of an elevated view.

The 12th day of all timewaves brings us some understanding, on a linear-mind level, of the whole timewave and its theme, its reason and teachings.

Eagle means that this mental understanding is through the Eagle's vision. Eagle sees the whole world, but then focuses on one particular point on the ground in great detail. Eagle is powerful yet compassionate and is able to hone in on that which is relevant.

Today, stay in the worldly realm of the skies and the hills -- don't go skywalking far out in the cosmos, stay within the Earthly realms -- then see what catches your eye on the ground. Focus upon that detail for it will reveal the intelligence that is inherent within this timewave and will nourish you will an understanding of relevance that you can share.

An extremely powerful day of pertinent vision connected to to your emotions.

picture of Eagle eye from here

Thursday, 29 March 2012

11 Jaguar Friday 30 March, 2012

Stalking the doorway where energy enters...

Modify ideas with instinct...

On the frequency of the Mayan Calendar, 11 days always somewhat dissolve the structure we tuned into or found on 10 days.

As you follow the timewave, you get to see how the rhythm moves you first one direction, then another; into one archetype, then on to another, bringing you into contact with the dancing Kaleidoscopic nature of the Galactic frequency as viewed and experienced from Earth.

Today, being the day of the Jaguar with day number 11, brings a consciousness and quality to the day that, at least to some extent, allows you to feel more clearly the transparency of your ideas and the energy behind them. This can be quite disconcerting on one hand, but beyond that, if you look further through the dissolution, the benevolence of life in all its glorious mystery is revealed.

Jaguar’s expression is instinctive and occult. Jaguar is happy to roam in the darkness of the mysteries. The Jaguar is the shaman/woman and protector of the shadowy earthly realms; call upon Jaguar today to dissolve negative unseen energy.

10 Reed or Skywalker, Thursday 29 March 2012

Ideas from Heaven meet ideas from Earth.

A day where you see the structure of your higher mind processes. The 10th day of the Lizard timewave allows you to see the present state of your overmind, your higher thought forms.

An overview idea that has arisen from your intention meets and meshes with the descending ideas from your abstract ethereal template.

The seed energy of this timewave solidifies into a thought form, from which an aspect of your reality will manifest later on down the line.

Today, see the new program or programs you have created within your psyche from your recent intentions, either consciously or inadvertently.

See how your life situation as it stands is a product of your previous ideas, the ideas that stuck.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

8 Monkey, Tuesday 27 March 2012

Monkey is also known as "artisan" to the Maya.

Today is a day to commit to your creative projects, to see the creative potentials in your work and to not take your commitments seriously. Still commit, but take it lightly.

Monkey 8 is a day of commitment with humour. Allow the spontaneous to enter into your activities without destroying the essential intent.

The 2012 Era and the Increase of Space Weather

Monkey commits to playing the game and as regards the 2012 era that means recognizing that the playing field of the world is getting stranger, more tricky, generally weirder and certainly more interesting. The shift of the 2012 era is a burgeoning consciousness that increases the recognition that Earth is a planet in space, a complex system of multiple levels of consciousness. It is a dynamic multi-tiered living organism that includes all human artifact within its self which in turn is interacting with the Solar System and Galaxy. This is in contrast to just a organic system with humans plonked on top or in contrast to the idea that reality is that which is enclosed in the collective human mind and social sphere. Reality is comprised of interlocking systems or holons that constantly open up into bigger living systems.

The shift to a planetary civilization includes recognizing our interface with space.

One example of how this is manifesting right now is the influx of high energy plasma that is arriving in our Solar system and Earth recalibrating the electro magnetic energy field. Earth quakes,strange skies, power surges and unusual emotional atmospheres

I don't know about you but over the last few years I have been noticing the special qualities of the skies, subtle light changes and provocative clouds.

We are moving into relationship with our galaxy. Earth's energy body is being recalibrated and the human species and the earth is gradually coming out of its quarantine and opening the star gates. 2012 is bringing this to the surface, and 2012 is the beginning of an acceleration towards becoming a planetary civilization.

Monday, 26 March 2012

7 Dog, Monday 26 March 2012

A good day for relationships. You can feel the resonance with others today.

7 Dog offers you the opportunity to feel how your intentions, your essential self and your life purpose resonantly fit with those of other people.

Enjoy people today. Be prepared to keep an ear open and look at people you encounter with a fresh perspective.

Through the portal of the emotional body, via uncomfortable feelings you can move into resonance with higher intelligence. Stay with any discordant emotions and feel the pain of disconnection, the flip side of this is the possibility of profound interconnected-ness with life templates and large structures of consciousness.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

6 Water or Moon, Sunday 25 March 2012

The water of purification, flow and feeling is encoded with subtle filaments of structure today. A day of releasing and dissolving blocks to reveal an underlying story that is forming in your imagination.

Sense the wholeness and geometric patterning of your soul-felt impressions. Allow yourself to follow the rhythm of the day by honouring the gentle impulses that emerge from the depths of your being, moving you from one space to another. The movement of the day paints a complete picture if you stay with it.

The painting is from here by unique artist and my good friend David Hugo Sheridan Parker.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

5 Rabbit or Star, Saturday 24 March 2012

Today is a day to be in your centre -- the space from where you emanate your light, your inner radiance.

Look all around you. Take a 360-degree view; see the full circle of your energy. You have planted seeds and set things in motion in every direction. Be in the centre and feel the creative essence that has sent ripples out in all directions. Your sound is going out like a subtle pervasive field of energy, interacting and gently colouring the whole conscious field of life.

Rabbit is the proliferation of all things in all directions -- fertility and abundance.

Or, you might feel disconnected from your centre. The key to feeling centred in the place of emanation is firstly to acknowledge and feel the pain of disconnection. Rabbit can be superficial and is easily attracted to all that appears light, bright and beautiful -- the glitz, the glamour and the obvious aesthetic. Today, you are asked to find the true beauty of the subtle immanent and all-pervasive Light.

The primal wound of disconnection from the Source and the central Light first surfaced in our awareness in early tribal culture. The primal wound is carried by the whole species, but we each feel it in a different area of our lives.

Reconnection to the Source does not involve getting rid of the wound; there can be no 'absolute' healing or total control of the psyche if we are to fully reconnect.

Live with the awareness of the subtle pain of imperfection, impermanence and the fragmentation of life without dissolving into victim-hood and you can be a conduit for the radiance.

Friday, 23 March 2012

4 Deer or Hand, Friday 23 March 2012

Today open your proverbial palm and see what you are holding. Anything that we desire too strongly would not actually satisfy us or make us happy. Grasping brings anxiety and inner torment; in the extreme, grasping creates hell and the hellish moments of life.

Happiness is the true acknowledgement of what we have. Having-ness is joy.

The Deer is powerful yet graceful and somewhat elusive. The refined consciousness of Deer requires both male and female aspects of our psyche.

Today is a day to seize the moment, to develop ideas or plans and go the next step without necessarily knowing the outcome. Take the next step then leave it at that for now.

Hold something, exercise some control, achieve something then let go, do not over run...

Thursday, 22 March 2012

3 Skull, Thursday 22 March 2012

A good day to make many small decisions. Be ruthless if necessary. "Get real."

Be energized with the vitality of this day through those little completions; cut off and restart, clarify your life through the ability to release clutter and distractions.

Edit your life.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

2 Serpent, Wednesday 21 March 2012

The 2nd day of each timewave presents the duality that exists within that specific timewave. The challenges of survival and making a living can come to the fore today -- the issues of health versus money.

It can be a challenging day, or just a day of opposites. 2 Serpent represents the dual impulses of the life force inherent within all growth -- security as opposed to the urge to grow.

Allow the two forces to be. Feel the creative tension that builds, as this is your power, which you will soon be able to harness.

If you feel tense, be sure to get into the body today. Move and dance.

1 Lizard, Tuesday 20 March 2012

The Lizard or Seed timewave gives you the opportunity to be centred in your essential template, which is the subtle manifest form of your divine essence as expressed in this life. Your template holds the basic intention for your life, your dharma and the structure within which your freewill operates. Your intentions for different aspects of your life are the seeds that you generate within your mind and imagination; the more aligned you are with your master template the more effective your intentions are.

Lizards enjoy the abundance of the Sun. They are masters at storing the Sun's energy, just like the seed does. Seed is the living example of universal abundance. Every seed contains a life, every living thing produces seeds in outrageous amounts. Nature does not adhere to "one plus one equals two" -- the totality of life is not just the sum of its parts, but an ever-expanding proliferation of life.

Absorb the light of the Sun consciously today to enhance your awareness of your divine intelligence. Recognize that light carries the seed for all manifest form --  it is intelligent -- and in so doing, you increase the connection to your master template.

This next 13-day timewave gives you the opportunity to plant many seeds for your life.

Seed people are community networkers, as each seed is both separate unto itself yet embodying the morphogenic field to which it belongs. Connect to your resonant energy fields, for they extend beyond the limits of your mind. Human intentions only grow and fully flower in the fecundity of community.

Today, just start with the simplicity of recognizing that there is a template of your being and for your life.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

13 Dark Night, Monday

Surrender to the mystery and feel into the creative imperative that propels you through life within the kaleidoscopic space of creation

12 Wind

Clear messages from people and the environment today that enable you to understand that life is a game, life is an artform.

11 Crocodile, Saturday

Normal service will be resumed shortly, I am travelling around and have limited internet for a couple more days...

Friday, 16 March 2012

10 Flower, Sun or Lord, Friday 16 March

A day of manifest light.The Monkey timewave manifests with the light within the trickster, which is humour with grace, the radiance of the heart opening.

When the face is lit up with a smile, the light of the sun can be seen.

Today is all about smiling.

That does not necessarily mean grinning with recognition at everyone you pass in town today... it could be a song or a dance that brings a deep smile to your face.

Smile with the recognition of your divinity and the blessing of being sovereign of your personal reality. Be conscious of natural light today; today is a day when the subtle creative light of existence, the wholly affirmative energy within life, manifests and is easily accessible through the agency of natural manifest light.

Monkey tells us that life is drama, full of dark humour, paradox and trickery, and that the key to playing the game successfully with a positive attitude requires that we draw upon the light.

Today, bring more light into your being by smiling.

Going Deeper...2012 and Beyond

The Flower is the manifestation of a plant celebrating life. The plant synthesizes light directly to sustain itself. We, on the other hand, in our present state of evolution require the synthesized light that we get through eating plants. However can we also synthesize light directly from the solar radiation that infuses the atmosphere. I think we are already doing that to a certain extent and that the body can synthesize vitamins and minerals from the atmosphere.

The light from the Sun is encoded with all the energy information for life on Earth and that includes our consciousness. Higher levels of consciousness within us equate to and draw upon the unseen light from the Galactic Core and all of the Stars that surround us. Beyond that our higher levels of consciousness have resonance or are sourced by Galaxies all over the universe, the universe itself and then the light of the Multiverse.

The Moon also plays an important role in transducing light, by reflecting the Sun and in effect enabling us to reflect upon ourselves through our feelings. The planets in the Solar System also transduce light into different frequencies. The Solar System is mostly made up of space that is contained within the auric field of the Sun—the Suns influence, which extends out to the Ooort cloud. Space is actually filled with Plasma, which is the fundamental state of matter, a kind of liquid gas with very strange properties. Scientists have found that plasma exhibits signs of being a life form, in laboratory conditions it has been found that two plasma fields can communicate and reproduce. The movements of the planets through the Sun’s plasma ocean (the Solar System) change the symphony, the arrangement of frequencies. This is the basis for astrology.

Hero twins from Mayan mythology symbolizing Duality in Mayan lore.
by Luz-Maria Lopez

The hero twins in the the Popul Vuh, the Mayan ‘bible’, defeat the Lords of Darkness by playfulness, humour and wile. The Hero twins are Monkeys, or embody Monkey consciousness. Monkey teaches us that life is a game and that as a new level of the game opens up for us the experience of the world at first appears strange. Strangeness is novelty; novelty is the result of greater complexity, which is to say that as the contextual environment of life expands we are exposed to newness, unique combinations of all that which went before. All of this though, this novelty, was always encoded in the source, the light source.

The Lords of Darkness live in the Underworld, the Mayans say that Xilbabe Be is the gateway to the underworld. Xibalbe Be in the heavens above is the Dark Rift of the Galaxy that lies close to the Nuclear bulge of the Galactic Centre. The Winter Solstice Sun has been aligning with Xibalbe Be, (also known as the mouth of the Crocodile) since around 1980 and will finish this alignment by around 2016. The 2012 era as suggested by the Galactic Astrological alignment is about entering into the Underworld (a place of darkness, which just means unconsciousness, that which is presently unconscious) before we can access the Galactic Light Source of Galactic Centre—and awaken to a whole new level of reality.

The new level of reality is where we once again become conscious that we live on a planet that is journeying through the Cosmos. We will reconnect to the realm of the stars (in the upcoming future) with a much more complex environment than we had before civilization developed. Reality evolves through developing more levels within itself, more frequencies, as it expands context.

Today is Flower 10, the Monkey manifests as the ability to draw light directly from source within the dark and unknown chapters of life. Monkey says that the rules of life are forever changing and that we can play and should play by our own rules when the situation demands it.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

9 Storm, Thursday 15 March 2012

The Mayan sacred calendar measures a different but ever-present realm; it is the layer of the tapestry of reality that connects the Earth, Nature and the human world with the greater cosmos and this day is a wake-up day.

A day of realization -- not a rational understanding, but a soul-felt liberating connection, a memory from the future. A reminder that you were meant to drop that 'thing' you had already planned to let go of, or to break out of 'this'.

A sudden bolt of lightening acts to cleanse, purge, purify and catalyse you. This could include meeting some strange but familiar person.

A good day to feel the spirit of freedom that lives within you.

Storm 9, a day to be alert to a peak experience as a hole in time opens up in the most unexpected place and in the most unexpected moment.

2012 and the Descension of the Nine Support Gods

The Maya of today are a beautiful people who have gone through much hardship and suffering. Within their population there are shamans who keep the days and are connected to the wisdom of the Earth. There are also visionaries, intellectuals and intuitives who have something to say about 2012 that the modern Maya have not contributed.

My visit in 1996-7 with my girlfriend of the time was an extraordinary experience for me where I absorbed the essence of the land and the consciousness that is encoded into the sacred sites. I also felt a deep appreciated for the heart of the modern people. Since then I have been studying, following the days and tuning into the consciousness of the Ancient Maya as best as I can.

The date is an artifact of the Mayan Long Count Calendar which seems to have been developed in what is known as the Classic Period. The roots of development are both hinted at and shrouded by the work academia, ethnologists and archaeologists.

The period 200 or 300-600 AD shows a rapid development of culture, the middle of this epoch in the 7th Century shows an extraordinary flowering. We can not encapsulate the nature of the culture easily.

John Major Jenkins has done a profound study of the calendar, the culture, and its mythos revealing that advanced astronomical information is encoded into their archaeology, myth and custom.

How much of the information that we glean is deliberate and how much is implicit?

This is not an easy question to answer but it looks to be a mix.

What can be said is that the culture during the Classic Period had a unusually passionate focus creating hundreds of pyramids, it was a highly ritualistic culture that eventually decayed. The level of inspirational download that was achieved is very hard for us to imagine, a whole culture relatively cut off from other influences was able to receive direct galactic consciousness, a download encoded with implicit information. The period was unusual, some of it will have been lost to the Maya themselves and much of it would be intuitive rather than deducted. We are basically decoding their inspiration, they had knowledge as well of course, but the information that is inherent is still being decoded now and after 2012.

Lord Jaguar according to the detailed research of John Major Jenkins was born around November 28 or November 30, 612 AD and if this is true his astrology data reveals that he had a striking resonance with the astrology chart of 11:11 21.12.2012. He left us a prophecy at Tortuguero that is tied to this date; this is the only specific mention we have of the exact date, the translation of which is slightly ambiguous. It goes something like this…

…and then it will happen, the nine support gods (who are also one god Bolon Yokte’ K’uh) will descend

The Maya use poetic word play and Bolon is interchangeable with Balan the Jaguar God. I agree here with John Major Jenkins wholeheartedly, the word play is part of their refined consciousness. Lord Jaguar and his priests were inspired, I suspect inflamed with a vision of the future that would have been filtered through the quality of their era.

The Jaguar is the shaman that not only walks the Earth but is a night Lord a stalker of the underworld and is tuned into and is reflecting the stellar realm, as seen on her/his fur.

The 2012 end date is the descension of cosmic consciousness, but it will take time I suspect to penetrate the wall of materialism and idealism that we have created. Behind the debates and reactionism of 2012, lies a more subtle truth.

The frequency might manifest in various ways, no doubt some dramatic events may occur (well they are already aren’t they?) but the actual refined consciousness of Earth’s connection to the cosmos will take decades to filter through. I suggest that we follow the calendar, quietly and attune ourselves to the rhythm of the gestating Earth.

It is good to research and to be engaged with the debate concerning the Maya and the 2012 phenomena but with some detachment. As the consciousness that is descending belongs to the Noosphere which emerges from and yet transcends the info-sphere of the social dialectic.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

8 Obsidian Mirror, Wednesday 14 March 2012

Energy moving towards manifestation.

Committing to the game of life requires accepting the totality that results from your desires, which includes living with the shadow of what you want. However, the price is never as high as it might seem. The shadow is a scary spectre that dissolves with the light of your courage as you open up to new dimensions.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall: Who am I?"

Today is a day where you can recognize how you are attracting what you ask for. You have the life that reflects the totality of your emanations, what you put out, and you are challenged to commit to accepting that, to seeing the shadow and the price of your desires. However, looking deeper into the smoky mirror of eternity, you will find that other worlds open up as you make the commitment.

Day 8 of the 13-day timewave is a day of balanced, controlled commitment; it is the energy of feeling prepared. Obsidian is a day of truth and surrender, of accepting the shadow and the universal reflection of one's reality at the moment. However, as we are in the Monkey timewave, there is a subtext of  "Do not get too serious or rigid with your commitment."

Surrender your emotional tightness so as to open the heart and be a divine mirror.

The Monkey knows that on each level of the game, he faces his shadow.

In so doing he is able to create, to weave new fabric into reality.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

7 Earthmover, Tuesday 13 March 2012

7 Earthmover is a high-energy day

A good day to feel a resonance or actually synchronize with the impulse of life to change towards the beneficial and the magnificent.

Take time to remind yourself and create some space to experience the fact that all of nature is alive, just like you; feel the vital fizz of life, see it all around you.

Alternatively, a day to enjoy the magical surprise of a spontaneous element that comes into your life which takes you off track -- meaning off the linear path of linear mind, so that you can integrate and synchronize with the force of evolution.

Life has an intelligence beyond our personal and immediate understanding. What gift is here for you today?

6 Owl or Vulture, Monday 12 March

Flowing strength, clear harmonics, relaxed and moving with the ebb and flow....

To be a Daykeeper means to follow the rhythm of the 260-day calendar each and every day. Slowly, patiently, receive the pulse of the vast reality beyond the mundane realm of worldly matters. The pulse resonates at the edge of the Earth's atmosphere where our planet is looking out into the depth of the cosmic ocean. Simultanously, this pulsation is immanent within all material concerns.

Today is a a day of receptive, responsive action and surrender, with an easy strength of mind. Assume a relaxed stance and be ready to respond with nobility and creativity.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

5 Eagle, Sunday 11 March 2012

A great day to see yourself in the centre of your world. The difference between being isolated and dislocated from all that circles you and being connected and engaged with your world is whether the heart is open. Keeping the heart open requires an enormous effort and diligence in the world today, for we also have to be discerning as to what and who we open up to. Utilize the clarity, compassion and precision of the Eagle to locate the most appropriate place in your world today and then apply your efforts there.

A day of empowerment. Speak from your vision, because the vision you have today is nicely centred and you are able to recognize the joy of material reality whilst holding the wisdom you have accrued.

Empower yourself with the Eagle energy today and you will attract more abundance into your life -- if not today, then soon. The clarity you have today needs to be appreciated and recognized for its magnetic ability.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

4 Jaguar, Saturday 10 March 2012

A good day to feel grounded within the matrix of the living spirits of the shamanic Earth. Allow the energy and vibrancy of the natural forces to lead you.

The creative process is a lateral process; the foundation of its energy is derived from the mystery and the muses.

The shamanic world is fully inhabited with spirits, all vying to contribute to the open channel of your psyche as you endeavour to express the moment and your state of being, whether by painting, writing, dancing or solving problems.

Today, stay relaxed so as to be alert to the relevant moments when you can achieve something. Do not try to work hard all day on something. Do not labour your projects.

Today you can create some structure in your work fairly spontaneously, but do not overrun, know when to stop and just chill.

Friday, 9 March 2012

3 Reed or Skywalker Friday 9 March 2012

A day of fresh ideas. Open yourself to the sky, send up a beam of light and receive inspiration. Open yourself to the descending guidance from higher intelligence that will be coming down into your expectant neural network.

A great day for inspirational energy comprised of abstract ideas and complex big picture patterns. The energy of Reed 3 will be illuminating and will reveal the plethora of potentials and opportunities inherent within this Monkey timewave. Appreciate the fact that the nature of the day might make it hard for to settle into one thing; accept the restlessness you feel as product of the higher or more exploratory calling you have.

Monkey is curious and inquisitive and the timewave energy sets the scene for new creative solutions to your tasks. Today, you can access the knowledge that comes from understanding cosmic forces and planetary movements. A good day for astrology.

A good day for exploring the pristine clarity of ideas unencumbered by emotions.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

2 Grass or Good Road, Thursday 8 March 2012

The challenges of our adventure on the Long Good Road of Life.

A fork in the road appears for you today with a chance to open yourself to a bigger quest.

Today, you find yourself asking "What is way ahead?" There seems to be two polarized options. In some cases, this really does mean you are seeing a complete change of direction in your future. For most people, today just presents you with two choices that are very different in a specific area of your life linked to the issue of community.

Where do you belong and how can you serve and therefore feel part of humanity?

Be as an empty cup

The wisdom of Grass is to remain open. Open your mind and allow the mind to be guided by energy and intuition. Grass is the sign of the ever-present abundance, which is found in the constant growth of nature and the totality of community. People provide your worldly abundance in the way that nature provides the fundamental abundance for humanity.

As this is the Monkey timewave, do not treat anything too seriously. Monkey says that life is art, even if the game appears tricky. If you feel a sense of overwhelming confusion, then recognize that the solution will not come from analysis. Do not take the ego seriously; Grass is a humble plant.

Open yourself, recognize that you do not have a solution in your mind, just accept and be conscious of the two paths ahead.

"A Nagual´s Dream" by Jefferson R Weekley, above

I remind you that the energy this calendar describes is rooted in the nagual. The galactic energy that infuses the Earth is a dreaming energy, accessed by the shaman. By following the 260-day pulse you are awakening your nagual, your dream self. This requires the art of seduction, without too much mentality.

A Separate Reality Digital Art by Carole Boyd below

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

1 Monkey, Wednesday 7 March 2012

Starting today, 13 days of monkeying around.

Weave some new threads into your life with playful, creative, inquisitive and, most of all, spontaneous acts. Let's break out a little with the blessings of the trickster Monkey.

Work is play and play is work. Monkey has a tricky sense of humour and challenges us to adapt. Structured plans will not stay on course or work out in a linear fashion with Monkey energy -- that can be frustrating; however, Monkey will be offering us a more creative and fun way of performing tasks and solving problems.

Stay inquisitive during these 13 days and enjoy the mischievous energy. Serious problems require our engagement, mundane issues require attention -- but the Monkey will teach us that we can find novel, unusual and even what might appear at first as strange ways or methods to deal with life.

Monkey is the master craftsman and this particular day, 1 Monkey, is revered by the Highland Maya. A playful attitude yields new wisdom in this timewave. Monkey teaches us that creative play is at the heart of the divine. Allow novelty into your life and be inventive.

In the Jose Arguelles Dreamspell today is the day at the centre of the calendar.

This is a love life and laugh permission day.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

13 Dog, Tuesday 6 March 2012

The swirling reflections of all that you have seen in this timewave tumble through your psyche—a kaleidoscope of self-reflection.

Today affords you the opportunity to ascend to a new level of emotional frequency.

As you accept that all you encounter reflects aspects of your self through multiple dimensions and realms, you move into the space of belonging to more of reality. The whole cosmos is teeming with life to such a degree that is mind boggling. As life you belong in life. As emotions arise you have a choice as to what you do with that emotion, your choices ripple throughout the multiverse and are reflected back to you as the world out there.


A never-ending stream of unfulfilled needs, wants, inadequacies and unfavourable comparisons to other people can overload you today as the feeling body goes into freefall.

If you look for the root cause of your emotional problems, you will find another problem. Like an ourubus, one thing leads to another and the last causal reason for any troubling feelings you have is then swallowed by the first definitive answer.

However, because 13 Dog also offers the opportunity to shift into the flow of collective energy, where you recognize that your emotional nature is simply a reflection of the human condition, you have the opportunity today for some salvation and freedom from your emotional challenges.

Release the dependency on desire; give up on your self-preoccupation and recognize the universal sufferings, joys and unions of all people. You belong to life as part of life. You are needed by life, in the way that life has shaped you.

The culmination of the Obsidian Mirror timewave today reveals your human-ness and the universal existence of human needs. Your basic needs, relationship dynamics and behaviour is mirrored all around you. Dog 13 offers us the chance to go to another level of awareness.

In a celebratory and liberated state, enjoy the commonplace social spaces, the unconscious union of the crowd and the companionship you see all around you.

Monday, 5 March 2012

12 Water or Moon, Monday 5 March 2012

Clear water.

The 12th day of each timewave is the day it all makes sense, if you have been following and logging the energies thus far. This 13-day period is the Obsidian Mirror timewave, the cosmic mirror of truth that separates the wheat from the chaff and clears the perceptional field. It often asks us to sacrifice that which is not working for us.

Moon or Water is the depth of the soul, true feeling rather than emotion, and today you can recognize what it is that you can offer people and what it is that needs purifying in yourself.

The Glyph of the Obsidian Mirror, shown above, can be seen as the view looking down on a Mayan stepped pyramid. The glyph shows us the divisions and boundaries between different realms and entities. The Obsidian Mirror is the black volcanic stone that would appear to have no reflection, but which is a most powerful tool for scrying and seeing into the deeper dimensions. Obsidian shards are extremely sharp, surgically sharp; the Obsidian energy can cut with precision through to the core and cut out the shadow material for cleansing.

The cosmic principle of Water -- be that emotion, feeling, imagination, astral psychic plasma or the electromagnetic plasmic field of space -- is the energy that permeates through all boundary walls.

The resonant vibrations through the fluid fields of existence create the mirror effect. What we see in front of us and around us reflects who we are or what we are feeling on the deepest level. The clarity of the reflection can be a visceral and shocking realization that cuts through our sentiments. However, stay with it if you are seeking to know thyself. Today is a good day to understand and see some of your truest deepest feelings.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

11 Rabbit or Star, Sunday 4 March 2012

Doors within doors to be opened today.

11 Rabbit is a Stargate kind of day. Maybe it's not ET contact of the fourth kind for you today, but you might feel the fertility and light that is infusing the day. Where does it come from? It's your monadic essence and it is in resonance and at one with beings throughout the universe.

Today is a doorway to spiritual abundance and/or what might feel like a collapse of the light or euphoria into the black hole. The reflection of the radiating light is the toroidal flow back into the centre. Rabbits surge out of their burrows and radiate in all directions, then they all disappear underground.

The control and structure of yesterday's grasp gives way to diffuse and fertile light, that is flowing in toroidal form.

Creativity and destruction are mirrors, the sense of impermanence of our highs is a clue to the dynamic nature of creation. The cycle of creativity includes the fallow moments, which then lead onto new inspiration.

Explosion and implosion in every moment...

Image from the excellent Heart Math Institute

The holographic nature of reality is revealed in the understanding that the basic unit of life is a toroid. It is a fractal reality, where the form can be found on every scale of creation. The toroid is not static is curves in on itself and twists into the centre with an energy that is known as a torsion field.

Here is an inspiring and totally accessible 10 minute video (20 minutes if you watch both parts)  introducing the new physics that has been emerging at 'the edge' for the last 40 years or so...

Obvious and Intuitive

The information has been around for a long time, so much so that myself and many others have already worked this out from our experience, but this video eloquently presents the elegance. Take the time to watch this, it is important and creates a thought form within you that is in resonance with the shape of consciousness.
This is the key science to the Planetary Civilization I have been talking about on Mystic Cyber Crow. One more thing, it is well known that the covert government has been experimenting with this physics for decades.

Fractal from here

Saturday, 3 March 2012

10 Deer or Hand, Saturday 3 March 2012

Today is all about holding on. What does that mean to you today?

What do you need to hold onto?

Each moment has the potential to grip us; each period of our life is a manifestation of our multiplicity. Each moment offers us the chance to feel totally free and empty, this idea of total freedom is really transcendental. We are here to engage but with some transcendence.

Quite often in our lives we are desiring and wanting - this is an existential fact of engaging with life, rather than an error. Most people, most of the time, want more - more freedom, sex, love, romance, excitement, adventure, freedom again, money, self-expression, recognition, privacy, or at least some of those. This is not wrong, it is just an existential fact.

Today, hold the moment lightly, knowing all is well and, yes, you really do want to live life more freely and yet more magnificently. Wanting creates attachment, so we have this paradox within us all - wanting freedom and yet wanting more in life. The mind cannot handle the paradox, but somewhere in the heart and the psyche is the capability to create open structures - conduits.

Are you gripped by life? Are you gripped by the divine restlessness?

Hold on to something today and yet allow your energy to flow through the centre.

A good day for controlling aspects of your life in a positive way.

Friday, 2 March 2012

9 Skull, Friday 2 March

Today you can see the outcome of future situations and events, based on how things are unfolding from this moment.

The challenge is to clear out any negative energy present at this moment in your field. Clear out the dross of negative expectations so as to affect the outcome and future manifestation more positively now.

Remember the saying: "It doesn't have to be like this."

9 days are always days of realization and Skull brings the acknowledgement of that which has to be cleared out with decisiveness.

You are a reflection of all that is, yet you have your own journey and your own being within the collective. Become clear about your boundaries, structures and axioms; release collective negativity (the lowest common denominator energy) and set a basic intention to be an agent for change. Intend to transform, as and when it is appropriate, and make clean breaks from cultural pressures and fear-based scripts.

Navigate the streams of impermanence to your advantage. All situations can be turned inside out as life is continuously turning inside out.

Going Deeper

As it is an Obsidian Mirror Time Wave it seems appropriate to look into the multi-dimensional shadow... is a very good interview with Bill and Kerry from Project Camelot that explores perceptions concerning the timelines and the 2012 potentials

This is One hour and six minutes long but will stimulate your own intuition about the 2012 era and what is going on here on Earth.

Going Deeper and Speculative (but Feasible if you study the circumstantial evidence)

For many years I have had the conviction that there will be a major astronomical discovery in 2012 that would alter our whole perspective on the Solar System, the repercussions leading to a significant inquiry regarding our history and life on Earth.

The 2012 effect is to shift our view towards the stars in order to accelerate our evolution towards a planetary civilization.

I like many others have toyed with the idea that there will be a major UFO flap, the biggest one yet, but I now favour the astronomical discovery.

Today, it would seem to me to be obvious what it is that fits that description.

The recent interest in the hypothetical Tyche is stirring up the ongoing debate on Planet X. If it exists, and I feel it does, then it seems likely that it is a Brown Dwarf. Meaning that it is a large planet Jupiter size or larger, that is probably dark red and might be termed a ‘failed sun’. The dark star would be accompanied by its own planets, possibly able to sustain some kind of life due to the close proximity to the heat source of the parent body.

A different kind of lifeform? Well, maybe giant reptilian based humanoids (V), perhaps existing on a slightly different density of matter. In which case I will surmise, based purely on intuition, that we have a few decades to change our consciousness before they return. (There is a link with Ray Kurzweil's singularity prediction for the 2045 era, either metaphorically or literally).

It is very difficult to see though and requires infrared telescopic instruments. Also its orbit unlike most of the planets is highly inclined to the ecliptic. Most planets orbit predominately on a flat plane whereas Planet X (aka Niburu/Nemesis/Fiery Serpent?) would be inclined to this plane by at least 30 degrees or a lot more coming up from below the flat plane of the planets. I have some doubt about the 3,600 year orbit postulated by Zecharia Sitchin’s work and feel that Sedna whose orbit is around 11,000 years gives us a clue to the orbital range. Note that Eris another one of the new planet’s discovered in recent years is inclined to the ecliptic by 44 degrees.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

8 Serpent, Thursday 1 March 2012

Bringing intelligence into form requires daily discipline. Our intentions, desires and goals come with the challenge of living them day by day, paying the price to be paid and sustaining them long after the excitement has worn off.

The impermanence of excitement leads us to novelty addiction and confusion about what we actually want, as well as an apathy regarding what we really want, due to the effort and illusory nature of all form and the dissatisfaction we sometimes feel about what we get.

All entities are responsible through universal decree for their own survival and flowering. Survival and the perpetual game of creating could be viewed as a monotony. However, the enlightening truth is that life is a constant celebration.

Today, make the effort to emotionally commit to keeping your party rocking through accepting that you need what you need.

The Eclipse

The caveat, is a question, are you in your power...enough?

Do you feel connected to the vital energy in your body. The truth is we are always needing to step more into our true power, incrementally.

Tomorrow, 9 Skull, you should wake up knowing what has to change in your life.