Friday, 30 September 2022

12 Dog

[Friday 30 September 2022]

Today is a good day for a fresh understanding of your emotional needs.

My beloved dogs Chocolate and Sambal,
at Secret Rock

The 12th day of every 13-day timewave (also called a 'Wavespell' by José Argüelles) offers a coherent understanding of that particular mini-cycle. This is especially true on an emotional level with 12 Dog, the 12th day of the Storm Timewave.

If you have been experiencing a dissolution of all of the foundations of your reality, if you have broken free of habitual thinking and mechanised needs, then you have run into the edge of the Matrix. Where do you go from there? Back into society, relationships and the immediacy of nurture and comfort.

Image found on google

In the Storm Timewave, you may have been traversing at speed through multiple paradigms and theatres, experiencing, touching base or getting a whiff of occulture, mysticism, futurism, love, community, technology or the manner of the diversity that exists within your life.

On this day of 12 Dog, it can all fit together into your expanding holism by coming back to the basic emotional level of need.

Nougat, my beloved 'feline dog',
with our teddy Whitstable,
given to me by my beloved humans,
LjL and Oceana

Today, ask yourself ‘What do I need?’

Today offers the opportunity to connect to your growing consciousness of the benevolent, wondrous and light-filled totality of life as something you can feel and relate to. Today, you can feel a sense of companionship with many beings.

Beautiful photo of rare friendship between
a female grey wolf and a male brown bear,
by Finnish photographer Lassi Rautiainen.
Image found on google

Thursday, 29 September 2022

11 Water (Moon)

[Thursday 29 September 2022]

Today brings us the energy of increased fluidity.

The doors to the depths of your soul are opened as forgotten feelings flood in.

Painting by the very talented Annie Knibb

If you have been experiencing the Storm effect – the maelstrom of directional changes and discomfort of chaordic pressures and activities – then today you can move more easily in to and out of the eye of the storm, the inner connective space of stillness and/or deeper connection. The access is through the feelings.

However, if you have not yet quite got with the programme by tuning into the 260-day pulse, this can be your day to feel the effects of the electrifying nature of the Storm Timewave all around you. If your life feels flat, then break out of beige and follow the pulse of the Cosmic Earth.

Dubai Opera House by Zaha Hadid,
image via Pinterest

In general, the day is very fluid. It allows us to access new feelings and old feelings, and to be adaptable. The energy is flexible, malleable and pliable and it washes away the blocks to the new freedom or new habits looking to come into your life.

Some troubles can be washed away if you are open to the energy.

Uncredited image found on google

Wednesday, 28 September 2022

10 Rabbit (Star)

[Wednesday 28 September 2022]

The fixed light of a star; the tangible form of the soul.

Originally a free wallpaper image; photoshopped by Carey

A wonderful day to sense the inherent poetic and evocative energy that is within life, the radiance within form.

The day has a quality that is full of light. This light is living – it is not merely electricity, it is the radiance of aliveness.

The International Commerce Centre,
Hong Kong,with 108 floors above ground
(and four below). Laurence was
fascinated by this building!
Photo thanks to Annie Knibb

A day where the subtle light of the reflective realm of the astral worlds permeates the day. The astral worlds, although within the Earth, are permeable and merge with the greater Cosmic Ocean. The astral worlds are made of a form, a substance, that is emotive, imaginative and feeling. Life does not exist in inert vacuums – life lives within life.

The tangible experience of your Cosmic Self yet again reminds you of the extraordinary enchantment cast upon the world by money and materialism.

 Uncredited image found on google

True abundance can be recognised today. There is no bottom line or share option, no company flotation – just the truth of the infinitely expansive cosmic reality that is populated with beings on multiple densities.

The higher dimensions orchestrate the lower dimensions. The higher dimensional aspect of you is the part of the Self that creates the new; it is the one that is in relationship to fully awakened higher dimensional beings.

Your essence can be called a Star Seed. You are not just from Earth, but from a much larger reality.

Artwork by Alice Dalton Brown;
image found on google

You are living your life within the radiant light that is alive. Your connection and access to the radiance is most likely to come through an immediate and localised environment. Catch that moment when you feel like you have an intimacy with something magical, joyful and playful. It could be just a moment of connection, a burst of sunlight or a breeze through the window.

Recognise the moment when the intangible becomes tangible; honour the moment for its reality.

Star in Weft Drive,
thanks to Daniel Clarke

Tuesday, 27 September 2022

9 Deer (Hand, Grasp)

[Tuesday 27 September 2022]

A good day for refined understandings and dealing with people skilfully. A clear light is cast upon how things will unfold in the future, based on projections of present reality.

Cyclical Completions, by LjL

The day reveals the cyclical completions, including activities or tools that are not working for you, as they show themselves to your light of consciousness in their state of decay or ineffectiveness.

You can access a real finesse in your psyche today.

You wake up to the realm where the ripples and vibrations of time–space are accessible.

Tune into the pulse that is passing through you and bring it into the palm of your hand.

Monday, 26 September 2022

8 Skull

[Monday 26 September. NEW MOON Hong Kong time 05:55]

Commit to Change

A day of balanced and disciplined organised action that deals with the changes occurring in your life at present. In particular, you will have become conscious of a change of state somewhere in your life during the previous timewave, which was Skull.*

Commit to Change, by LjL

Skull is the definitive change of one thing into another; it signifies the end of something and the beginning of something new. How are recent changes integrating into the continuum of your life?

Recognise and own that which has changed or is changing – not just fluctuating, but actually transforming.

Photo thanks to Dominic Cryer

* Note from Carey: Day 8 is always ruled by the same Daykeeper that began the previous timewave. Thus, today is 8 Skull and the timewave before this one (and this is the Storm Timewave, as it begins with 1 Storm) was the Skull Timewave, which began with 1 Skull. In the next timewave, which is Good Road, Day 8 will be 8 Storm.

Glyphs for Day 8 and Skull
  Artwork by LjL

Sunday, 25 September 2022

7 Serpent

[Sunday 25 September 2022. NEW MOON 21:54 UTC; 22:54 BST (tomorrow 05:55 HK time)]

Confidence in Your Power; Be Respectful of Power 

Feel the confidence to change and break free from outworn patterns. Come into alignment and move with the Life Force.

Waking Up the Life Force, by LjL

The Life Force wakes up in the body and enlivens your whole psyche.

Today is a day of activation, where you receive the electrical stimulation of the Life Force, giving you vitality and enabling a fresh perspective on what you want and need in order to survive and flourish.

Photo by Carey

It is a good day to understand the dynamics of power, both on personal and social levels. Feel your power, respect it and respect the principle of power without fear.

Today offers the opportunity to break free from any outmoded power plays that you utilise with others, or which are placed upon you by others.

Composite created by Carey
using central image of 'We Can Do It!
Second World War Rosie the Riveter Poster',
free clipart from here

Saturday, 24 September 2022

6 Lizard (Seed)

[Saturday 24 September 2022]

A cadent day of unfoldment and natural recalibration. Be the unfurling.

Unlocking the Abundance,
aka The Unfurling, by LjL

The Storm energy continues to heat up and speed up as you recalibrate your energy today.

Today is a good day for organic adjustment of your templates, plans and the soil of your life. So prepare the soil of your life today to allow the seeds of your true benevolent abundance to germinate and flourish.

Photo by Carey
An almost mechanistic adjustment occurs today as various cogs in your psyche turn left, then right, then left again – as in the process of unlocking a safe.

Unlocking the abundance of more freedom, especially the capacity to utilise and own your time – and therefore your energy – to get things done.

photo with heartfelt thanks to
Ewa Wilkinson

Five clicks one way, three clicks the other way, six clicks back again…

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Friday, 23 September 2022

5 Foredawn

[Friday 23 September 2022. AUTUMN EQUINOX at exactly 01:04 UTC; 02:04 British Summer Time; 09:04 HK time.    Sun at 0° Libra. Spring Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere). Mabon]

Are you feeling clogged up with psychic baggage?

Image found on google

Were your dreams last night full of old scripts, ideas not expressed, yearnings never explored, visions not realised?

Do you feel stuck in a dark room that you cannot get out of?

If so, accept it and sit in the middle of the room, in the middle of the soul’s darkened space – just be with it.

Composite created by Carey

In the house, the eye of the storm.

Everything moves to the edge of the circle to create emptiness in the middle, from where the freshness of the moment gives you the bliss of remembrance.

Composite created by Carey

Creating space. Become conscious of your shadow issues. A good day to allow emotional issues to be acknowledged so as to find the void of potential that lies in the middle of them. No need to get hung up on healing it all or clearing it all, just find the emptiness that is veiled behind your issues.

Thank you to André Eichman

A good day to experience the freedom of the still, empty space that is felt inside, yet which IS throughout existence.

Photo thanks to our dear friend Dom

Thursday, 22 September 2022

4 Wind

[Thursday 22 September 2022]

The 4 Winds from the four directions are Message Bearers of Spirit.

Four Directions, composite created by Carey,
using images found on google

The Wind God can be an angry god, but its great wisdom is through its service; the power of the Wind God is in its ability to activate the spirit within us. Wind is the Breath of the Earth distributing elements from one place to another.

Our minds are tied to our breath. If we are anxious, with a racing mind, we breathe fast and shallow, whilst if we are breathing deeply and calmly, our minds are relaxed and transparent. The human mind, like the wind, helps communicate, clarify and separate the wheat from the chaff, but the real wisdom of the human mind is in being of service to the soul and spirit.

Strzybóg, the god of winds
By Alice Wibberley
(found on Pinterest)

We access our spirit primarily through our feeling sense; the mind helps to refine the nature of our ability to feel – our most important sense.

Allow your mind to divide up, to analyse and to disseminate the energy within you to the four corners of your psyche. Allow it to separate the fundamental elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth from the primal material you have generated in this timewave. The way forward will emerge organically.

Original image found here;
photoshopped by Carey

Allow the energies of today to clear any confusion or refine any issue that feels like a coagulated lump of solid data.

Use the mind first to break down the lump of data, then let go of the mind.

Follow the body impulses, be directed by the Blood Lightning, the instinctive response, the first blink, that instant knowing as you are led by the breath of the ether. Or, we could say, the movement of light from outside your body to inside your cells.

Human cells, image found on google

[Here is an interesting link Laurence posted on 4 Wind of 29 November 2009, related to the above statement (long, but fascinating!)]
Is DNA the next internet?

Wind, by RHADS on Deviant Art

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 4 Wind:] 

This is a reminder that the mind is our tool, not our master. The mind is the conveyor, not the source. The over-identification with data in certain quarters of society and the objective – aka ‘separated’ – dominant perception has led to the loss of consciousness.

To regain our consciousness of our most essential reality, we simply open our mind to the empirical and immediate sensations of the event, and to the experience of the moment.

Image found on google, from here

The mind is one step behind the experience, so today be directed as if by a larger mind; call upon the mind of the subtle winds that circulate everywhere – even inside your home. The subtle winds are the ebbs and flows, wisps and breezes of the ether.

The foundation for breaking patterns and gaining a new freedom requires that you see the dominant issue – or perhaps problem – affecting you. Write it down in its separate components, and/or from different perspectives.

Then feel into the moment, the central space, and listen to the body instinct.

Image found on google

Wednesday, 21 September 2022

3 Crocodile

[Wednesday 21 September 2022]

After Storm and Flower comes the Goddess. Feel the energy generated so far in this timewave by giving, receiving and holding energy to protect what you love, whilst still accepting the day in a state of being-ness.

The Goddess,
or 'The holiest of holies', by LjL

No mind is needed, no overt effort; just feel the dynamo of creation.

Potentiality is bubbling away in the ocean of the unconscious. Nurture the self by walking in nature and feel the stirring of emotions deep within.

Madonna and Child
at Quarr Abbey,
Isle of Wight, UK
  Photo by Carey

The primal dynamo is winding up.

Isis and Horus,
image found on google

Tuesday, 20 September 2022

2 Flower (Sun, Lord)

[Monday 19 September 2022]

Two forces of consciousness pulling in opposite directions.

Original drawing and composite by Carey

Today the Lord aspect of the Mayan day comes to the fore. The duality of power on every level is highlighted. Our personal relationships also may come with an element of a power struggle.

The light we radiate is creative and today it meets the creative urge of others; the challenge is to accept the differences. The polarity of differing good intentions is a creative conflict that generates energy and ultimately asks us to be more open.

Composite created by Carey,
  original image from here

Today, we navigate the duality of having total control as opposed to relinquishing all responsibility. The resolution to this paradox lies in finding the resonance within yourself that accommodates the force and power coming from Life towards you.

Open yourself to embrace a wider consciousness

Composite created by Carey
(using one of Laurence's
artworks as a layer)

[Extra message added by Laurence on 2 Flower of 24 April 2016, still very relevant today:] 

The Enchantment Shift and the Power of the Feminine 

For me personally, I am intensely feeling the challenge of how to cope with the abundance of dark truths that are now being revealed in clear detail.

Every day, the falsity of the present mythos and its system is brought into the light of awareness.

On one hand, we want to be a force for good, to focus on the light, the beauty and the ‘solution’. On the other hand, to ignore the truth seems plain wrong.

There seems to be no right way. Whatever we do is wrought with imperfection.

It is very easy to upset people, to disturb them and to create walls between people, which then crystallise our own positions in disconnected compartmentalised realities.

From a developmental point of view,* the human species is currently attempting to transform from a stage of material-secular-external-rationalism, with a status-orientated focus (Uranus Enchantment), to an inner-awakened reclamation of our spiritual nature (Neptune Enchantment), where collaboration and feelings come to the fore, where nature is fully appreciated and the scope of reality is extraordinarily larger.

Photo thanks to Annie Knibb,
Orchid Queen

The current centre of gravity of humanity – all 7.91 billion of us – can be thought of as an individual of vast complexity who has suddenly realised that their life is no longer working and that all they have striven for is now empty and devoid of meaning – and they feel awful. Their whole reality now seems like an illusion.

The whole history needs rewriting.

Composite created by Carey

What happens to an individual who successfully moves through this transition involves healing, which includes in the first instance an encounter with their shadow. The individual that is our species incorporates all of the psychological complexes and situations that we can imagine. The abuse, manipulation, trauma, deception and, finally, acceptance of how it is that the individual gave their power away through spiritual contract comes to light.

Ultimately the healing requires assuming a position of total responsibility... but without self-blame!

We tear up the contract.

Image found on google

To get to this level of spiritual sovereignty means experiencing the full gamut of emotions, including the anger directed at the abuser.

It means looking long and hard with deep analysis into the shadow, getting stuck sometimes in turgid processing, and then continuing to have the courage to keep looking yet deeper, until we get to the core problem.

It means being misunderstood and seeming to be ‘losing it’, of changing and losing our identity – as well as the old friends who were heavily invested in who we were. The old secular friends from our past will say we are mad; we have gone soft in the head and have become irrational, disturbing to be with and undiplomatic.

Woman, in general, are far more able to do this work of transformation and of evolving their consciousness, and often make the best counsellors and healers.

Image found on google

Confronting Abuse 

Eventually we see the abuser as a sad and small individual, not the big all-powerful individual that they wanted us to see them as, and then we reclaim our power.

So I cannot see how we can ignore the dark truth of our world – and sometimes that might mean venting rage.

The idea that we can only transform and evolve through transmitting light seems to me to be flawed. Why? Because I see so many ‘light people’ continuing to fall for heavily manipulated agendas intended to dis-empower humanity yet further and to send us back to the dark ages of feudalism and enslavement.

Image found on google

Whilst the abuser does this to us, he or she is also destroying our planet, whilst pretending to care for it and save it with clever words about our environment.

The way forward requires emotional intelligence and this is most readily available in the feminine. When we look at all of the institutions of our mainstream world, they are totally dominated by twisted male agendas, the worst of masculinity.

'Taking a Stand in Baton Rouge'
by Jonathan Bachman for Reuters
 Protester Ieshia Evans being detained in Baton Rouge,
Louisiana, on July 9 2016. Image from here

In these times, I truly believe that the woman has far more power than the man to change this world.

These small abusive men that hide behind guns and lies are all scared of the feminine.

Until or unless the woman wakes up and get angry, we are screwed.

* [Note from Carey: To understand more of the Enchantments of Life, Laurence’s groundbreaking map of the evolution of human consciousness, please visit our portal website, especially the pages on the Enchantment Principle and the Enchantments of Life.]

Image found on google, from here