Friday, 31 August 2012

9 Rabbit, Friday 31 August

A day of awakening to your divine cosmic power.

Remember the part of you that comes from the stars and is connected through omni-directions to nature and other realms of existence. Part of your essence exists as a nonlocal consciousness, not limited by this time frame.

Aspects of your divinity are converging from the future and from multiple timelines into your field of consciousness.

Your life today is a result of past intentions. If you can accommodate the fact of multiple pasts, you are empowering yourself to be truly creative and can draw upon a far greater potential. Although this sounds incredibly abstract, allow your imagination to go there.

The rational mind reduces things (useful for everyday life) and the suggestion I am making sounds absurd to the rational mind -- however, today is a good day to take the position of gnosis, that you are in essence an immortal soul and therefore are not merely contained in linear time. You cannot be reduced by a rational explanation.

On a higher level of reality or consciousness (than the human species presently and commonly enjoys) is a multiverse of radiant time. I am convinced of that reality and believe myself to have had a convergence of this sort in 1994, when an aspect of myself walked into my being in this realm. I have met many people who have had similar and far more profound experiences, including the full walk-in from another Star system.

Extraterrestrials from other star systems do visit us from light years away, unbelievable distances, because they access superluminal technology. In other words, it's not so much space travel as time travel, which is not just a technology but a state of consciousness. Linear time is derivative of or symbiotic with linear mind, whereas our greater consciousness is multidimensional.

A day of sublime creativity enabled by assuming you have previously intended all that is in your life to be here and can pull in other realities.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

8 Deer or Hand, Thursday 30 August

Commit and hold onto reality -- but if your reality is too small, then let go and grasp a bigger one.
There is plenty of reality pie to go around, you know... recal-liberate your energy field.

Life is an adventure. It is easy to forget that if you listen to Channel Normal.

Is Life too tight? Well, mash it up and remix your energies.

Frequencies; it's all frequencies these days, whether it be dark covert ops, like the HAARP project, or consciousness raising through purity. The real challenge is the ability to move through multiple frequencies.

Surf the channels of your energy field: sex, food, music, silence, art, shamanics, yoga...
Get soul funking -- even dip into the corporatized drone zone, I guess (if you really must ...)

Just be flexible and do not believe you are forever that which you find yourself to be at any one point in time.


Wednesday, 29 August 2012

7 Skull, Wednesday 29 August

A good day for definitive thought. Be resonant with your clarity; this day can be easy if you trust your authority.

All Skull days bring the theme of death and rebirth, as well as cutting to the bone.

Today is a rare day of resonance with the precise borders and definitions of all things; enjoy this day of clarity. Take the plunge into your subconscious without fear, see the truth of your own feelings without the emotion of doubt.

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Hi, I lost the internet because of a Macafee blip, just as I was going away so for the first time this blog was not running, sorry about that if you tuned in looking for the write up. I had a lovely break in Macau, which is the Portuguese flavoured part of China, food, drink, sun and sea...bliss

Friday, 24 August 2012

2 Crocodile or Dragon, Friday 24 August

Accepting the existential aspect of existence

Today offers you the opportunity to accept without guilt, judgement or blame that the full polarity of your life right now, as it IS, is a result of the totality frequency of your energy. This profound acceptance opens the door to becoming a true sovereign of your own life experience.

Enjoyment of existential reality--life as art in its mundane expression--versus a need to change and grow.

Within the most mundane of circumstances lies the most extraordinary of realities; likewise the matter of fact is found within the bizarre circuses of the universe.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

1 Lord, Flower or Sun, Thursday 23 August

The timewave of Flower, Lord or Sun brings you the consciousness of your sovereign being-ness. The totality of your being attracts everything into your life; the totality of your being, the whole spectrum, provides you with your life experience.

The Power of Light, the real power of creation, is the subtle energy and consciousness of LIGHT.

Light contains all frequencies.

Today begins 13 Days to become more conscious of how you are sovereign of your life experience.

Move into vibrational resonance with that which you desire by feeling that you already have it. If you truly desire it -- from the depths of your being -- the feeling of having-ness will make you feel happy. Be that which your heart desires.

Light is subtle. The subtle is the real power, all else follows.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

13 Storm, Wednesday 22 August

Letting go as usual on Day 13, but with more vitality than normal -- more of a joyous release that energizes you. Chaos brings freedom; you pay with uncertainty, but can tap into the unlimited energy supply of existence.

Reality is compartmentalized. When one compartment becomes too inhibitory, we are offered the chance to break free from its constraints -- this takes effort. However, today you get a glimpse of the intrinsic simplicity of releasing the self from the rigid context boxes.

All perceptions of reality are partial. Enjoy the rejuvenation of recognizing that potentiality is always present. No matter how it looks, life is bigger.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

12 Obsidian Mirror, Tuesday 21 August

A good day to understand the multiple dimensions of reality are both compartmentalized and separate from each other to some degree yet have a fractal reflective relationship with each other. Each dimensions is a reflection of other but in a fuzzy form.

A good day to see truth with absolute clarity on one dimension of reality, knowing with equal clarity that this insight does not totally apply, not exactly to the next dimension ... truth is reflected and distorted on each of the multiple realms, but what is true on one level, is true for now on that level.

“The Self sufficiency of existence on each separate level of being”
Dr Marc Edmund Jones

Consciousness reflects upon itself all the way up and all the way down the epic construct of creation. Each level of reality is a diffracted reflection of light and consciousness.

The Deer timewave asks us to know where we hold on and where we let go. Today, understand where it is you are supposed to control and hold energy; this is your niche.

Deer or Hand is the sign of the Mayan Daykeeper. Assiduous focus for a short time on this system organically initiates you as a 'daykeeper'.

The unlimited diversity of all consciousness and form in existence is processed by the human psyche through various levels. Each level of the psyche steps down, decodes filters and translates with its own appropriate level of complexity.

The unfolding manifestation of consciousness requires an oscillating focus of consciousness. The basic structure of our civilizations utilizes various calibrations including a seven day repeating cycle of planetary frequencies—Sunday-Sun’s day, Monday-Moon’s day, Tuesday-Mars’ day, Wednesday-Mercury’s day, Thursday-Jupiter’s day, Friday-Venus’s day, Saturday-Saturn’s day.

In the Tzolkin the dance of frequencies and calibrations is far more complex with the 20 day Signs and 13 Tones. The dance of diversity spirals and rotates in multiple directions taking you towards radial time consciousness. Another way of understanding radial time, is quite simply through contemplating fractals. The Mayan calendar is a strongly fractal system, the numbers of the tzolkin can be found within many planetary cycles as well as the Galactic cycle.

To calibrate your consciousness with the Terrestrial-Galactic interface requires a relatively short period of focus considering our life time of standard time conditioning.

If you follow the calendar and put some energy into the system, you will encode the system into your energy field quite strongly by 520 days. The process is especially powerfully if you draw the glyphs each day and do some free association with the sign as part of your daily journalling.

After the Chiron return at around 52 years of age people often have a golden period of integration. 52 is the common frequency between the normal calendar and the Tzolkin. Seven multiples of 52 gives us the Solar year, 52 weeks in a year, five multiples of 52 gives us our 260 days.

Monday, 20 August 2012

11 Earthmover, Monday 20 August 2012

A day to release pressures building in the unconscious and open doors that lead you beyond stuck polarities.

As ever on all Earthmover days, follow the synchronic ripples you encounter, as they are your personal interactions with the movements in the time/space field.

Keywords for today are flexibility, adaptability and spontaneity. Today brings the opportunity to slide through a crack into a new opportunity -- if you get pushed one way, follow that momentum through the revolving door of the electromagnetic energy field.

Recalibration of your energy through stepping to the side... the door will appear; it will be subtle, but if you are tuned into this 260-day frequency you will be alerted. Set yourself an alarm.

Perhaps use a simple affirmation of "Earthmover, change direction Now." Say it now. It can act as your subconscious alarm-call when the door opens today.

Today is also about releasing tension, as in a small quake now to stop a big quake later.

The value of contrast in order to move on and break out of polarized blocks. For me the most powerful catalyst for refreshing life and opening the heart to the unending opportunity, experience and appreciation available to us, is through visiting new places. The rush you get from being in a new environment, with its unique natural landscape and cultural atmosphere is without doubt one of the most precious things we can do for ourselves. Maybe this is something for you to consider today, where do you need to visit, in order to refresh and regenerate?

Sunday, 19 August 2012

10 Vulture, Warrior or Owl, Sunday

Coherent truth manifests. This is an expression of your essence, this is your strength.

Today is a day of strength. Today is a day to acknowledge the appearance of true strength.

Hold your ground and realize your power, the power that is natural and divine and in accord with all that is good.

Be still, be the peace...

Saturday, 18 August 2012

9 Eagle, Saturday 18 August

Eagle 9 is about flying above the polarities that lie below, whilst integrating heart and mind. Compassionate yet discerning thought yields the rewards today, as you feel fully awake in the realm between Heaven and Earth.

Timelines reveal themselves on day nines. 2012 is an opportunity to understand time on a whole new level. You may well gain some inspiration in this area today.

The 260 days of the Sacred Mayan Calendar is a fractal of the 26,000 Tun (Tun is the 360-day cycle) that measures the galactic spin.

The 260-day calendar has resonance with individual human gestation (266 days on average), while the 26,000 years (approximately) of the galactic cycle measures the development of the whole human species in ways we are not yet sure of, but which probably mark the duration of a "mutation" of the species -- a birth of new consciousness.

By following the 260-day calendar, we move into resonance with Galactic consciousness and with species issues. Our relationship with time and space changes.

Friday, 17 August 2012

8 Jaguar, Friday 17 August

Stay alert and call upon Earth Magic, for you are a warrior protector of this vital beautiful and precious planet and we need you in your power.

Navigating reality requires the ability to face and accept the Shadow — both within yourself and within your friends, your family, your lover and the mother of all scary shadows of the world we live in — without getting lost in the admittedly undeniable darkness and seeing it as all there is.

The light is stronger and the shaman within you knows this instinctively.

The Galactic awakening of the 2012 era requires this level of commitment from an increasing number of us.

What we need is humour and acceptance, openness of mind and a radical playful spirit in a world of relative truth, dark powerful agendas and social confusion. The dark game is a smaller context than the Light of Creation, which infuses our everyday lives.

Commit to playing the game of duality in order to connect with the unity.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

7 Reed or Skywalker 16 August

On day 7 the energy of the timewave that resonates with heaven and earth is revealed. 7 days have a magical resonant feeling; there is an awareness of 'as above, so below', or a sense of the timeless moment being present in the day through the filter of the Glyph. The inherent ethic of creation is present on day 7 in all timewaves.

The Deer timewave reveals its energy as being resonant with the observer mind today.

A good day to move into resonance with a higher perspective of reality, whilst functioning in a normal everyday kind of way. Your actions can feel in accord with the divine will.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

6 Grass, Human or Long Good Road, 15 August

Open yourself to the flow. Affluence is being in the flow, regardless of your bank balance; just be open enough to allow the flow.

The road ahead opens up through people. Stay open to people and you are living abundantly -- simple, but sometimes challenging.

A day of understated harmony and rhythm on the Mayan Galactic frequency.

Flowing in a direction yet going with the swirls.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

5 Monkey, Tuesday 14 August

The Deer timewave is about navigating the ever-changing emergent world. This consciousness is the recognition of the unpredictable nature of life's exact unfoldment. Monkey is the spirit who is at home with the truth of the trickster, whose domain is in the details and lateral potentials. Monkey is at home here because Monkey is a creative trickster.

Come back to that part within you that knows life really is a game. Radiating out from the centre of your being is your own freewill, which is a monkey unto itself.

Today, recognize the truth that outcomes may not be exactly what we expect (notably in regards to specific timing of manifestations); this will keep us alert and awake. The universe is always generating randomness within the context of its overall directions.

Today is also a good day to be conscious of the many faces that life shows us. All masks veil and express the unified consciousness. Empower yourself by accepting that the trickster Monkey is an essential part of creation.

Monday, 13 August 2012

4 Dog, Monday 13 August

The foundation for the elastic strength of the Deer timewave starts with emotional security.

We all have our family, including ancestral, friends and work colleagues.

Today, recognize the feeling of belonging that you enjoy through the people you find yourself with.

This day is a day to truly feel into your emotional needs, all of them, as a way of recognizing that your foundation is your emotional body. Feeling and accepting the emotional body is not the same as reacting to and living according to the dictates of the emotional kaleidoscope, feel it all as the juice within you, hold onto the impulses.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

3 Water or Moon, Sunday 12 August

Transmissions and emanations from the soul.

A general sense of charged emotional energy, anticipation, agitation, anxiety or excitement without a definite discernible reason is present today. Hold it lightly; this is the engine of your soul revving up and warming up.

Alternatively, today feel the flow of energy as one thing gradually flows into another; see the day as a wave form or as wave forms, cresting and falling, then rising again. To stay in the flow, utilize the power of Water and offer yourself to life. Be ready to give to the moment and to share.

Allow deeper feeling to surface and you will find that you can quite naturally communicate from the soul, cleansing hidden emotions whilst giving permission to others to do the same.

Allow different areas of concern or interest to merge and overlap. Stay in the flow and you will find that staccato or oscillating thoughts, fuelled by tension and adrenalin, will dissolve into natural movement. A day of confluence.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

2 Rabbit or Star, Saturday 11 August

The diversity of all that attracts us can overwhelm us with promise, opportunity, beauty, brilliance, splendour and bliss -- it is all too much if we try to grasp.

All that glitters is not gold, and yet the sparkle of life is a reflection of divinity and is here for us to enjoy and celebrate.

Today you can feel the promise, the pull and attraction of opposing forms and appearances. You may hear a desperate call within you to attend to one thing and negate another. On 2 days we can feel the duality inherent in our life. The multiplicity of appealing entertainment and urgent needs is actually a reminder of how extraordinarily abundant and omni-directional life truly is.

Focus primarily on the vortex within the centre of it all; this is the white hole that gives birth to the abundance of all that is in your life.

Today, enjoy some diversity without getting sucked into one reality tunnel.

Friday, 10 August 2012

1 Deer, Friday 10 August 2012

After Jaguar timewave comes the timewave of Deer, starting today.

In the next 13 days, the Mayan Sacred Calendar guides you in the art of control. This timewave is a chance to learn the ability to respond appropriately to life; to know when to hold on and when to let go.

Deer or Hand is elusive and graceful, yet deceptively strong. So begins 13 days to awaken your spiritual power and nobility. The lesson of Deer is how to follow the ebb and flow of energies, which requires an ability to have the correct degree and balance of tension and relaxation, knowing when to hold on and when to let go. Deer utilizes the diversity of organic tools at hand.

Deer is fleeting and yet makes itself known; Deer knows stillness and silence, yet has great speed and vitality.

Navigate the full range of your capabilities and talents, recognize your masculine and feminine traits during this timewave. Deer are natural Daykeepers for they can naturally respond to the rhythmic change of energies. Hold, then release; hold the moment delicately with some alertness.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

13 Skull, Thursday 9 August 2012

Thirteen is the master number of spiralling movement and growth; it is in resonance with the Lunar Cycle and is a Fibonacci number. 13 is the movement into mystery as we leave the orderly and rational temporarily behind. Skull is the power to cut free and start again.

Today, you have the opportunity to cut away all of the flesh of sentiment from life, to free the self from attachments. The teaching of today is to recognize the aspect of the self that is free from obligation and is uncompromising. Although we all have to make adjustments and allowances to be part of the world, there is a line that is drawn which the world cannot cross. Your line is based on your ethics, personal axioms and, ultimately, your unique mode of being.

Even if you renege a little on that which you reject now -- to allow it in later -- there is great strength in making an energetic stand of rejecting that which you consider to be standing in the way of transformation and growth. This may include social peer group pressures. Do not acquiesce to that which seems to have power over you, if it is not feeding you; yield on the surface if you really have to, but not in the core of your being.

Remember that life is forever changing and you can continually start again and free yourself from anything that is unduly compromising your essence.

The Jaguar timewave ends today. Jaguar is a warrior of the night and is in service to the Earth goddess; Jaguar is a spirit that reveres the wild and natural, who is able to face the darkness and flourish. Jaguar illuminates the shadow with other-dimensional light. Jaguar frees us from the sterilizing aspects of civilization.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

12 Serpent, Wednesday 8 August

A day of understanding the instinctive level of reality. A day where you can connect to your own survival instinct and survival impulse. Today is a good day to recognize how the biorhythms shape our psychology and how they are interlinked with the invisible environment.

The snake is the manifest expression of Kundalini life force, the power to live and evolve. Serpent issues are issues of sex and power. The battle for power in the world takes place on many fronts and includes the agendas of occult groups, such as those that seem to exist within the Vatican and other covert alliances within and beyond large-scale organizations.

How do we survive, grow and flourish in the maelstrom of competing powers and the seemingly overwhelming forces that control or attempt to control our lives?

We stay alert, responsive and open—connected to body and our own power, recognizing the basic need for money, but not giving our power away to anxiety. The life force in our body is an expression of the evolutionary urge of the species; it is highly adaptable and can shed the skin of an outworn reality. Recognize your power to regenerate, value your power to reject that which does not serve you and value the power of your passion.

A good day to have a clear perspective on power.

The Issue of Power in the 2012 Era

The evolutionary imperative to wake up and to evolve our consciousness is increasingly becoming linked to the issue of power.

We all have our personal focuses which are our primary concern and rightly so. The personal priorities are relating, whether that is intimately or just with friends, secondly work, which gives us our personal satisfaction. Furthermore there is maintenance and sustenance of home, body and soul. The need for pleasure, joy, bliss, ecstasy, fun and entertainment are also important. For me and many others the need for a practice where I feel connected to the source of life is a major priority.

If you are feeling good about yourself you probably are not going to be interested in the social political landscape and this is totally understandable. Your life can feel complete, or almost so, if you have a handle on some of the above. There is enough to do in the personal sphere, without the concerns of the larger social terrain.

However, what is unique to our era is an increased evolutionary pressure. The species has to evolve, the failure to do so will result in the decay of the human species. Anyone who cannot see that the world requires some serious attention is spiritually asleep or in denial

Every stage of culture grows and flourishes and is beneficial for a while, it is beneficial in its totality to the evolution of human consciousness—the evolutionary project of life. The material paradigm—the constellation of science, economics, competition and consumerism—has given us a fabulous social structure in many ways, as we can appreciate when we think back to the conditions of life a few hundred years ago. It is fair to say that not all things improve, but it would be hard to dismiss ‘progress’ as a complete misnomer.

The natural evolution of our species is now towards a consciousness and energy paradigm. This shift of focus includes a greater awareness and need for vitalized nutrition, time for creativity, authentic expression and consciousness, healthy and vitalized sexual relationships, conscious use of the life force, a need for a basic equality of opportunity and survival for all sentient life on Earth, clean freer physical energy for travel, warmth and industry.

There is this obviously an increased interconnection between us, our personal sphere and the rapidly emerging planetary society—who could deny that?

When an individual goes through a transformation, in particular the shift from being embedded in the mainstream way of externalized material focus to an awakening to the rich inner life of feelings and soul there is invariably a shock. The awareness of the illusory nature of the old life and the shadow of the self is revealed. The extraordinary expansion of the psychological terrain involves a natural revulsion to some of the previous behaviour.

We are now witnessing the corresponding collective transformation, this collective process has a vastly increased scale of energy to it, so the feeling of shock and disillusion to the old theatre on the collective scale is therefore one of enormity.

The enormity in question is the contractual agreement we have inadvertently made on a spiritual level. It is a natural process of ego development, for the separate self to emerge we dislocate from our spiritual source in order to primarily focus on the external material expression. The emergence of the sense of separate self is an evolutionary development of the species—as explained by the developmental stages of evolution (Enchantments of Life). The relative autonomy that each of us enjoys today is something that has emerged gradually in recent human history. We had to create some separation from nature, from spirit, from energy in order to allow the external visceral material awareness to flourish.

In so doing we, as a species put aside our spiritual connectedness and now as a species we need to reconnect. The natural evolution of consciousness is an oscillating process from internal to external focus; we emphasize one over the other in order to evolve. Now that the species is reconnecting it is faced with the disturbing facts of what has happened in the shadows on the spiritual level. The temporary negation of spirit means that we hand over or create an unconscious invitation to the devouring force of darkness that consumes the soul. The role of dark entities is to destroy that which is left unattended—it is a rule of creation—that which you focus upon you become that which you negate you lose. Use it lose it. We have not gone so far as to lose our species souls, but if the species continues to focus upon the external reality for another…maybe, few decades, then the species will become a species of sleeping zombies.

I do believe we are waking up, but the evolutionary imperative is not allowing us to be complacent, the drama is real and the clock is ticking.

The effects of the devouring force can be seen in the manifest realm as the all consuming greed of central banking, pharmaceutical industries, and the war machine, and the oil/energy industry.

This monstrous monopolizing force is being steered in a direction to enslave the human species. In the shadows behind our leadership lies the most sophisticated cunning octopus of control and engineering that springs from a spiritual level. On the spiritual level reality is based on will. You cannot control someone unless they hand over there will, they have to agree to be controlled. The shocking, actually awesome nature of the deliberate construct that we live in, is too unbelievable for the majority of people to consider. It is time for conscious awakened adults to see that we live in a covertly constructed world increasingly led by power consumed socio-paths that deliberately start wars, deliberately create disease and pharmaceutical drug addiction, promote paedophilia, sexual discord, suppress alternative energy, healing, equality and fairness whilst feeding and living off mass fear, debt and hate.

The psychological condition of the servants of this dark primal force are motivated by the need to feed their insatiable lust for power, absolute power is the consumption of life force—money is merely the fascia, the means to an end.

The imperative to enjoy your life is important, but if you are to be an agent for our evolution you should be conscious of the shadow. The tricky part is to be conscious of it without feeding it.

To what extent do we need to act?

No single person, no single organization can do very much, the action required is a mass awakening. When I say mass awakening it may only require as little as ten per cent of the global population and there is the latent potential within ten percent of the adult human population already. We all have a responsibility to become informed and to gently nudge those around us to do likewise. The action required is awareness and the courage to share the truth of the situation as calmly as is possible. Some people are required to rant, shout and cajole and we should respect the fact that they are willing to put themselves on the line to face up to public humiliation and personal danger. For example even if you do not believe everything David Icke has to say it is very hard to dismiss him as a lunatic when you look at what he was saying in the 1990s and look at the world today. Jim Marrs is calm and measured researcher and this lecture is a very palatable introduction to the conspiracy truth.

The greater context of the global situation is the benevolent evolutionary imperative, we are growing, and we are being asked to jump to a new level of the game. This shocking confrontation with the shadow is part of our maturation from an adolescent species to a planetary adult species.

Get beyond the ridicule, the universe is far far more complex and extraordinary than we can ever imagine. The fact that our political-economic system is controlled by a conspiracy is a small issue on a cosmic scale, as large as this matrix of illusion appears to be, it’s small potatoes when compared to the reality that is seeking emergence.

Jim Marrs here

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

11 Lizard or Seed Tuesday 7 August

Opening the doors between what are normally compartmentalized realities. A day of modification; allow new energy in.

Seed is the first stage of abundance. All plants, or animals for that matter, produce a disproportionate number of seeds; nature allows for what we call "waste" by producing the seeds for new life in magnificent abundance. The Lizard is a sophisticated absorber of the Sun and has a capacity to store sunlight. Sunlight, and the subtle energy of prana, is the pre-manifest seed of life.

If you feel indebted, today offers the energy for your liberation.

Today is the 11th day of the Jaguar timewave -- the Jaguar timewave is all about an instinctive level of reality. The Jaguar prowls the shadows, the underworld, the night, with a relaxed alertness, knowing that opportunity is omnipresent. Eleven is the number of adaptation of form; it is the open gate, the frequency of the transparency of all form. Today, do not solidify your situation with rationality, instead be of an open mind, be flexible and spontaneous like a cat.

In the shadow of the world, new life, light and opportunity gestate. Be confident about the true abundance of life and allow yourself to absorb. Respond to the glimpses of feeling that life is offering you abundance with a playful and easy affirmative gnosis.

Monday, 6 August 2012

10 Dark Night or House, Monday 6 August

The subtle almost indefinable presence of the soul is ubiquitous

The subject becomes object as you become conscious of the atmosphere. The environment you walk in is an environment of consciousness. The physical world is not a solid. A good day to walk through walls.

The picture above is of Real De Catorce, Mexico, a place I visited in 1997 with no money and rather unexpectedly. After a few days of enforced semi-fasting, I had a vision of 2012 whilst sitting here at dawn, overlooking the mountains.

The town is slightly haunted. It is an ex-silver mining town with crumbling walls and buildings and is gateway to the peyote desert. It is melancholic and beautiful; the land is wistful and so are the people.

The atmosphere of Real De Catorce at that time for me was wholly permeable and it was where I stayed at the end of a six-month trip that yielded the harvest of the Mayan experience. I am once again in resonance with the time due to a really bad bout of gastric flu

9 Wind, Sundat 5 August

A day of clarity. After the almost undifferentiated energy of Crocodile comes the activator energy of Wind.
9 days are always wake-up calls on some level.

Can you hear that booming voice within you, telling you to speak or write with surety? A voice from deep within you, which is a decisive uncompromising activating force and is either welling up or surging to the surface of your psyche.

You remember a truth that comes from beyond time.

A good day to be decisive.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

8 Crocodile, Saturday 4 August 2012

Today on 8 Crocodile day make the commitment to move into acceptance.
Nurture yourself and others.

Activities that emphasize sustenance and maintenance are in accord with the Mayan energy of the day. Practical activities that support the nourishment of your life are highlighted. Keep your life going.

Healing Superstars

One of the myths of the new age is that to heal ourselves means to rid ourselves of our stuff.

I suggest "healing" actually means acceptance, accepting all the levels of one's being. You were a child and now you have an inner child -- I don’t care if you are a world leader, a guru, a political journalist or a hard-nosed scientist, that brat and/or little sweetie still lives within.

The healing is the acceptance, which means we do not need to be ruled by all the lower levels of our psyche.

Being the Mystery

Crocodile is also the primal force that gives birth to all things. What new undifferentiated essence has been born in you? The birth of energy today is one of appreciation, lovingness, protection and care, rather than a surge forward with any goal-orientated project. Whatever you are doing, simply appreciate the juice of life and sustain life.

Feel into it and recognize this ongoing emanation that springs from the Goddess.

Friday, 3 August 2012

7 Flower, Friday 3 August

A day of feeling the resonance with the subtle light. The frequency of light you are attuned to could come in many forms -- ancestral guidance, simple radiance, a sense of power, an opening of the heart. To feel resonant, keep the day as simple as possible, if you can. Do not be tempted to expend it all; stay sensitized and allow the natural flowering to occur and you will shine where it is appropriate.

A day where your divinity is empowered.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

6 Storm, Thursday 2 August

Dance through the day. The tension and background chaos keeps you on your toes and keeps you responsive, alert and moving into the new space of freedom that is continually opening up in front of you. Staying one step ahead brings you a sense of exhilaration as you recognize that you enjoy the novelty of the Storm day.

Respond to the deep body impulses, the consciousness within the cellular matrix. Full Moon today at 3.29GMT.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

5 Obsidian Mirror, Wednesday 1 August

Stay centred in your radiance whilst surrounded by the darkness.

"Though I walk through the valley of shadows"

What do we see when we look out into the world with the penetrating x-ray eyes of a cat? We see the dark agendas, the lower spectrum frequencies; yet we know that this is just the terrain we walk through into the illuminated landscape.

The smoky mirror of romantic yearnings and infinite possibilities comes with the sadness of never being able to fully embody all potential.

We incarnate through a funnelling vortex. The vortex is a darkening veil of forgetfulness that spirals down to a point of light, which is the Star Gate that we pierce as the soul jumps through into the physical world.

Today, listen to the courage of your heart to look through the dark mirror and smoky veils to see the light source.

Today, more of your soul seeks to incarnate or descend into form, into the light of day.