Thursday, 31 May 2018

2 Deer (Hand, Grasp)

The challenge of transformation comes to the surface today.

A sense of new things coming in and old things passing out, without knowing the details.

What do we hold onto and what do we let go of?

Navigate the energy as it flows between polarities. Feel into it; sense the energy.

You do not necessarily need to definitively decide what is to be let go of, just allow your consciousness the space to calibrate the incoming and outgoing energies. 

Image from Google

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

1 Skull

Created by Carey, using various images found on Google

Be strong.
Be steady.
Be clear.
Be awake.

Change: 13 days of transformation begin today in the Skull Timewave (Cimi). In this timewave, choices are made. In some areas we cut back to the bone; we let go of some things in order to commit to a new structure and to a change in our lives.

This Skull Timewave is strongly empowered as we are in the midst of the timeline choice.* This is the time to take a conscious, spiritual and sovereign position.

Skull is the energy of change from one definitive state to another.

Skull is black and white.

It is time to change.

Today is a day to anchor intention around change, specifically based on recognising what you need to let go of. What energy and what actions are superfluous to your real needs? What do you need to let go of?

If the answer does not emerge today, then hold the space for the truth to emerge during this timewave.

A good time for dealing with practicalities, as you are able to separate from distractions. Clear-cut actions can be undertaken.

* Note from Carey: Laurence researched and wrote extensively about the timeline choice of consciousness. Amongst other things, he wrote on 6 August 2015: ‘…my research has constantly pointed me to the conclusion that we are rapidly approaching a fundamental species choice regarding the trajectory of our reality,’ and, on 1 Skull in 2015, ‘This 2012 era requires change, the change of human collective consciousness.’

He also wrote much about this pivotal change for humanity on his blog Mystic Cyber Crow, up to and including a matter of weeks before his passing. Mystic Cyber Crow was the blogsite perhaps particularly closest to Laurence’s heart, where he could share much of his inspiration, theories, musings and insights. Many articles are ‘unedited’, in the sense that Laurence wrote in a stream of consciousness as soon as he was inspired or impelled to put his incredible thinking and feeling down in words.

This was his mission: To share his wisdom, experience, knowledge, and profound understanding of life, in order to empower others so that each individual could find their own conscious, spiritual and sovereign position. 


This beautiful image is the work of MysticalMike, from here 

[Extra message from Laurence to contemplate on 1 Skull:]
Today has Power.

You can set intention to change and, if you anchor that with ceremony, then that change will be. The change will happen in the subtle body and then emerge over time – possibly as long as two years from now – into full awareness in this density.

Become conscious in this timewave of that which you need to completely let go of and what needs to be absolutely released in order for you to move on.

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

13 Serpent

[Full Moon 3:19pm UK; 22:20 HK (14:19 UTC)]

Earth–Sky Connection, by LjL

On Cosmic Serpent day, the energy of the Reed/Skywalker Timewave culminates as you come into the body from the sky.

You come into everyday reality from the exploration of potentials to face the daily survival needs. Today is a day of kundalini, the life force that powers your survival instincts – the impulse of creation, the evolutionary impulse of life.

Composite created by Carey,
using a graphic originally made by LjL and an image from Google

Today offers a chance to break free from worry about one’s survival by facing physical reality, and yet vitalizing your body with some action and daring.

Feel the fear and do it anyway.

A great day for a breakthrough.

Image from here

Monday, 28 May 2018

12 Lizard (Seed)

A good day to get organized.

Templates of reality are revealed.

One of the best days in the whole 260-day cycle to have conscious integrated realizations and to see the coherence of your life, a project or the world. A good day for recognizing you have a plan, a seed to plant. The ideas of heaven create DNA, morphogenic fields and architectural plans.

Potentially, today offers you a clear-minded understanding of your whole energy, all of your needs and how they fit together.

If you feel confused, face yourself and own your desires, needs and natural mode of being. Be grateful for what you have, but own the need for evolution and growth. From this approach, a sense of the unity of your life’s intentionality and purpose can emerge.

Come into alignment with the higher self and its intent for your life.

The sexual energy and passions also are stirred today, so we look to harness our passion for our purpose.

Sunday, 27 May 2018

11 Foredawn (Dark House, In the House, Dark Night)

Image from Pinterest (unfortunately uncredited)

Moments of romanticism, wonder, captivating memories and cascading feelings can arise today, evoking a state of emotional flux. Within any doubts, confusion or uncertainty lies the question you should be asking.

Ideas of yesterday turn into feelings today. Doors open into the shadow of ideas, or doors open within the darkness and you see the space for light to enter, even if the darkness temporarily overpowers.

A day of dissolution of one’s mental control as you surrender to creating emptiness. The cycles of creativity require that you make a fallow space and digest any shadow elements. Be in the Dark House and sit it out. You can enjoy the fecundity, if you get into it.

A great day to make space for new inspiration by throwing out assumptions and expectations.

You might not really need what you’ve been thinking you want for some time.

If you have noticed during this timewave that you have been formulating new ideas and are desiring to bring those ideas into a cohesive intention, then today you need to create some space for that plan to gestate. (Tomorrow is 12 Lizard, which equals organized seed, cohesive intention, clearly thought out plan.)

Today, go with the lateral movement, rather than trying to go directly towards completion of your thinking process.

Photo of LjL by Dave Parker

[A poem from Laurence to contemplate on 11 Foredawn:]

My feelings for today that sort of fit:

I am a twisted firestarter, stomping, screaming, farting laughter,
sneering with a warm veneer
dancing with the anti-rhythm
messing up a tonal order

conducting art, I suppose

just following the dictates of the antipathy
to find that life has sympathy
for life is sweet and wild and smart

‘cos really I am a butterfly

I guess that says it all huh?

 Free wallpaper image of a Blue Morpho, from here

Saturday, 26 May 2018

10 Wind

Sail, by Lea Wells. Image from here

The Reed/Skywalker Timewave manifests today as a message or messages that convey the unfolding or potential future we are moving into.

Today, on 10 Wind, the words are strong; the message has power. An idea is formed and you can see it in its entirety if you step back. You might have to read it more than once to see the wholeness.

Wind solidifies on Day 10. That which was fickle takes a solid shape.

Today you may see or say words that epitomize your inner sovereign voice, your authority.

Ideas you have been working on or contemplating come into some communicable form today.

Collage made by our very dear friend Annie Knibb especially for Laurence,
after our 6-week Storyteller workshop at the beginning of 2017.
The words are strong; the message has power. ...
You might have to read it more than once to see the wholeness
Annie created this as a way to thank Laurence for the workshop,
using words that epitomize his inner sovereign voice
and his humble but profound authority. 

Friday, 25 May 2018

9 Crocodile (Dragon)

Dragon, by LjL

In the Reed or Skywalker Timewave, we are free to soar, to roam the skies and the future. Through the energy of 9 Crocodile, this manifests as the yearnings and deepest needs within us and within others.

What is the root of your personal aspirations? What is the hidden core drive that leads you to set goals?

A day to connect to the primal beginnings, the core needs that have led to your experience of now. The potentials of your future and our future are rooted in the evolutionary imperatives that started this reality thread. If you can be conscious of your core needs – the most basic urge for safety, survival, territory, nourishment and growth of your life – then you can access creative free will on a deep level.

From Google
Today, acknowledge and accept the primal instinctive level of being. Come back to the imperative of survival of one’s essential being. Recognize the ultimate self-interest as being the expression of the Life Force.

If we lose sight of our need to survive on a spiritual and bodily level, we can easily end up trying to create purely from our mind. This disconnected ideological position then gives rise to a conflict in the body and with nature.

If we do not want to be ruled purely by instinctive unconscious desire, we must first recognize its validity. Then and only then can we take ideological positions.

A day of deeply felt connectedness; a day of awakening around emotions and the energy of the heart.

Energy of the Heart, uncredited image from Google

Thursday, 24 May 2018

8 Flower (Sun, Lord)

Created by Carey

Commit to your sovereignty. Your true authority springs from your divine right of free will.

Look to recognize your sacred rights and unique essence, without ego inflation. Acknowledge the authentic individual that is within the matrix of interdependence and necessary dependence.

You are not an island, but you are still a unique facet of the human species. 

Aerial view of Lama Island by Chensiyuan
Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, from here

Sun is the day of our essence and our most public face, the brightest and most positive side of our psyche. Today we need to commit to the radiance within us, so that the radiance we project is not just an empty image.

Feel the light, the good and the abundant within you; just be honest and find what you have inside. You may be feeling down and in some darkness – if so, just acknowledge any small light and power you can find. Then just turn the volume up a little.

Today, set your intention to be your light and then relax and let go.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

7 Storm

Composite by Carey using images found on Google

Today you can feel the need to break free from your patterning and/or can move into resonance with the soul’s need to liberate the self from the psychic matrix that you are presently experiencing.

Seven is the mystical number that reflects the great mysteries, making them accessible in a stepped-down form in our realm. Day 7 in every timewave creates a resonance of understanding or feeling with ineffable consciousness.

Storm is the day of refreshment and novelty that vitalizes our life.

Storm photo captured by our dear friend André Eichman

Today, be a resonant being by enjoying the spontaneous, as well as the interruptions to your normal routine and habits.

Your body is electrical, not just chemical. Switch the emphasis of your bio-circuitry from chemical-electrical to electro-chemical through intentionality.

The electrical component is more in resonance and interacts more directly with your energy fields and with the greater electrical universe – the plasmic ocean we call space. The energy fields are the templates and determiners of the chemical form.

Novelty changes habitual patterns; it is analogous to an electric storm in your consciousness ... be exhilarated.

Storm image from Google

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

6 Obsidian (Mirror, Flint)

Light and Shadow
A great day for finding the overlighting organization and unified intelligence that resolves the paradoxes of any situation you find yourself in.

Today we can see more clearly the role of darker motivations within a bigger picture. The shadow issues are just part of the situation and do indeed play a part in making up a glorious unity.

Feel comfortable with your own paradoxical nature.

The shadow of the world is found within, and through that understanding, a healing, resolution, release or acceptance is made possible.

Self-Reflections, at the top of the post, and Reflections in the Water, above,
are thanks to our dear friend Vicky Baker Eichman

One thing reflects upon another, or should we say deflects off you at an angle that creates an organic cadence.

Your attention moves from one thing to another, seeing the reflection of the new thing in the previous thing.

The day rounds out quite nicely.

Dynamic unity. Within the other, we find ourselves.

'Hong Kong light and shadow', from  FLIKR by Mark

Monday, 21 May 2018

5 Earthmover

Shamanic Journey Palace by LjL

A day to keep coming back to the observation tower as the synchronic and interesting developments radiate out all around you.

You can see that evolution is not merely up, but all around – like an expanding sphere becoming more complexly organized; more dynamic, colourful and kaleidoscopic.

Feel the synchronic paths opening up all around you. Feel the force of life, as the primal force of growth never stops. Life is never static and today you can find yourself waking up to the unstoppable vitality of life that is inherent within everything, all of the time.

Photo by EFFEKT from here

A great day to feel plugged into the evolutionary impulse that is at the core of the incredible global drama we are witnessing (if you are keeping up).

Either way, feel the power and the expectation from the centre of the Earth as it goes through this extraordinary awakening.

Extraordinary awakenings come with strong challenges as aspects of reality are dismantled and fall away. Our challenge is to keep re-finding our centre. Look for the alignment with the life force – it is available.

More of LjL's flipchart drawings discussing
the evolution of human consciousness
as understood through his Enchantments of Life model.

To learn more, please visit our Enchantments page on our portal website.
There are also (so far) four sub-pages nestled under the main page,
which will illuminate further.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

4 Vulture (Warrior, Owl, Turkey)

Stay grounded.

Solid truth from sobriety. Where appropriate, say nothing, for silence will speak loudly.

When it is right to communicate today, be in your truth without apology, but say it calmly and with the humility you naturally find within yourself.

Your truth is your truth. There is a diverse range of basic philosophical positions but, even within each mindset, we find that everyone has their own slightly different version of the truth of reality and the experience of life.

Today, recognize what is true for you is true for you, without doubting yourself. It might not be THE TRUTH, but is your perspective right now.

Find your centre and assume the confidence within your own gnosis. If it works for you, then it works.

Note from Carey: Laurence’s ground-breaking developmental model, which he called the Enchantments of Life, maps the evolution of human consciousness. This was his truth and it was his life’s mission to share this profound understanding with others. 

The Enchantments model informed the rest of Laurence’s work. For example, his own understanding of the texture and energy of each of the 260 days of the Mayan Sacred Calendar year was underpinned not just by his 30-year study and daily experiential investigation of this calendrical system, but also by his own immersion in the higher levels of consciousness (‘higher’ purely in evolutionary terms – he was never ‘hierarchical’, in the sense that he recognized every Enchantment level is necessary and inevitable for the process of evolving consciousness. Where people are is where people are).

The Enchantments Principle and Laurence’s map have helped many people in many different ways – some say they became less judgemental of others, some say they became more empowered in their own truth and their own sovereignty (another of Laurence’s pivotal quests), yet more say that the Enchantments map helped to release them from fear and accorded them a sense of freedom and deep purpose.

Here are two of Laurence’s highly creative and illuminating flip-chart images, used in one or more of our workshops over the years.

The first, above, illustrates Laurence’s own truth. Laurence was always solid with his own truth; he never doubted himself. However, he was one of the most genuinely humble, wise and loving people I have ever had the privilege to spend time with (far, far too little time), and he never used his truth to stomp on anyone else, believing fully in every person’s right to their own truth. He would be silent when appropriate; he would explain his own position – calmly, clearly and with genuine delight – when asked.

The second, below, is a brief snapshot of the Levels of Truth, as understood through the Enchantments map.

Read more about Laurence’s work and his mission here


Saturday, 19 May 2018

3 Eagle

'Waiting'; uncredited image from Google

Get ready, get steady... wait...

Receive some inspiration today. This could include an understanding or an insight. New specifics come to light in your awareness.

A great day to have a balanced view of the world as you fly high above it, yet look down with a readiness to engage.

Eagles have the ability to focus on the smallest details on the ground; they are comfortable and competent with the earthly realm.


A good day to enjoy the energy of anticipation. Stay ready for insights.

Day 3 of every timewave can be frustrating, nervous, edgy and unsatisfying as movement begins – it’s like revving up the engines. Allow yourself to trust that the feeling you have is valid. If you feel restless, that is okay – accept it and carry on.

You are getting ready to perceive, getting ready to understand or getting ready to step into more authorship.

Photo by By Robert Otoole
Image from Google, but this is the site for more of his amazing work

Friday, 18 May 2018

2 Jaguar

Created by Carey using images found on Google

Today is about the challenge of stealth. Jaguar must use the power of stealth-magic wisely, whilst knowing that secrecy eventually turns to decay.

The duality of the Reed (Skywalker) Timewave is that although we can enjoy the view from above, we must simultaneously be connected through the feelings to the ground below. To this end, we call upon the shamanic cat instincts to observe and respond to the energy behind things. Feel and respond; listen with X-ray smell. Be alert to the unusual, to the discordant and to any strange feelings.

Image from Google

Today affords you the opportunity to become aware of how you can transform negative or blocked energies.

As we proceed through this 13-day timewave and the connection to our authority, we need to learn protection. Call upon the magnificence of the big cats or other jungle animals you feel an affinity with to teach you how to protect your sovereignty in the world.

Today, connect to the fierceness of the soul, the fierce courage that recognizes truth, love and divinity are your guiding lights and your legitimate experience.

Our two fierce, courageous, truthful and loving companions,
working their stealth-magic wisely
by working as a team to hunt flies and to protect our roof terrace

Thursday, 17 May 2018

1 Reed (Skywalker)

A new timewave starts today. The energy of the Reed or Skywalker Timewave (Ben) is like a shaft of light, a strong intention that sends a laser beam of consciousness up to the heavens.

1 Reed is a strong masculine essence, not exactly flexible.

A day and timewave of observation, to create a template and map that connects Heaven and Earth.

Father Sky
Uncredited image from Pinterest
You can really enjoy a sense of mental freedom today and during this entire 13-day timewave. 

Tune in and take the opportunity to detach; look to the Sky and see things clearly. Great for work and creativity that involves laying out plans or big ideas.

Also, the perfect time to receive spiritual guidance from your other-world guides, or perhaps transcendental-yet-embodied spiritual teachers.

Reed rules the templates, the contexts or the ‘givens’, as well as the issue of authority.

The challenge and higher potential of Reed is to connect the beam of Light of Consciousness down into the ancestral heritage. For ancient indigenous people, the challenge was the opposite – to connect their ancestral roots up to the stars whilst developing the metaphysical or detached mind.

Image from here

Time to Wake Up
We are always being enchanted by something; our experience is one of being enchanted. There are an almost infinite number of contexts, or deep structures of reality, that we are subject to. Each Enchantment has an authorship, a creative intelligence, that has brought it into being and which is then sustained and developed with the cooperation and agreement of the many, mostly inadvertently.

Now more than ever we are to wake up to the contextual aspects of our society; to wake up to that which we assume, that which we inadvertently agree to.

It is time to transcend consensual society; quite simply, we need to question our present human reality. The enormous awakening of consciousness within the domain of Earth means that many of us are recognizing the everyday experience of normal living is incredibly limited, compared to the extraordinary scope of real potentiality and the mind-boggling scale and diversity of what actually exists here on Earth.

Reality is up for negotiation. You are taking part in this process, consciously or unconsciously, to a lesser or greater degree.

In this timewave, step into your authorship and your authority, and question the limiting strictures of our mainstream world, because they are no longer appropriate.

The first step is to get off the world. Go to your shamanic Upper World Sanctuary and, on the way, cut through the illusions of limitation being thrown at you. The ghouls are scary, but their power is temporary – shake it off and go to your Higher Self.

Artwork by Charles Frizzell from here

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

13 Good Road (Human, Grass)

Light of the Milky Way, over 20 minutes,
across the night sky over southern Australia by photographer Christian Sasse
Image from here

Feel the totality of your light emissions and how they attract people into your life. Open up your very being to allow in new possibilities. Within every situation, within every moment, is the potential for total freedom.

Enjoy the radiating potentials that life offers you, based on all the different desires you hold. Today, the energy spirals out onto another level.

Day 13 of every timewave releases and harvests the energy of the whole timewave. 13 is the number of the Moon; there are 13 Moon Cycles in just over one year. It’s just not that neat a number, is it? The linear mind can’t really control 13… thank the Goddess! 13 is also the number of free energy; 13 is a Fibonacci number – and the Fibonacci spiral connects the geometries and makes them spin, grow and morph onwards and upwards.

Created by Carey
Today, the last day of the Flower or Sun Timewave, enables you to see the totality of your desires and thoughts – which have manifested as the totality of your life experience – as radial lines of possible futures. 

This is most evident through all the people you have encountered over the last 13 days and the potential paths that open up through relating to each of them – thus reinforcing the associated energy.

Every thread of light that emanates from you draws in different events and people. Every individual is a synchronous web of unique connections.

Each person you encounter offers you a new doorway to reality, but do you see where each path can lead?

If so, you can choose to let go of some of those threads and release the energy of that which does not feel as if it would be fulfilling. This means releasing the desires and whimsical wants that lead you down limiting paths.

Liberate yourself by liberating some of the energy you expend in wanting that which is inappropriate to your best interests.

Kit Yeung, Hong Kong Photographer, Artist and Dancer, liberating herself.
Photo styled by Kit, taken by Garrick Cheng

Today is Eb, Good Road, Human or Grass, the road of life’s adventure. The Good Road of Life is also the Milky Way, the Galactic Spiral and the Path of the Soul.

Open your mind a full 360 degrees and be the empty conduit for the possibilities of the next timewave.

Light is a radiant energy, just like full consciousness. Galactic Time is also radiant. The Cosmos is all around, in all directions – and the Cosmos is not just space, but time–space. That’s right, the true nature of time is that it radiates out in all directions. This the science of the mystery. 

The Galactic Butterfly, symbol of the Galactic Spiral
Digital artwork used with very kind permission from artist Michael Shore at

According to Ian Xel Lungold, the Mayan Calendar Keeper now walking on the other side,
Galactic Butterfly is the name used by the indigenous people for this symbol.
It is ‘said to represent all of the consciousness that has ever existed in this galaxy. This is all of our physical ancestors both human, animal, reptile, fish, shell fish, plants as well as the consciousness which organized all of the raw material from a whirling disk into stars then planets and solar systems.’
[Quote from Ian Xel Lungold from here. It is well worth reading the rest of it!]

José Argüelles popularised this Toltec/Zapatec/Aztec symbol under the name
Hunab Ku.
Image from Mayan Majix, used with very kind permission