Monday 31 December 2012

1 Dog, Monday 31 December

Call upon spirit guides to help you understand the new era frequency.

I will be going out on a shamanic quest during this timewave, when it feels right and doing just that, calling upon guidance for the new era for me personally and to understand more of the new environment.

Who are your companions and where do you belong?

A new 13-day timewave of companionship, relationship and guidance. Do you need a guide? Are you needed to be a guide?

Be open to following a guide and being a guide.... Ride the ebb and flow of emotions in this 13-day period, specifically in regard to relationships. Love the ones you love.

Territory: See your boundaries defined as the timewave unfolds.

Who shares your path with you on this frequency of consciousness?

I love the way the Mayan Sacred Calendar changes direction. For example, in the 260-day system, the Earthmover timewave of ground-shaking evolution is followed by the emotionally based Dog timewave.

The Dog is companionship in this world and the next. The Dog guides us over the threshold into the next life. Dog timewave is all about those you love, those who share our journey; it also about giving and receiving guidance -- and that includes spirit guides.

Sunday 30 December 2012

13 Water or Moon, Sunday 30 December

A day of gratitude and a day to surrender to the cleansing waters as they dissolve all blockages to the new sprouting energy that is already transforming your life. The 13th day says "Let go and celebrate the end of the timewave."

The dissipative consciousness cleanses the mind of thoughts.

Make an offering of gratitude for your life.

2012 and the message of 13 Water

Evolution and transformation (the theme of this timewave) requires the dissolution of blocks in our perception in regards to the immediate potential and imminent reality so that we can emotionally accommodate the next new reality.

The next scale of consciousness is a far bigger environment of the psyche. This is the spiritual reason for acknowledging contentious issues such as conspiracy, the UFO phenomena and other anomalous experience, research and testimony.

The soul is like water, but the mind compartmentalizes reality.

The boxing and filing of information into relevant and irrelevant trays has been necessary for ego development. Now however, in this 2012 era, it is time to dissolve some of the filters. Increasingly it is not enough to just take a 'spiritual perspective', to meditate or to just have a psychological or sociological viewpoint -- we are being pressed to have a full integral perspective.

The next scale of reality is planetary, so we are impulsed to start releasing our compartmental walls of mind, to open to the totality of experience that is co-existent here on Earth--The Immannence. The species is required to engage with the areas of reality that have been kept hidden for the new landscape of the psyche exists on the other side of the shadowlands that stand before us. The jewels are hidden in the murky realms.

"Time and again human consciousness fixates, and slams the door on its greatest gift, the open-endedness of infinite possibility. As a result we do not experience reality but merely our concept of it."

Jose Arguelles
Register Your Vision in the New Era>>>

Saturday 29 December 2012

12 Rabbit or Star, Saturday 29 December

A day of coherent light and a day of clarity. A good day to organize your consciousness. The diversity of your thinking or the diversity of emotions, or the diversity of intentions, can find some coherence today. You have the opportunity to understand the new energy of this timewave that has transformed you in some manner, to integrate quite effortlessly.

Your thoughts, which may have been scattered, can coalesce naturally and effortlessly today.

The many radiant thoughts and emotions you have today can come together as a coherent understanding if you tune into them all as products of light, for they are all emanating from you. You are a ball of light, a star, a singular monad.

This Earthmover timewave of the 2012 transition, today reveals to you the omni-directional potentials for change that are present due to the 2012 influx.

Friday 28 December 2012

11 Deer or Hand, Friday 28, FULL MOON

The astrology of the Full Moon of today, Sun conjunct Pluto Capricorn Opposite Moon in Cancer both Square Uranus in Aries. Sun Pluto Capricorn equates to being conscious of the impulse of  fundamental and overwhelming complete change to social structure and your whole self. Your personal ambition, goals and new years resolution are being fueled with a a powerful primal urge yet this is opposed by the Moon in Cancer need for comfort, safety, in short no change. Uranus offers the way out through detaching and finding the fresh innovative inspiration to move forward. Radical intense, yet one can feel locked into polarities. Hold it. From the pressure you will find a door opens up for you to move into a flow state.

The Tzolkin energy of today is a day of flow. After yesterdays solidity, maybe even harshness we get a contrasting texture today, one of plasticity and liquidity. Have you noticed the textures of days, time itself has a range of quality and texture, the Mayan calendar enables this understanding.

Navigate the waves of energy with intuition and some reason, surrender and strength. The lightest of touches is needed -- the impulse to seize an object or an idea too tightly needs to be restrained. A portal opens up and the river towards a transformed state, an evolved paradigm, a new sense of reality appears... surf the flow with balance and poise, without looking too far ahead to the promised land.

Keep a rein on the excitement and enjoy the flow. Feel the continuum that flows through us all as things emerge and dissolve in the river of the seamless unity that is the immanence of life.

Thursday 27 December 2012

10 Skull, Thursday 27--Powerful Full Moon Coming...

A good day for no nonsense practicality.

Your life has changed. The 10th day of the Earthmover timewave manifests as a change. You have let go of something and have regenerated; you are cutting away dead wood and unnecessary sentimentality and are ripe for newness. Even if you cannot understand it logically, you can sense it instinctively.

Today is a fundamental shift. Release that which needs to be released.

Today you can see and feel that you have something that is new within you, it has emerged, it does not feel spectacular, it has just emerged gradually.

There has been an innovation impulse over the last year or more and although the bureaucratic, compartmentalized small thinking has been dominating the social surface the undercurrent has grown more radical. As we step into a new era, the new will gradually appear and manifest--in small unpublicized corners of society. As an individual you can see and feel the recalibrated aspect of your life today. See it, acknowledge it and you reinforce it.  

Wednesday 26 December 2012

9 Serpent, Wednesday 26 2012

I hope you are all enjoying the Christmas break. I woke up with a sense of an end to a chapter and the expectation of a new one, with all the attendant activities that I am looking forward to pursuing.

Today is a day to Survive and Flourish on the next level of reality. A day to awaken to your future upgrade and recalibration, as the environment of our reality continues to change.

Today you feel a power surge, a sense of your passion. Today you are conscious of the life force -- sexuality, power and survival -- all of which are powered by the life force. The Kundalini life force in your body is your personal instinctive power that is derived from the species will; it is the impulse to survive and to evolve.

Serpents are highly adaptable; so is the life force, which is instinctively driven to solve the dichotomy of survival and security (which is opposed to change).

9 days bring the awareness of large cycles of time and with it the connection to that which is seeking completion and that which is complete.

You are impulsed today to do what is necessary for your survival and will feel a sense of passion for life. Complete something and see what is seeking completion. What would empower you, if you work towards it? Where are you ready to change? What skin can you shed? What are you working towards? Just feel those drives, do not get stuck in the head.

You do not need to think about it all, nor work it all out through analysis. You will be called to action. An impulse from the body will activate your actions with some urgency.

You might become aware that a thread of time has ended as the results of your activities, so be here now in the body. The nexus of eternity converges into the instinct that arises in each moment through your life force. The life force is not merely yours, but is one head of the thousand-headed cosmic serpent that keeps life alive and flourishing. Your simple but inspired action now affects the future.

Follow the call to immediate action.

Photo: Alison at Burning Man

Tuesday 25 December 2012

8 Lizard or Seed Christmas Day

Still within the full power of the Winter Solstice, we are nudged to remember the blueprints, templates and intentions that have been recently presented to us, whilst enjoying and celebrating Christmas.

May Love, Joy and Peace touch all people and all kingdoms in Earth's domain during this special moment as the new year begins and we turn towards the light.

Christmas is a shamanic celebration at its very roots, based on the Winter Solstice renewal of light (in the Northern Hemisphere, which dominates the Southern Hemisphere at present).

Day 8 is a day of commitment. You planted seeds in the last timewave -- some of them now need watering and attention. An intention started might need more of your engagement.

An 8 Day is always a day of compression of the non-locality consciousness of your spirit into time and space. This is a not the full manifestation of your divinity; it is not full embodiment, nor compression into full density. But compression, nonetheless, for the free roaming essence of your being.

Enjoy the sense of bringing your master intention closer to manifestation. Feel the squeeze and breathe into it. Relax and trust as potentialities narrow in exchange for actualizing potential.

Movement, specifically spin, is fundamental to existence; celebrate the dynamic movement of life that maintains enduring structures of experience due to the consciousness, the intelligence and the intent that pervades creation.

Thank you for listening...

Monday 24 December 2012

7 Darkhouse (Akbal in Mayan) Christmas Eve

A still point between the changes to come and the past, between the worlds

The pre-requisite for transformation--fundamental change--is the ability to look into the shadow and see the positive aspects that are hidden in darkness and negativity.

Today there might seem to be a disconnection, a discordance or a point where things do not quite come together -- something strange, disjointed or dislocated.

Its not an error; be mindful of the gap and move into the gap. Do not be afraid of any disturbing feelings. Feel the comforting feeling that exists in the space where reality has ripped. Tune into the surreal quality of the day and find the enjoyment inherent within it.

Today is the day where we welcome in the alchemical soil for change. This might mean a resonant encounter with the shadow of your inner life and the gems hidden within the darkness. Check out the tweets on the right

Sunday 23 December 2012

6 Wind 23 December 2012

Receiving, conveying, moving, linking, forming.

Follow the flow of communication; move from one thing to another, never settling too long in one place or one bit of information, but just long enough to be stimulated by the message.

The power of wind is controlled nicely on Day 6. A good day to present a powerful and provocative idea in a cohesive and concise manner. Here on Lamma Island it is very windy today, I am personally strongly feeling that there are messages in the air, too much to write down, but I have started making notes, but it is time to go Christmas shopping!

Saturday 22 December 2012

5 Crocodile, Saturday the new era, the first day

The day after the end of the world as we knew it. The birth of a new era. A dissipative subtle immanent fresh new feeling.

A subtle but profound change of background energy has taken place, this will manifest, come into our experience by different degrees over different timescales.

We had a beautiful ceremony, connected, celebratory and joyous. I am feeling loved up. Twelve people at the ceremony and a couple of others after brought their heart into one space.

Appropriately we even had a Four Flower, Ahau, a dynamo of a women included in our diverse group.

Since 1994 yesterday was on the horizon, today it is history in the linear time sense. So what now?

The frequency has changed, the world will lose interest in the Maya, presumably, but the sacred calendar frequency actually has become more pertinent. Over the next 260 days I intend to understand more fully and report on how and why that is true.

I will be talking to Crocodile 5 maybe today or certainly in the next couple of days to do see how she feels.

Look all around you, be at peace and accept it all; recognize the nourishment that life is offering. You are a divine being, but nobody exists in isolation. Everybody has a diverse range of needs and all those needs can potentially be met. Just enjoy the way that life sustains itself and offers sustenance in all new situations. The Goddess is forever feeding reality.

Even with change and disruption, life is sustainable. A good day to feel at peace and have a moment of exuberance as you let go of fear.

Friday 21 December 2012

4 Flower, Lord, Sun or Marksman The End of the 13 Baktun Cycle

Here We Are

Make this day special, make it personal.

4 Flower is a day that tells us that change requires a foundation of confidence, based on recognizing that you are a divine being of light. Every person is divine and every person, if conscious of that, should rightly be confident and glowing. I know its a fine line between confidence and arrogance or ego inflation, but today err on the side of confidence.

Today is the end of a chapter in human species evolution. You are a human, I presume, therefore you are a fractal of the change. Make the moment personally meaningful whilst acknowledging you are interconnected, via various gateways, to the whole human species. The change is anchored with a beam of energy that comes in exactly at the Solstice moment at 11:11 GMT.

The light that floods in, will be on the subtle planes.

It will not be in the news...I doubt it will anyway?

It is up to you, to now joyously focus on this moment, with a sense of the drama of the grand scale of human life whilst being true to yourself.

My day started many hours ago with a greeting to the dawn. I was met with a spectacular display as four kites, birds of prey, rolled and clustered around each other in the sky, directly in the east, four hundred yards in front of me. Then one flew back to me and facing east with me, hovered about 12 foot in the air and 20 foot away from my right shoulder. Together we greeted the dawn of a new day.

Thursday 20 December 2012

3 Storm, Thursday 20 December 2012

The Quickening

The restless spirit is seeking novelty and freedom, spontaneity and vigour. Your hunger is good; the vibration of change is shaking the air.

Movement and Flexibility
Feel the storm out there, respect its power. The electrical charge of the psychic environment seeks a pathway into your life. Observe the novelty of the day.

Be with the energizing vibration.

One Day to Go...

Prepare for Ceremony. Feel the quickening; acknowledge the anticipation; remember where you are in time and space, at the end of the thoughtform of recorded history; recognize that the coming moment is truly momentous for those who position themselves to connect.

Get into alignment and utilize this 2012 Solstice, harness it.

To help you there are three short pieces on Mystic Cyber Crow HERE

Wednesday 19 December 2012

2 Obsidian Mirror, Wednesday 19 December 2012

The Thoughtform Recorded History Will End

Yesterday One Earthmover, I have confirmation that the exact Solstice moment, 11:11 GMT, is the precise point when the timeline changes. 

This is why you want to release your story to get the upgrade, which is to say, to come into resonance with the new timeline and the new story. I have stayed tuned into the Maya Long Count, especially recently, with many ceremonies. If you cut through the noise of the world you can feel it for yourself.

The Thirteen Baktun Cycle is 5,125 years long approximately, this cycle started on 3114 BCE, the birth of the thought form designated as recorded history. 

The evidence of Izapa, (JMJ) suggests that the 2012 era 91980-2016 approx) is the completion of a Galactic Spin, the much touted ‘26,000 year cycle’, an evolutionary epoch of human cultural evolution. 

Now the question is, whether this is also an end of a Sun, an Aeon? There is no absolute evidence that I have seen that confirms that scale of change, but it is very possible with the 13 cycle ending on the Winter Solstice at 11:11.

Either way the timeline ends.

A good symbol for the 11:11 moment is two temple pillars

A good symbol for contemplation for today is two mirrors facing each other.

Inevitability as compared to flexibility. Today some things are inevitable, but within that framework there is room for flexibility. Do not get too rigid. Stay open to responding to the finest details with full consciousness.

Today is a day where you can potentially operate with great clarity by separating your truth from that which is not relevant to you; by separating clear mind from distorting emotions and separating essential feeling from confused thoughts.

The Challenge of the Day:
The duality of transformation and evolution, the shadow and the shadow of the shadow and the reflection of the reflection of the reflection into eternity.

The challenge today is to open the heart to embrace the paradoxes and polarity; to sit with them and accept them, but not to make decisions about one's whole life.

The limitations of the linear mind can be seen today. The linear mind always says "Yes but..." to everything. There is always a "Yes but..." with the linear mind.

A great day for clear action and immediate decisions, if you just deal with each thing in its own right, as it appears, in the context of the moment.

Tuesday 18 December 2012

1 Earthmover, Tuesday 18 December


We are the music-makers.
And we are the dreamers of dreams,
Wandering by lone sea-breakers,
And sitting by desolate streams;
World-losers and world-forsakers,
On whom the pale moon gleams;
Yet we are the movers and shakers
Of the world forever, it seems.

With wonderful deathless ditties
We build up the world's great cities,
And out of a fabulous story
We fashion an empire's glory:
One man with a dream, at pleasure,
Shall go forth and conquer a crown;
And three with a new song's measure
Can trample a kingdom down.
We in the ages lying
In the buried past of the earth,
Built Nineveh with our sighing,
And Babel itself with our mirth;
And o'erthrew them with prophesying
To the old of the new world's worth;
For each age is a dream that is dying,
Or one that is coming to birth.

A. W. E. O'Shaughnessy 1923

This is the Timewave to tune will tell you what 2012 is all about for you, turn on, tune in and drop in further

Earthmover is the Timewave that will allow you to tune into the 2012 message for yourself, find the resonance in your own life.

Follow the Synchronicity trail to find your new evolutionary pathway in the next 13 days.

The timewave theme seeded today is one of evolution; groundshaking change that can synchronize us with a new level. It does require some adjustment and integration to be in synch with the new level of reality, but change is inevitable.

To some degree, you have the opportunity to move your life on in an integrated manner during the next 13 days. A little earthquake of disruption is part of that higher integration, so bear that in mind. Shake up, throw away and dispel anything blocking forward momentum.


Connect to the dynamic force of change. Listen to it, feel it and be strong, so that you can go with it in all confidence. A little superhero attitude inside of yourself would not hurt!

My feelings this morning after my shamanic work is that some of the deep structures of a recalibrated Earth are in place, the unfoldment in the sociological sphere has yet to happen, but you might feel a sense of time slowing down?

Monday 17 December 2012

13 Vulture, Owl or Warrior 17 December

The 13th day is a day of disintegration and release of the timewave as it opens up or releases its energy for the next timewave.

The Warrior, Vulture and Owl are the living symbols of holding one's centre, keeping hold of your essential truth.

Today you might be experiencing a disconcerting diversity of truth moving out all around you. The challenge is to hold lightly a multitude of perspectives without losing your energetic centre.

A flood of relativistic perspectives can make one think that all truths are equal. Equally, the populist perspective that life is an accident and existence is neutral can leave a person spiritually inert and acting purely out of self-interest.

Life requires a strong choice. Whatever the situation, choose benevolence and abundance. Look to enjoy some gain, but not at the expense of others. Choose life. Choose that life will flourish; choose that there is plenty for everyone.

Recognize that life is grounded in consciousness, love and abundance.

Whatever the situation today, choose Life.

Sunday 16 December 2012

12 Eagle, Sunday 16 December

Today is a good day for perspective. Your perception will be connected to real human issues, to normal everyday living, yet with the benefit of an elevated view.

The 12th day of all timewaves brings us some understanding, on a linear-mind level, of the whole timewave and its theme, its reason and teachings.

Eagle means that this mental understanding is through the Eagle's vision. Eagle sees the whole world, but then focuses on one particular point on the ground in great detail. Eagle is powerful yet compassionate and is able to hone in on that which is relevant.

Today, stay in the worldly realm of the skies and the hills -- don't go skywalking far out in the cosmos, stay within the Earthly realms -- then see what catches your eye on the ground. Focus upon that detail for it will reveal the intelligence that is inherent within this timewave and will nourish you will an understanding of relevance that you can share.

An extremely powerful day of pertinent vision connected to to your emotions.

picture of Eagle eye from here 5 Days to go, be sure do something conscious on the Solstice...please

Saturday 15 December 2012

11 Jaguar, Saturday 15 December 2012

Stalking the doorway where energy enters...

You are stalking the Mayan Calendar end date, you are stalking the energy at the end of time, stay alert, be awake to the subtle fluctuations in the environment.

Modify ideas with instinct...

On the frequency of the Mayan Calendar, 11 days always somewhat dissolve the structure we tuned into or found on 10 days.

As you follow the timewave, you get to see how the rhythm moves you first one direction, then another; into one archetype, then on to another, bringing you into contact with the dancing Kaleidoscopic nature of the Galactic frequency as viewed and experienced from Earth.

Today, being the day of the Jaguar with day number 11, brings a consciousness and quality to the day that, at least to some extent, allows you to feel more clearly the transparency of your ideas and the energy behind them. This can be quite disconcerting on one hand, but beyond that, if you look further through the dissolution, the benevolence of life in all its glorious mystery is revealed.

Jaguar’s expression is instinctive and occult. Jaguar is happy to roam in the darkness of the mysteries. The Jaguar is the shaman/woman and protector of the shadowy earthly realms; call upon Jaguar today to dissolve negative unseen energy.

Friday 14 December 2012

10 Reed or Skywalker 14 December

Palaces in the Sky, by LjL
Ideas from Heaven meet ideas from Earth.

A day where you see the structure of your higher mind processes. The 10th day of the Lizard timewave allows you to see the present state of your overmind, your higher thought forms.

An overview idea that has arisen from your intention meets and meshes with the descending ideas from your abstract ethereal template.

The seed energy of this timewave solidifies into a thought form, from which an aspect of your reality will manifest later on down the line.

Today, see the new program or programs you have created within your psyche from your recent intentions, either consciously or inadvertently.

See how your life situation as it stands is a product of your previous ideas, the ideas that stuck.

From my perspective the New Moon of yesterday has brought us a distinctive energy of positive unfoldment. I get the promise of  a natural emergence of the quiet, mostly forgotten, creative, original endeavours that have been developing slowly over the last few years outside of the mainstream radar. The energy has an ease about it, as much work has been done and this will start to surface.

Thursday 13 December 2012

9 Grass, Human or Good Road, Thursday 13 December 2012, New Moon

A day of ‘Aha!’; a sense of knowing that you already knew it.

A day when you can recognize that your life is the result of deep choices you have made and that these choices have magnetically drawn you to people and circumstances which have sculpted your life.

Human or Grass reminds us that life is abundant—far beyond our mind’s capacity to understand—yet the greatest abundance of life comes to those who are humble.

The Long Good Road of Life teaches us humility, but it does not require us to close our minds or hearts.

Being humble does not mean you cannot dramatize your life, nor that you should live small. Enjoy your journey today and remember—life is like a fairground ride.

The 21.12.2012 Celebration

We live in a thriving, vital planetary organism that is in the midst of a great drama. The field of planetary life is seeking a vastly expanded connectedness and consciousness within itself—this is obvious to virtually everyone who takes any time to ponder the world around us today. Now is the time to step up to the plate and empower the Winter Solstice moment, a moment that marks the turning point of an evolutionary era. The Solstice is the ideal time for a celebration.

Today, Thursday 13 December is the New Moon, which sets the new emotional tone for the Solstice in the build-up to a Ceremony. By recognizing the energy of this New Moon, you start to come into alignment with the energy as it increases towards the Winter Solstice moment. The New Moon is at 08.43 GMT/UT. In Hong Kong this is 16:42 (4:42pm).

Here on Lamma Island, I will be leading a group in a Shamanic Ceremony. This is now full; however, I would like to share the essence of the ceremony with you so that you can do your own thing. The ceremony I have planned will be more intricate—you can elaborate upon the ceremony in whatever way you feel guided.

Stepping Into the New Era with a New Version of the Story

To feel truly connected, we are called upon to inhabit the moment—that is the simple spiritual truth; to enjoy life as it is.

The exact moment of the Winter Solstice this year falls on 21st December at 11:11 GMT. This is a moment that requires celebrating. Greenwich Mean Time (also known as Universal Time, which anchors the time–space grid of the Earth) for the Solstice is 11:11 (in Hong Kong this is 7:11pm). The numerical code reveals to us that this is a gateway moment; a dimensional doorway is opening on the subtle planes.

This Winter Solstice is a seed moment on an epic scale. The vast scale of reality to consider on the Solstice is the Earth’s relationship with the Cosmos, specifically with the Galaxy. What is occurring is the turning of an evolutionary wheel, a change of emphasis for our consciousness. This is an event on the subtle planes of existence that will continue to impact and change the experience of life for decades and centuries to come. This is the end of history as we know it and the recalibration of our species’ script. After this moment, the past scripts will of course continue to run—but they will feel increasing tired; they will not endure, they will not fully nourish us with a rich drama worthy of our attention.

In the year 2013, many people will already regard the Mayan end date as insignificant, but we know that the present is conditioned by the past… the continuum of time and the life scripts that emerge spring from powerful seed points in time. By celebrating the Solstice we are aligning with a momentous occasion, acknowledging the awe of creation and empowering our own lives with grandeur.

To make it real it must be personal, so to this end I suggest you personalize the Solstice in a way that is resonant with the grand scale. We can empower ourselves by writing a short version of our personal history, then releasing this on the Solstice by burning it. We can then open up to receiving the new pulse that emanates from the Solstice moment as the world turns towards the light during this shift of the eras.

By releasing our life story, we allow a new version of that life story to emerge. A new perspective, a new energy thread—and this will be the foundation for the renewal of our life experience in the new era.

Your Preparation for the Ceremony

Before the day, write a page or more that captures your life story. This is for you only. It will be burnt during the ceremony as a way to release your life story in order for you to reclaim it at the Solstice moment, on a new level, a new version of your life, recalibrated in accord with the new subtle energy.

The Ceremony

Create a circle by calling upon the four directions and placing sacred objects in each of the directions of East, South, North and West. 

Call upon the spirits that serve your highest self to create a protective space for you to receive the updated frequencies. 

Leading up to the Solstice moment, reread your story and then burn it in a safe way, ie get a tin or container to put the paper in.

Then lie down or sit in a meditation posture and take your focus to the brow centre.

At the exact moment of the Solstice at 11:11 GMT/UT (HK time 7:11pm) visualize a gateway. Allow yourself to step through the gateway and retrieve an object—a crystal, a ball of light, or whatever it is you sense. Bring this back into your body and then breathe it in. 

Once you have integrated the energy, thank all the spirits, including the four directions, and release them. Then close the space.

Follow this with a celebration, to welcome in the new era.

Tuesday 11 December 2012

8 Monkey, 12-12-12

Monkey is also known as "artisan" to the Maya.

Today is a day to commit to your creative projects, to see the creative potentials in your work and to not take your commitments seriously. Still commit, but take it lightly.

Monkey 8 is a day of commitment with humour. Allow the spontaneous to enter into your activities without destroying the essential intent.

Today is 12-12-12 and there are many people globally doing positive meditations or setting intentions or having gatherings on this day, so this is yet another portal of acceleration in the build up to the Solstice.

The 2012 Era and the Increase of Space Weather

Monkey commits to playing the game and as regards the 2012 era that means recognizing that the playing field of the world is getting stranger, more tricky, generally weirder and certainly more interesting. The shift of the 2012 era is a burgeoning consciousness that increases the recognition that Earth is a planet in space, a complex system of multiple levels of consciousness. It is a dynamic mulch-tiered living organism that includes all human artifact within itself which in turn is interacting with the Solar System and Galaxy. This is in contrast to just a organic system with humans plonked on top or in contrast to the idea that reality is that which is enclosed in the collective human mind and social sphere. Reality is comprised of interlocking systems or holons that constantly open up into bigger living systems.

The shift to a planetary civilization includes recognizing our interface with space.

One example of how this is manifesting right now is the influx of high energy plasma that is arriving in our Solar system and Earth recalibrating the electro magnetic energy field. Earth quakes,strange skies, power surges and unusual emotional atmospheres

I don't know about you but over the last few years I have been noticing the special qualities of the skies, subtle light changes and provocative clouds.

We are moving into a new relationship with our galaxy. Earth's energy body is being recalibrated and the human species and the earth is gradually coming out of its quarantine and opening the star gates. 2012 is bringing this to the surface, and 2012 is the beginning of an acceleration towards becoming a planetary civilization.

My book includes the recognition of space weather, ie the cosmic influx of high energy plasma, as systemically part of the 2012 era energy change. The whole Solar System is undergoing an energy recalibration (this accounts for the so called global warming). Plasma and electro-magnetic fields have a symbiotic relationship. The book also shows how the 2012 effect is directly related to culture...

Here is yet another person talking about the electro-magnetic changes

I am not as afraid as he is, but I agree with a lot of what he has to say. Ultimately the planetary system is a field of consciousness, plasma and electro-magnetics are subservient to consciousness.

So the cliche is true in my opinion, it is time to shift consciousness, sociologically this equates in simple terms to a shift of values and recognition of subtle energy and consciousness as very much part of reality. Time? What period of time you might ask...this is a good question, I am sure that we will experience an intensity of energy in the next three years but the next time frame is for  cultural shift is in the area of decades.

We also have a flyby comet on February 15 2013...more here This feels rather significant in terms of signs in the sky at least.

The 2012 Solstice is a special moment in the heart of all this, but the energy has to unfold. Tune in on the Solstice and do not follow the herd with clumsy evaluations.

The central focus of my work is called The Enchantments of Life, which is a new interpretation of the Integral map and a new interpretation of Astrology. The Enchantments clearly show how the consciousness expression of culture is directly connected to the environment, it also shows how individual development is interconnected to the collective development.

7 Dog 11 December 2012

Photo by Adel

The amping up of energy on the subtle levels continues, as we head towards the Solstice. Today step into the feelings, connect to companions that share your path, this can include spirit guides, totem animals as well as human companions. Follow the oscillating rhythm of the 260 day count and it will synch you in with the 2012 frequency. Make it personal, connect to the era change through living beings. Evoke the sense of the multitude of beings involved with you in this life. Even if you feel somewhat isolated the truth is that we are accompanied by many, seen and unseen.

A good day for relationships. You can feel the resonance with others today.

7 Dog offers you the opportunity to feel how your intentions, your essential self and your life purpose resonantly fit with those of other people.

Enjoy people today. Be prepared to keep an ear open and look at people you encounter with a fresh perspective.

Through the portal of the emotional body, via uncomfortable feelings you can move into resonance with higher intelligence. Stay with any discordant emotions and feel the pain of disconnection, the flip side of this is the possibility of profound interconnected-ness with life templates and large structures of consciousness.

Monday 10 December 2012

6 Water or Moon, Monday 10 December

Eleven days to the Solstice, be sure to mark the occasion. The New Moon is on Thursday, this is one of the portals into the Solstice, so I will post more on Thursday in regards to how to celebrate the 11:11 21-12-2012 moment.

The water of purification, flow and feeling is encoded with subtle filaments of structure today. A day of releasing and dissolving blocks to reveal an underlying story that is forming in your imagination.

Sense the wholeness and geometric patterning of your soul-felt impressions. Allow yourself to follow the rhythm of the day by honouring the gentle impulses that emerge from the depths of your being, moving you from one space to another. The movement of the day paints a complete picture if you stay with it.

The painting is from here by unique artist and my good friend David Hugo Sheridan Parker.

Sunday 9 December 2012

5 Rabbit or Star, Sunday 9 December 2012

Star by LjL

Today is a day to be in your centre -- the space from where you emanate your light, your inner radiance.

Look all around you. Take a 360-degree view; see the full circle of your energy. You have planted seeds and set things in motion in every direction. Be in the centre and feel the creative essence that has sent ripples out in all directions. Your sound is going out like a subtle pervasive field of energy, interacting and gently colouring the whole conscious field of life.

Rabbit is the proliferation of all things in all directions -- fertility and abundance.

Or, you might feel disconnected from your centre. The key to feeling centred in the place of emanation is firstly to acknowledge and feel the pain of disconnection. Rabbit can be superficial and is easily attracted to all that appears light, bright and beautiful -- the glitz, the glamour and the obvious aesthetic. Today, you are asked to find the true beauty of the subtle immanent and all-pervasive Light.

The primal wound of disconnection from the Source and the central Light first surfaced in our awareness in early tribal culture. The primal wound is carried by the whole species, but we each feel it in a different area of our lives.

Reconnection to the Source does not involve getting rid of the wound; there can be no 'absolute' healing or total control of the psyche if we are to fully reconnect.

Live with the awareness of the subtle pain of imperfection, impermanence and the fragmentation of life without dissolving into victim-hood and you can be a conduit for the radiance.

Friday 7 December 2012

4 Deer or Hand, Saturday 8 December

Today open your proverbial palm and see what you are holding. Anything that we desire too strongly would not actually satisfy us or make us happy. Grasping brings anxiety and inner torment; in the extreme, grasping creates hell and the hellish moments of life.

Happiness is the true acknowledgement of what we have. Having-ness is joy.

The Deer is powerful yet graceful and somewhat elusive. The refined consciousness of Deer requires both male and female aspects of our psyche.

Today is a day to seize the moment, to develop ideas or plans and go the next step without necessarily knowing the outcome. Take the next step then leave it at that for now.

Hold something, exercise some control, achieve something then let go, do not over run...

3 Skull, Friday 7 December

A good day to make many small decisions. Be ruthless if necessary. "Get real."

Be energized with the vitality of this day through those little completions; cut off and restart, clarify your life through the ability to release clutter and distractions.

Edit your life.

Get to the point.

Thursday 6 December 2012

2 Serpent, Thursday 6 December

The 2nd day of each timewave presents the duality that exists within that specific timewave. The challenges of survival and making a living can come to the fore today -- the issues of health versus money.

It can be a challenging day, or just a day of opposites. 2 Serpent represents the dual impulses of the life force inherent within all growth -- security as opposed to the urge to grow.

Allow the two forces to be. Feel the creative tension that builds, as this is your power, which you will soon be able to harness.

If you feel tense, be sure to get into the body today. Move and dance.

Life is all go isn't it?
It seems to be the same for just about everyone. It really is amazing how intense life has become for people, this is a symptom of a very real change to the fabric of our reality. The Earth's energy field and therefore the time/space context of our experience is being charged with high energy, time itself is speeding up.

Some of this energy is very physical in the form of inter-stellar plasma, which accounts for all of the planets heating up and pushing the human species to evolve to the next stage of culture. This is my work, the way that culture and individuals evolve. Did you get the book?


Wednesday 5 December 2012

1 Lizard or Seed, Wednesday

The Timewave before the Earthmover Timewave that takes us into the new era.

In this 13 day period we can connect to the underlying intelligence of this momentous period, the cyclic change of 2012, of the human story. Trust your sense of how life is changing, trust your insights. Your direct experiential knowledge will give you a facet of the whole truth, not the whole truth, but a facet. This is extremely valuable, so make the effort to connect and understand what it is you are being given, without presuming it to be the absolute definition.

The Lizard or Seed timewave gives you the opportunity to be centred in your essential template, which is the subtle manifest form of your divine essence as expressed in this life. Your template holds the basic intention for your life, your dharma and the structure within which your freewill operates. Your intentions for different aspects of your life are the seeds that you generate within your mind and imagination; the more aligned you are with your master template the more effective your intentions are.

Lizards enjoy the abundance of the Sun. They are masters at storing the Sun's energy, just like the seed does. Seed is the living example of universal abundance. Every seed contains a life, every living thing produces seeds in outrageous amounts. Nature does not adhere to "one plus one equals two" -- the totality of life is not just the sum of its parts, but an ever-expanding proliferation of life.

Absorb the light of the Sun consciously today to enhance your awareness of your divine intelligence. Recognize that light carries the seed for all manifest form --  it is intelligent -- and in so doing, you increase the connection to your master template.

This next 13-day timewave gives you the opportunity to plant many seeds for your life.

Seed people are community networkers, as each seed is both separate unto itself yet embodying the morphogenic field to which it belongs. Connect to your resonant energy fields, for they extend beyond the limits of your mind. Human intentions only grow and fully flower in the fecundity of community.

Today, just start with the simplicity of recognizing that there is a template of your being and for your life.

Tuesday 4 December 2012

13 Dark House, Tuesday 4 December

Let go and jump into the mystery; open yourself to go beyond what you know. The energy of today is  conducive to creating space in your life for the renewed clarity of intention that will be emerging next week.

A great day for contemplating the stars and the cosmos and feeling the bliss and awe that comes when you allow yourself to reach out into the unknown.

The Monkey timewave ends with cosmic awe. Monkey draws upon this experiential truth to retain his humour and spontaneity.

Picture above from, picture below from here


2012 and Timelines

The Timelines Radiant out as we stand in the Dark House—dimensional doorways open before dawn

Running concurrent with my practices and research has been my involvement with the Maya Calendar and the question of 2012. In truth it feels like my research on human evolution, my attempts to understand my experiences and the nature of reality have been totally entwined with the Maya, their calendars and 2012.

The fact that the 2012 ‘end date’ has been so hotly debated shows that it is a significant turning point on Earth.

I am certain that in this 2012 era the human species is being pushed into seeing human life on a much bigger canvas, essentially we are in an emergence towards a planetary culture which awakens our relationship with the Galaxy. On a planetary level, a culture is conscious that it is moving through the heavens and is subject on all levels to cosmic influences. In so doing we change our relationship with time and space, the Mayan factor, to this end pulls us into questioning the ancient past as well as the future. The Mayan Day Glyphs wonderfully interpreted by Jose Arg├╝elles and the pyramids have this science fiction futuristic element to them; they lend themselves to futuristic imaginings. Tikal for example was used in a Star Wars film. The 260 day sacred calendar, the essential fractal of all calendars, transcends the linear timeframe to the extent that the archaic and futuristic sit happily together side by side, it’s like the ancient and the future potentials are interconnected.

On this day 260 days ago I was awoken by a conversation with some spirit beings—that as ever was occurring in the hypnagogic state. The conversation or perhaps more like a one way guidance or narration, which was somewhat stern and unsentimental, was emphasizing the crossroads. Crossroads are often portrayed as powerful places in many indigenous cultures, evoking some fear. In particular the Maya associate crossroads on Earth with the crossroads in the night sky, the point where the ecliptic, the sun’s path intersects the galactic equator at the point known as Xilbabe Be, the visible dark rift along the Milky Way. It is this crossroads point where the Winter Solstice Sun is to found in the 2012 era (1980—2016 as explained by John Major Jenkins).

The symbology of the Sun moving through this dark rift area on Winter solstices from 1980—2016 is that off death and rebirth as the light source is swallowed by the Crocodile’s mouth of Xilbabe Be.

The exact Winter Solstice moment when viewed from the homelands of where we have derived the 2012 date is before dawn, (which is when I get my most pertinent spirit narration, as happened today—Foredawn) Venus is rising, or being born we could say, conjunct the star Antares, the heart of the Scorpion. Also astrologically we find that the Moons North Node is in Scorpio in the 12th house, suggesting the challenge of 2012 is to enter into the hidden darkness, to engage with the behind the scenes cosmic drama—to walk into the Darkhouse that is the first test of the Underworld in the Popul Vuh.

The energy of the Darkhouse is associated with the small ‘houses’ on the top of the Mayan pyramids, these are like dimensional doorways and I have experience this for myself with my ex-partner in 1996/7 in Palenque. One night we sneaked past the armed guards to have the whole plaza—abuzz with the sound and presence of the humid jungle, howler monkeys, bats and insect chorus—to ‘ourselves’. As we walked to the top of one of the main pyramids I saw doors open horizontally and vertically, it was freaky and the atmosphere was intense, we ran away—which I think may have been the correct action at the time.

Anyway the point I am making is that the 2012 era is a crossroads and the profound truth of a crossroads in life is that this is where different timelines appear. The absolute darkness, the total mystery of this gateway is that it is Omni-directional. Time lines open up either through rapid bifurcation or possibly as an array of potentials in every position emanating form the centre out into every position of a sphere, 360 degrees through all planes of the spherical surround. The mouth of the cave or the doorway to the Darkhouse is also akin to the Stargates, the gateways out of the Earth’s energy field that are guarded by those who would control reality. The Lords of the Underworld have to be met with the spirit of the Monkey, a game-player attitude, a bit like the attitude that is required for the computer games that many are addicted to at this time.

So as we stand in the gateway to the larger reality of the cosmos, we have the potential to awaken to this fact, to be conscious of it. I see that the challenge is just to be at the gateway for now, to recognize the planetary level of reality, which includes the awareness of a multitude of cosmic potentials—different timelines for our species. To understand timelines is to recognize that our future is dependent upon the past we select.

If we study the archaeological records fully we would have to see that our ancient past is a tantalizing mystery that suggests various potential pasts, but with a central story that has some general consistency.

It looks fairly clear that there was an advanced antediluvian culture that destroyed itself through a misuse of power, decadence and abuse. Remnants of this culture then spread out through the world, (which was perhaps far less evolved than the ‘Atlantean Empire’) and then they disseminated knowledge to establish farming villages, build pyramids leave spiritual guidance and encoded astronomical information in stone and story. The great attractor of all this would seem to be around 11,000 BCE, half a galactic spin previous to our time now (approximately 13,000 years ago). We have the Egyptians talking of the Ages of the Gods, followed by the age of the semi divine beings all occurring before the age of the Pharoahs.  There would seem to be interference from the gods, which may well be an extra-terrestrial species involved and entangled with our evolution. There are ubiquitous tales of giants, flying machines, magical use of earth energy, the flood, the divine punishment and then gods that took pity upon us, supplying an ark, a sophisticated ship (it looks like it has been found here is an excellent 50 minute video with the evidence) as well as the gods helping to create establish civilization worldwide.

A large number of alternative academic and brilliant researchers, present compelling evidence that all of this is not just imaginative wish fulfillment, there is a central consistency to the myths throughout all ancient cultures. The exact details are debatable, like who exactly were the Atlanteans? A different evolutionary stream of Humans that reached an advanced stage of evolution, that maybe started to catch up with the Extra-terrestrial gods? Are the gods coming back. I feel that is so.

This mythic ground resonates with the world as it is today, in some way there is a mirror reflection to that time half a precessional cycle ago. With our sudden rapid rise in technological know how and the dystopian and utopian potentials that exist before us we seem to need to explore openly the past that far back at least.

There is severe suppression, denial, ignorance, angry defence and character assassination coming from the mainstream towards anyone who dares questions the official story of the past, the story of ancient history and human origins. The official line is that we know the past, we know how we have evolved, let us stick to it!

Balderdash and Poppycock!

The scientific and archaeological evidence does not support the official past, there are more holes in it than Swiss cheese, it does not give us an exact clear picture either but the official story is a repressed and narrow perspective. The story of the past creates the parameters for our future. 

 (Copper chisels?)

To change the timeline of our future we need to open up the debate on our past and start to construct a tentative but more complex picture that allows for open research and intelligent questions.

It looks to me as if The Lords of the Underworld are pulling the strings of the puppets that want to keep us on one timeline.

How do we play the game? I would say with creativity and imagination rather than pure science. The past is not fixed as absolute, time decays over time, as there are multiple timelines, in the same way that the future is not fixed. The further we go back into time the more variance exists concerning the past.

The exploration of the past is fun, imaginative and I believe essential, by playing with the stories that are potentially true; of who we are, may have been, how we originated and evolved, we are feeding the collective consciousness and enabling evolution of consciousness.

The 21.12.2012 Celebration

Stepping Into the New Era

We are always to inhabit the moment, that is the simple spiritual truth, to enjoy life as it is.
The particular moment of the Winter Solstice this year on 21st December at 11:11 GMT is a moment that requires celebrating. 

The Winter Solstice moment is a seed moment on an epic scale. The vast scale of reality to consider on the Solstice is of the Earth’s relationship with the Cosmos and specifically the Galaxy. The turning of an evolutionary wheel a change of emphasis for our consciousness is occurring. This is an event on the subtle planes of existence that will continue to impact and change the experience of life for decades and centuries to come. This is the end of history as we know it and the recalibration of our species script. 

After this moment the past scripts will continue to run but they will feel increasing tired, they will not endure, they will not fully nourish us with a rich drama worthy of our attention.

In the year 2013 many people will already be disregarding the Mayan end date as insignificant, but we know that the present is conditioned by the past, the continuum of time and the life scripts that emerge spring from powerful seed points in time. By celebrating the Solstice we are aligning with a momentous occasion, acknowledging the awe of creation and empowering our own life’s with grandeur. 

To make it real, it must be personal so to this end we are to personalize the Solstice in a way that is resonant with the grand scale. We can empower ourselves by writing a short version of our personal history and releasing it on the Solstice by burning it and then opening up to receive the new pulse that emanates from the Solstice moment as the world turns towards the light of the aeons.