Monday, 29 February 2016

12 Serpent, Monday

Understanding the importance of spending time in nature and the vitality it gives you.

Being in the natural body, connected to nature and allowing your mind and emotions to follow the energy that gives you.


A day of understanding the instinctive level of reality. A day where you can connect to your own survival instinct and survival impulse. Today is a good day to recognize how the biorhythms shape our psychology and how they are interlinked with the invisible environment.

The snake is the manifest expression of Kundalini life force, the power to live and evolve. Serpent issues are issues of sex and power. The battle for power in the world takes place on many fronts and includes the agendas of many covert groups on Earth, but ultimately the whole drama of our evolution is part of the cosmic theatre. We exist in a living universe and life is everywhere. Our Kundalini plugs us into the cosmic drama and the evolutionary imperative of creation.

 The 2012 effect is a recalibration of the Earth's energy field. The total consciousness of the Human Species Consciousness is a significant, arguably a primary component of the environment we move around within. Our environment is the total planetary organism, as defined by the Earth's energy and consciousness field, that interpenetrates and encompasses the electro-magnetic field.

Our task is to stay conscious and recognize the planetary level of change, by so doing, we come into alignment with the evolutionary necessity, even a small minority of people doing so, will ensure survival and growth. Consciousness awakened resonates with the evolutionary impulse and therefore acts as the conduit for the transformational impulse.

Human culture emits a frequency and the frequency needs to be upgraded. As individuals we cannot take on the responsibility of changing the culture directly, it is overwhelming and the overt power is the hands of lower consciousness, in particular those souls enslaved by power lust.

However as individuals we can act as nodes and conduits, unseen by the external radars, for the energy force to flow through.

Quite simply, recognize the larger view of time and space and connect intellectually, intuitively, emotionally to the evolutionary energy of change that is unmistakable and you are coming into alignment with the life force currents.

Good for you, me and all.

Sunday, 28 February 2016

11 Lizard or Seed, Sunday

Opening the doors between what are normally compartmentalized realities. A day of modification; allow new energy in.

Seed is the first stage of abundance. All plants, or animals for that matter, produce a disproportionate number of seeds; nature allows for what we call "waste" by producing the seeds for new life in magnificent abundance. The Lizard is a sophisticated absorber of the Sun and has a capacity to store sunlight. Sunlight, and the subtle energy of prana, is the pre-manifest seed of life.

If you feel indebted, today offers the energy for your liberation.

Today is the 11th day of the Jaguar timewave -- the Jaguar timewave is all about an instinctive level of reality. The Jaguar prowls the shadows, the underworld, the night, with a relaxed alertness, knowing that opportunity is omnipresent. Eleven is the number of adaptation of form; it is the open gate, the frequency of the transparency of all form. Today, do not solidify your situation with rationality, instead be of an open mind, be flexible and spontaneous like a cat.

In the shadow of the world, new life, light and opportunity gestate. Be confident about the true abundance of life and allow yourself to absorb. Respond to the glimpses of feeling that life is offering you abundance with a playful and easy affirmative gnosis.

Saturday, 27 February 2016

10 Foredawn, Saturday

The subtle almost indefinable presence of the soul is ubiquitous

The subject becomes object as you become conscious of the atmosphere. The environment you walk in is an environment of consciousness. The physical world is not a solid. A good day to walk through walls.

The manifestation of the dreamlike space between the worlds.

The Cosmos and the atom are mainly space, but space is an emptiness that is full.

Friday, 26 February 2016

9 Wind, Friday

A day of clarity. After the almost undifferentiated energy of Crocodile comes the activator energy of Wind.

9 days are always wake-up calls on some level.

Can you hear that booming voice within you, telling you to speak or write with surety? A voice from deep within you, which is a decisive uncompromising activating force and is either welling up or surging to the surface of your psyche.

You remember a truth that comes from beyond time.

A good day to be decisive.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

8 Crocodile, Thursday

Today on 8 Crocodile day make the commitment to move into accepting who you are and feeling the nourishment that life is looking to give to you.

Nurture yourself and others, be patient with your desire to renew your life, set a deep resolve for change that recognizes the reality of how ingrained habits are.

Activities that emphasize sustenance and maintenance are in accord with the Mayan energy of the day. Practical activities that support the nourishment of your life are highlighted. Keep your life going, and feel the viscous emergence of that which is emerging...

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

7 Flower or Lord, Wednesday

A day of feeling the resonance with the subtle light. The frequency of light you are attuned to could come in many forms -- ancestral guidance, simple radiance, a sense of power, an opening of the heart. To feel resonant, keep the day as simple as possible, if you can. Do not be tempted to expend it all; stay sensitized and allow the natural flowering to occur and you will shine where it is appropriate.

A day where your divinity is empowered.

Express your sovereignty easily, be in your authority naturally.

Harmonic resonance with your divine light.

Dedicated to Carey

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

6 Storm, Tuesday

Dance through the day. The tension and background chaos keeps you on your toes and keeps you responsive, alert and moving into the new space of freedom that is continually opening up in front of you. Staying one step ahead brings you a sense of exhilaration as you recognize that you enjoy the novelty of the Storm day.

Respond to the deep body impulses, the consciousness within the cellular matrix, as knots within your energy field reveal themselves and then dissolve as you keep on flowing.

The full moon has broken and we are riding the ripples from it...........

Monday, 22 February 2016

5 Obsidian, Monday, a very Moony day

Stay centred in your radiance whilst surrounded by the darkness. Full Moon coming, late tonight in UK, early hours of morning HK. Sun conjunct Nessus, showing us the shadow contract, the inadvertent contractual agreement we make when we choose something.

"Though I walk through the valley of shadows"

What do we see when we look out into the world with the penetrating x-ray eyes of a cat? We see the dark agendas, the lower spectrum frequencies; yet we know that this is just the terrain we walk through into the illuminated landscape.

The smoky mirror of romantic yearnings and infinite possibilities comes with the sadness of never being able to fully embody all potential.

We incarnate through a funnelling vortex. The vortex is a darkening veil of forgetfulness that spirals down to a point of light, which is the Star Gate that we pierce as the soul jumps through into the physical world.

Today, listen to the courage of your heart to look through the dark mirror and smoky veils to see the light source.

Today, more of your soul seeks to incarnate or descend into form, into the light of day.

A good day to turn obstacles into opportunity through being centred and reflecting back energy, a negative carries the seeds of a positive within it, just turn it inside out.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

4 Earthmover, Sunday

What energy are you drawing from the Earth? What are your roots and what has taken root in your life? Survival is dependent upon connecting through the body into the Earth force.

The basic imprint of the evolutionary agenda in your life - and in life in general - is present in this day. Life is forever changing. Today you can recognize how the tectonic plates of reality are constantly moving and sliding. However the life force impulse is coherent and is underlying the shifting terrain.

Today you sense an enduring underlying interconnection. A re-occurring idea or feeling that you have had throughout your life resurfaces into your awareness.

The 260-day pulse of the Sacred Mayan Calendar reveals the Galactic pulse on Earth.

The associations of the Gregorian Calendar, with its 24-hour clock, 7-day week and 12-month year, weave solid baskets of thought all around us. Can you walk in this contextual structure and yet also awaken to the numinous potency of the 260-day vibration?

Create roots in the shifting context, find your own sovereign connection whilst navigating the fluctuating social environment, the world is in high flux due to the evolutionary change we are in the midst of it, it is down to each of us to create our own foundation each and every day.

Today is a great day for synchronizing your field with your own energetic foundation.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

3 Vulture, Saturday

A day to feel energized by your power. If you get connected to the Mayan frequency today, you feel strong and confident.

The key phrase is 'coming into alignment'. Draw upon the wisdom of the past, or your innate wisdom, to feel the move towards the centre. The central column within you carries the essence of all that you have experienced.

A day of moving towards an integrated confidence; a confidence based not on arrogance, but based on your experience.

A good day to validate and reinforce that which you know. Recognize your life experience gives you authority to be the author of your life.

There is a need to go forward with resolute strength, knowing the social terrain is uncertain as energy is being released from all outworn structures. Fortune favours those who can keep on reconnecting to their centre on a daily basis and moving forward with sacred warrior attitude tempered with elasticity.

We have to accept the world is in a state of massive change and that there is an air of uncertainty and fragility and yet the possibility of an incremental jump forward in the next 9-12 months . From this foundation of knowledge we can find the resolve to work with the energy and prosper. It is not a time to be weak or to seek excuses -- if you can continually refind your strength on a daily basis you will enjoy this year, but personal responsibility to your sovereign calling is required. Feel the pulse that comes from within you; do not expect the social environment to be a comfort. Stay away from the mob and be your own person, for all our sake.

Quiet resolve, open alertness, determination to keep coming back to the core, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep on stepping forward. Feel the force of a highly energized environment and adapt to it and it will befriend you. Life wants change.

Friday, 19 February 2016

2 Eagle, Friday

Today, dual visions compete in your soul; two futures present themselves. This is a good day to see the inherent contrast of your life, your self, your needs and your aspirations.

Emotional tension can be strong today as your heart tries to reconcile your sense of the ubiquitous duality of life.

The underworld door has opened and the world has two visions, one is dystopian the other is egalitarian abundance. Within this polarity lies creativity from the friction, but the good should win out over all.

Day Two is about polarity and also relationship, the contrast of opposites helps us differentiate and gain great clarity of the whole, leading to a more conscious unity.

Hold the dual forces within you, knowing that this tension is part of the creative process.

The announcement by Mike Brown on 20 January of an expected giant planet deep in the murky realms (Planet 9) brings up associations with Nibiru/Wormwood etc. I think this announcement, to me at least, is confirming my theory of the Timeline Choice. My astronomical research and the geology science that is reported in Graham Hancocks latest book is confirming the basic picture of the Cataclysm and Flood that destroyed Atlantis. The future for this planet, some way off, has a default fate, (worst case scenario) if we do not wake up sufficiently, with another impact from comets/asteroids like the one that led to the flood 10,800 BCE - 9,600 BCE. 

The totality of the Earth's energy field will create a resonance in the Solar System, what energy will be expressed?  Can we do better than Atlantis?

I am hoping so...

Thursday, 18 February 2016

1 Jaguar, Thursday

Today's blog is dedicated to Jayne, I know you love Jaguar.

Thirteen days ahead in which you can experience the enchanting nature of reality. Jaguar consciousness pulls you into the evocative environment, the captivating and seductive magical thread that runs throughout existence. Reality is enchanting, the world of rationality is interesting but the mind dominated reality of our society is a limited and watered down version of existence.

The Jaguar Timewave brings you into the experience of how everything is alive; this is vitalizing and electric. Life is visceral and this gives you the opportunity to cut through outworn defences and feel connected.

13 days of Catlike instinctive connection begins today; a chance to be responsive to the energy of the Earth and your immediate environment. The energy is more feminine than masculine during this timewave.

The Maya consider the Jaguar to be the Shaman. Instinctive intelligence is body-based telepathic connection -- images and thoughts of a telepathic nature arise from the result of visceral connection to the electro-plasmic currents that surround you.

Instinctive sovereign power, the courage to be who you are without apology and alert to the fact that everything you need right now is available right now. 

Are you riding the waves?

Feel the way the energy of the Sacred Mayan Calendar shifts from one cosmic coordinate to another, teaching you how to shift your assemblage point, as in Toltec Shamanism.

On a personal note. Surrendering this morning. I have a bad back at the moment and got up this morning at 4am due to discomfort, followed by 2 and half hours of gentle practice, drifting wakefulness and did some of my chi movements. I brought some gold and silver energy into my field and then encountered in a visionary state a couple of Egyptian-esque entities. In this present energy environment I partake of the omni-directional cosmos but sparingly and will see how this infusion unfolds over the next 13 days.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

13 Reed or Skywalker, Wednesday

Free the mind from the dictates of necessity and free the soul.

Today the mind might feel scattered; this is veiling the freedom inherent within the day. A good day to construct complex patterns of knowledge, or to acknowledge that a higher level of complexity will emerge after this day.

The higher mind feels free to roam in all directions and observe the abstract. Welcome bizarre thoughts as they push the boundaries of your consciousness deep within the Earth, way out into space and beyond the limits of the normal time restraints. Explore Atlantis, the Akashic records or just enjoy a sense of vitalized intuition.

Expansive Light.

Today energy is in a heightened state of flux, it has a chaotic element which can lead to a new  level of organization.

The structures and patterns of life are re-organizing themselves.

Stay connected to the benevolent intent of the life force that over sees all disruption.

Appropriately for me I am starting to organize my Holospheric Astrology Research, which is a way of mapping the Solar System to decode the Matrix

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

12 Good Road, Tuesday

A day of understanding that is an open-ended understanding, rather than being conclusive. Enjoy the journey of insights as the adventure unfolds.

The 12th day of every timewave gives us a clear sense of the message of the whole timewave. Crocodile timewave has a basic theme of nurturing, birthing and female wisdom. The Grass Daykeeper, also known as Human in the new age system, and the Good Road by the indigenous Maya, refers to the abundance of the human community and the universal quality of life's journey. Everyone is on an adventure; the enjoyment of which is dependent upon retaining an openness to life and the possibilities of new adventures around the next bend. What stops this adventure is when the mind becomes fixed and absolute about life -- our own life or the nature of life.

Today embrace the uncertainty of these times and the edge of uncertainty about knowledge and you will be in resonance with the path before humanity. 

An edge of uncertainty does not mean you/we know nothing. It is easy in the overwhelming information environment to throw one's arms in the air and announce that all truth is equal and therefore nothing can be embraced. This is a cop out, you have learned much from your life experience and this needs to be honoured. So walk towards the horizon of uncertainty with confidence in what is true for you.

Now open your heart to life before you. 

Today, you are an empty vessel on an adventure, willing to receive the nourishment that life is always offering you.

Monday, 15 February 2016

11 Monkey, Monday

11 Monkey is a segue into the Chinese Lunar Calendar frequency, as the first quarter of the moon cycle started on CNY's day.

 The normal consensual world is a complete madhouse and the nut jobs are running it, so...

Today is a day to loosen up. Trickery and cosmic humour force you to play, whether you want to or not. See the funny side. Be lateral. Today is a strange mix that offers a chance for fresh inspiration, if you can let go the mind's obsessive need for control.

Today you are being asked to create some space for more expression, more emotional elasticity. It is less about conclusions and solutions, more about spontaneity and laughter -- perhaps a little twisted, quirky or delightfully perverse.

Unusually nurturing your soul, for the soul needs to be elastic if it is to flourish.

Monkey frees up the emotional body today in the 260 day count. Allow yourself to be more imaginative about the world we live in and the nature of time and space.

The 260 day Tzolkin is the calendrical calibration of the soul's cosmic nature as it interfaces with our density. Which is to also to say that the Tzolkin is the key to understanding the galactic interface with Earth and this is the 'secret' of the 2012 era. Although we can all see the sociological and environmental effects of the 2012 phenomenon, the essence of 2012 is a re-calibration of the Earth with the Galaxy creating an evolutionary imperative to raise consciousness in the decades after 2012 itself.

One of the more obvious effects is an alteration to the temporal substance--we seem to have less time in a day. The consensual timeframe that we experience at present is losing energy and a less dense level of experience/consciousness with a larger timeframe is being empowered. Those who have their self interest heavily invested in the outgoing density are attempting to close the doors to keep us locked into the economic theatre and this density. If enough people shift their focus out of the mainstream economic and political game then the old theatre will dissolve to reveal a more abundant and expansive terrain.

Of course that is easier said than done, but one way or another a new focus and energy attention will emerge, our role is to shift our attention, our energy into alignment with the evolutionary imperative.

Find the role player warrior within, the part of yourself that is strong enough to play the game with a sense of mission and humour. 

Sunday, 14 February 2016

10 Dog, Sunday

10 Dog in the Crocodile timewave manifests as our emotional needs being fully apparent. Today you can see the manifest state of your emotional body and really feel what it is you really need.

The essential and general needs for us all can be simply stated as being happiness and an avoidance of suffering. These are mostly found through relating to others, whilst having an attitude of gratitude about what is good in our experience right now.

Today is a day of communal emotive connection, or a good day to be peaceful and feel the truth of what you need.

Ask yourself what it is you truly and honestly actually need for yourself.

Need rather than want. The answer will include people.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

9 Water, Saturday

A good day for conscious cleansing of the soul. A poignant day.

Today is a day of transcendent awakening and soulful reminiscences; a day to give thanks, blessings and make offerings. If deep and maybe disturbing feelings emerge today, change the muddy waters by transcending the disturbance and moving into stillness through feeling that which is good in your life, right now, as it is.

You can regain the peace in your soul and the balance in your psyche quite quickly today, by tuning into gratitude. What are you grateful for?

The Moon in Aries which was conjunct Uranus late yesterday might well have triggered deep feelings of frustration at the slowness of progress in your life, this is universal, as the Uranus in Aries impulse to force a new world has been countered by Pluto in Capricorn.

Pluto in Capricorn 2007-2023 approximately, is all about deep profound and total change, the evolution of our whole culture. Transformation on this scale requires the journey to the depth of the unconscious, the revision of human origins, of our concept of evolution, our concept of the cosmos, in other words a whole new meta-myth for the human species. Slow.

The story we have of ourselves underpins our reality experience, it contextualizes the physical world, technology and the geo-political arena.

We are not immune to the total environment and this situation then seeps into our lives in unique, localized and personal ways. Our own small changes and our intimate struggles mirror the profound change of a species transition.

So we have to come back to the moment and be in our own situation with a heightened sense of gratitude, patience and humility for our life as it stands.

Friday, 12 February 2016

8 Rabbit or Star, Friday

A day of organized harmony, as the unlimited abundance of Life flows into a simple manifestation. The macrocosm crystallizes in the microcosm. The profound funnels into the commonplace. Recognize divinity and then make light of your day. Commit to beauty.

Acknowledge your prosaic truth, then let go of the preciousness to commit to the surface; make the light of your life be in your life. Today you can experience surprising enjoyment and release from hard workmake it easy for god's sake.

Do what you know you have to do, with a light heart, and today you will find that the energy makes light of your tasks. 

All that Glitters is not Gold
In this era there is an important element to Rabbit that we need to consider. The light, beautiful, shiny, novel and exciting, ie all that intoxicates, is not always good. In particular we now have a burgeoning awareness of the dark and manipulative spiritual energies that masquerade as light. Many spiritual organizations, good news whistleblowers and channellings are sourcing dark energies that create interference with spiritual sovereignty.  We need to be careful not to give our essential spiritual power away to mass sentiment led opiates.

The solution is relatively simple, connect to your own higher self or divinity in your practices, do not be afraid to think for yourself and honour your deep intuitive responses to information. Even if it is not bad information as such, we have to ask if it is appropriate to our path.

Mass sentiment memes and movements in particular are subject to the attention of spiritual engineering. Do not emotionally invest heavily in anything that is hugely popular and intoxicating, it is not appropriate in this evolutionary transition period.

Call upon and connect to your higher self and then proceed from is not difficult.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

7 Hand or Deer, Thursday

On one hand you need to let go (even give up) on the other hand you need to hold on (control everything) Today you are able, or challenged to find the mesh that is in the middle.

Come into resonance with the harmonics of the day. Tune into different frequencies by being flexible and also strong enough to adapt to the wave of the day.

The overall energy of today requires finesse to tune into the subtle ebbs and flows; listen to the melody, but don't drift away. Recognize and utilize the intuitive and feeling-based tools you have, for today is the perfect day to heighten your subtle senses and also be responsive to use the tools for appropriate action.

A good day to be conscious, both internally and externally.

To be conscious in this way means to be willing and able, to be responsive, adaptive and to adjust to the energies of the moment. This is the life skill of utilizing surrender and will, acceptance and action, receiving and intention. The importance of an intuitive, feeling-based focus has to be balanced with some creative direction.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

6 Skull, Wednesday

A day of mini chapters, with clean beginnings and endings to different tasks. Allow yourself to cut off from small attachments that are clogging your life. Cut back to the bone where necessary and be ready to refresh your day. Today offers you multiple opportunities to get things done and to rest in between those activities.

The energy of the day gives you the chance to be present and enclosed in your experience, rather than being pulled into the future.

A good day to have strong clear boundaries and to be a conscious agent for benevolent transformation, be firm and clear.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

5 Serpent, Tuesday

As we move into the Fire Monkey year we start by centering ourselves through the body, use any anxieties about day to day survival as a portal to your power.

Today you can connect to the life force, the serpent energy that is at the centre of ascending and descending consciousness. The serpent energy is the desire for material pleasure and yet also the desire to rise above it and experience the bliss of the soul, as well as a whole host of juxtapositions in between carnal lasciviousness and transcendental union.

Be centred today and feel the polarity impulses of your life force.

Make an extra effort today to centre yourself in the body, connect to the life force within you.

It is very interesting, meaningful that the first waning quarter of this Moon Cycle, that brings in Fire Monkey, is 11 Monkey in the Tzolkin, suggesting a window and integrating connection into the Chinese Lunar Frequency via the 260 day count. We will observe...

Monday, 8 February 2016

4 Lizard and Chinese New Year's Day, Fire Monkey

Today the raw intelligence or plan of life reveals itself. This is the most basic structural imprint from which all of existence is created; it is the template realm.

Today, you might ask if the ground of your consciousness is fertile, free from weeds and clear of stones so there is room for the seeds of your life intentions to germinate and sprout.

A good day to understand that life itself -- in the general sense -- is intelligent and has intentionality, direction and purpose.

The New energy of the Chinese New Year will be truly felt when the actual new moon occurs at 22.40 HK time or 14.40 GMT/Universal Time. The new moon, the conjunction of the Sun and Moon, heralding the monthly change of emotional current is at 19.16 of Aquarius and it is the significator for the whole Chinese year of The Monkey.

The Sabian Symbol for the 20th degree of Aquarius is

A Big White Dove, a Message Bearer 

This symbol tells us to be open to receive an uplifting and/or guiding message from a pure spiritual source.

So we ask ourselves as we enter the early spring period, what does spirit, my higher self, peace and love aligned divinity want for me in this year, what divine plan has life for me?

And how can I be more involved as the Fire Monkey energizes the environment?

For more on The Fire Monkey, see my piece on Mystic Cyber Crow.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

3 Foredawn, Sunday

Energy building as you stay in the house, in the soul, in the mystery, and feel your energy stirring, with some inspiration.

Subtle movement in the psyche.

The energy is in the house. A good day for social triangles and to see what mysterious emergence results in the middle of three people.

Create space in your self.

Today you might feel a little restless, not quite settling on anything. If you can allow the movement and vibration to be, accept a degree of incomplete thoughts and actions, you can enjoy the expansion and feeling of sensing a subtle mystery that is opening in the middle of the tri-rotational energy.

Key words for today: portal opening, fertile, empty, waiting, anticipation, stirring, incomplete and freeing the mind.

So today  the eve of the Chinese New Year Monkey Moon is a good day to review the old Goat.
Here is what I wrote last year....

Today is the first day of Goat on the frequency of the Lunar Year as measured by the ancient Chinese system.
Looking at the western astrology for today and combining it with the Chinese Year of the Goat and then further integrating the Dog Timewave as a significator for the Lunar year ahead, I have come up with this quick evaluation.

 The Year of the Goat, asks us to draw upon the ability of the goat to climb and take the path least travelled. The climb requires a certain mastery of keeping ones balance and not being afraid of reaching new heights in one’s self to overcome pessimism and worry. The mountain is a personal one, as is the non linear path. As I explained in The Alchemical Transformation of the Human Experience on Mystic Cyber Crow we are at a major crossroads that requires you to push ahead with that benevolent project or progressive idea that you have been holding. There is energy available for progressive projects and they are needed.

The year ahead favours spending time with people but the challenge is to communicate more emotionally honestly whilst still being sensitive to others, not easy. This year will supply you with new emotional strength, if you make the effort to overcome the default thinking of the flock (Sheep) and maintain a steady path, rather than just charge (Ram). Draw upon the strength of the Ram and channel it through the serenity of the Goat. Overcome feelings of insecurity and the year will work for you. Have faith.
Personally as look at my own evaluation, I see the relevance and check my own score card with, hmm, could of have done better, and wonder was there much energy for progressive projects as the year seemed to have a low energy for real change. But what do you feel about your last Chinese year? More the meantime

Chinese New Year, What Has it Got to do with You? a very short article


Saturday, 6 February 2016

2 Wind, Saturday

Feedback, receiving communications and releasing ideas

Challenges can occur with communication, delays, arguments, difficult decisions and more, may arise today. Hold steady it is 2 Wind.

Our blocks created by the duality within us, reveal themselves today. Firstly accept the situation, in order to move beyond the duality lock.

The Wind is an activator, the breath, the word, the spirit that initiates. Day 2 is duality. Wind is changeable and adaptable; it can be destructive, but it is always refreshing.

Potentially, this is a day of black and white divisions, opposites and the clarity of knowing what you like and what you don't, what you need and what you can let go of.

The evolutionary impulse of spirit towards greater union is an oscillating process of merging and separating, co-operation and competition, dependence and autonomy.

Today, hold the space to separate that which has become a conglomeration and feels inert, so as to be ready to move forward.

Become the Captain of your own enterprise and make a black and white decisive move.

Prepare, to...make it so...

Friday, 5 February 2016

1 Crocodile, Friday

The new timewave that begins today, the Crocodile Timewave, bringing thirteen days of nourishment, as you move into a state of trust with life itself.

What is truly nourishing? How can you nourish others, and what truly nourishes you on a basic level? What brings more love, protection and acceptance into your life? How can you cultivate your primal trust in life?

Pay homage to the Goddess. The nurturing mother has a dark side; the feminine can devour -- she has our respect. Today, accept the nonlinear as primal energy enters into your life; this energy is to be received for it nurtures you. You have survived this long, you have been supported by Life up to this point and Life itself is always willing to support you more.

Dig deep within your feelings to open your heart to a deeper level of protection and sustenance.

The Crocodile (Imix) comes rumbling into reality, yet offers profound food for your soul. Enjoy the natural world today and recognize the way that life takes care of us. The heart rules the head more than usual in the next 13 days.

As we head into the slowing down phase of this moon cycle and therefore the quiet time before the Chinese New Year Moon, (Lunar Fire Monkey energy is on its way) we are guided into the state of acceptance and gratitude. Potentially we can receive a deep level of protective energy during this timewave.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

13 Flower or Lord, Thursday

You can access the state of subtle transcendental bliss today. No worries.

A day of dissipative light. Release all heaviness, gravitas or profundity and feel the graceful emanation of the energy of today. A day of soft focus as the flower fully opens; a celebratory feeling is inherent within the last day of the Rabbit timewave as we open in readiness to the Crocodile timewave tomorrow.

Potentially, today you can see the divinity of life everywhere and in everyone, the ubiquitous light of creation.

The male transcendental spirit hands over to the Goddess tomorrow.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

12 Storm, Wednesday

Refresh the mind. Free the mind.

The self-organizing intelligence of your complex life appears before you; see the coherence within your randomness.

Day 12 enables us to have an understanding of the Timewave. The Rabbit Timewave is an explosion of everything and—if you go with the chaotic element of today, surrender and yet apply your mind to seeing the pattern—a beautiful, complex exhilarating understanding will emerge.

The Rabbit timewave challenges us with its abundance and the understanding of that glitters is not gold, yet with the recognition that we are here to be enchanted, to become captivated by the allure of life.

The world is always in a state of being enchanted, reality is a spell cast by all manner of beings on multiple dimensions and by us for us all.

The disenchantment of the old consensual world grows as does the incitement to become seduced by the new incoming frequencies, information, philosophies and the grand myth. The grand myth, is the essential story finds a resonant common agreement amongst the majority of consciousness.

The transitional times of culture are when we all renegotiate the grand myth. Most people do this fairly passively, they are fed stories and inadvertently align with them without deep inquiry.

In times of great duress the biggest breakthroughs in consciousness can occur. 

The consciousness field at this time, during the 2012 era, is open to the grand picture of existence. This is because the consensual agreement on reality is in a flux state and the structure of society is weak, the field is therefore full of holes. In time of comfort, when society seems to provide a clear direction for purpose and function our consciousness is contained.

Each enchantment of culture is held in place by the underlying mythology, the meta-myth. The meta-myth of ‘material science’ is no longer adequate for experience, the Mayan end date has clearly delivered its promise of large scale change, and this process is still unravelling before us.

Each story for each stage of culture is the essence that generates the structure of consciousness within the totality of consciousness that we are walking around in and have our being within. Each structure is controlled in the shadows by enchanters, those who deliberately control, design and orchestrate the context. Within that structure we are entertained, we are given a theatre that provides us with an enormous life experience, purpose and growth. This continues until the structure no longer holds us, as it inhibits us and we see the shadow, we see the manipulation and we see our own co-creative, dependency and responsibility in being held within this bewitchment. We become disillusioned and rebel we become frustrated with our own contribution and choices that put us into that theatre. It is easy to beat ourselves up being fooled, but in reality, this was what we needed and was as much truth, expansion of experience and consciousness that we could handle at the time.

What I have found from my extensive research is that this 2012 era, this transitional period has similarities to the late 1880s and early 20th century. In the 1890s, in particular around 1892, the old world of moral certainty and religious conviction was falling apart and the Darwinian vista and new moral imperative of material growth, competition and economic progress was emerging but not yet dominant. In this state the alternatives to religious and scientific consensus were wide open for exploration. There was a seeding of higher consciousness in and around 1892 (expressed by the Neptune and Pluto conjunction). 

A tremendous amount of visionary artforms in all fields of human endeavour were being expressed, science was still forming and the metaphysical was popular among the intelligencia, leading to cross fertilization of the spiritual and material perspective. The 1890s also is a time when some of our most profound mystics, visionaries, artists, writers and scientists were born. The contemporary cultural phenomena of steam punk reflects the extraordinary nature of the 1890s, which was wilder than history has told us. The decade leading up the new millennium was full of hope and adventurous inquiry, as it was in the 1990s. The structure of consciousness within the totality field of consciousness was not yet consolidated in the late 19th century.

 The Neo-Darwinian structure was not well established until around 1930, this led to history being rewritten yet again and the Ne-Darwinian meta-myth became pervasive as the dominant structure.

So here we are once again and we have access to greatly expanded perspectives of truth, however to access them requires a journey through the shadow lands of assumption, a disturbing confrontation with the previously useful illusions we have willing taken on.

In recent years, the niche spiritual enquirers who are cognizant of conspiracy have started to recognize that the control mechanism is cosmic and that like Star Wars suggests the ‘battle’ between dark and light is aeons in age. One of the most illuminating suggestions has been the notion of the false light, ie the manipulation of spiritual seekers through the presentation of a saviour philosophy, ET race, alleged spiritual master, whistleblowers etc etc. This has made the information terrain extremely hazardous, yet exciting and compelling and like a psychic game being played out within the environment. The imperative falls upon the individual to neither dismiss nor become totally enraptured by visionary perspectives and to retain sovereignty and free thinking. Work it out for yourself and research.

Thanks to my friend Dominic I have been reading this book, and available here online as a PDF. It does not blow my mind, which is good,  it does feel to be presenting a more accurate vista of our existence than anything I have seen. I recommend you have a peek, there are plenty of online interviews with the author available as well.

I find great resonance with the book, not because it intoxicates me, it does not, but because it quietly confirms and feels like a truer big picture perspective than anything else I have seen. I have yet to finish the book, but wanted to share it today as it fits in with the energy of the day.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

11 Obsidian, Tuesday

Doorways, reflections and dimensions

Transparency and integration.

A good day to be transparent or to see through everything, to see through the data and the one thousand interesting things that arise, to encounter the flickering light that reflects the unity of all life. The flickering light of creation is akin to the shimmering light of the sun on the sea.

Today, doors are opening into the holographic universe and an experiential realization that matter is the intersection of coherent beams of light is possible. In other words, look through the form, events, occurrences and people who are mirroring you today to see beyond the illusion. A day of penetrating clarity of consciousness, a clarity that emerges gradually out of the smoky mirror.

All forms are just energy vortexes giving the impression of solidity. Energy is a reflection of the movement of consciousness. Consciousness spins at different speeds which create the different levels of existence, all levels of existence are reflections of what we may call God, refracted through the dimensions of apparent separation. As we become conscious more levels of existence become transparent.


Today is Imbolc, the time for preparation, further space clearing and the early sprouting of the new energy first conceived at Winter Solstice.

Obsidian is the dark mirror and the scalpel, that is used to look into the shadow and to cut out the elements of the psyche that are toxic. Pertinent to the energy at the moment below are three links that turned up this morning, reflective of the social environment. I offer them without further comment, but this is a good sample of much of the deep social sentiment.

Day 11 is the energy of integration and 11 Obsidian we look to find a doorway through the shadow. Remember we are in the last week of this powerful moon cycle, which was a Sun conjunct Pluto square Uranus new moon, so we are integrating any deep transformation that has occurred in our emotions.

The message of Imbolc for the year, seems to be about how we come to terms with the now exposed shadow of the world, how in this year do we learn to live with the hideous truth of our mainstream's society decay and corruption, duplicity and manipulation. The key maybe found in the upcoming Chinese New Year of Monkey...more on this soon...

1. “No longer possible to believe much of clinical research published”

2. “Positive Attitude” Bullshit: On the dangers of “radical self-love”

3. Flip Flop. Big change from "the American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails." to Bernie: Clinton Emails 'A Very Serious Issue'

To end, I will offer this haunting and beautiful rendition of  Simon & Garfunkle's classic "The Sounds of Silence" performed by heavy metal band "Disturbed". Something about this seems to capture the moment.




Monday, 1 February 2016

10 Earthmover, Monday

Something materializes today -- this is a small piece of starlight that has appeared before you. Today brings change into your life in this physical realm, revealed through and recognizable to you by synchronicity coming into form.

Meaningful coincidences convalesce into something tangible. The synchronic trail or the multiplicities of opportunities reach a temporary full stop. Perhaps the Zen Master's stick has just hit you on the back. Something might seem to have fallen apart, you may feel shaken or disturbed, so we ask what needs to broken up, in order for your life force to flow? Earthquakes allow the hidden riches to surface, but first there may be a disturbance to shake us out of our comfort zone. This seems to fit with the 3/4 waning moon that has just passed, where Sun Aquarius is in 90 degree aspect to Moon in Scorpio.

The synergy and integration of past aspirations and ideas can come together today as they are forced to merge and manifest. If you are tuned into the 260-day pulse, there is a little earthshaking moment for you as several threads from your subjective reality, be it fantasy or intention, crunch and converge into form.

Generally the energy is vitalizing. Take note of what has manifested and how it has manifested.

Suddenly the change will be looking right at you...